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Author Topic: Hilary(US) on Syria: NO to Turkey-based NSC, hijacked by Islamist Terrorists !  (Read 4159 times)
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« on: November 04, 2012, 08:17:41 PM »

Turkey-based NSC, hijacked by Islamist Terrorists,  No more recognized for Syria, says Hilary (USA)

The Turkey-based, so-called "National Syrian Council" (NSC) has been more and more "hijacked" by brutal Islamist Terrorists, and is no more recognized by the International Community, particularly after the latest, atrocious War Crimes committed against defenseless and unarmed Prisoners by a few jihadists who cowardly massacrated the jailed former soldiers or officials of the Syrian State, reportedly anounced in substance the American State Secretary Hilary Clinton, during a visit in new EU Member Croatia.

On the contrary, the Syrian oposition must be United all together, to include all those who are inside the country or at exile, and should better create a new, overall "Leading Structure",  in order to become able to really press efficiently for a political change, Hilary added, (i.e. apparently agreeing, at last, with what others had already asked for, including, f.ex. the Russians, etc).

Earlier, the U.N. strongly denounced the scandalous Killings  of POWS, as pictured in a Video which was published in many websites at the Internet, and could serve as Evidence in order to prosecute and punish those who committed such horrible "War Crimes", according to a UN Official.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, (whose interests are obviously opposed to the reunification of all the Syrian opposition, because this would inevitably include also the Kurdish region of Syria which could revendicate a similar Autonomy as that of Iraqi Kurds, so that the Kurds of Turkey would remain the only to be refused any Autonomous Regional Structure by Ankara's Authorities), the smokes and Fires which hit a Camp in which the Turkish regime has obliged the Syrian Refugee Families to be closed, (without recognizing them at all any legaly protected "Refugee" status, contrary to the relevant International Treaty of Geneva), reportedly killed a small Child.

It's a pity that Obama looks as if he has rather droped Hilary Clinton (former 1st Lady of the US) from his 2012 candidature ticket for re-election in the forthcoming, November 6, US Presidential vote where he faces the Republican candidates Romney and Ryan, who have reportedly criticized the out-going president for allegedly giving too much concessions, Worldwide, even to some apparently Extremist Islamists with Brutal manners, who seem Dangerous against basic Democratic and Human Rights' values.

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