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Author Topic: AirBUS falls down to less than 50% of Boeing's sales in 2012 !...  (Read 3521 times)
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« on: August 03, 2012, 01:39:36 PM »

Only 270 Airplanes were sold by Airbus during Jan. - August 2012, compared to 700 for Boeing, i.e. less than 50% of its American competitor, anounced today the EU producer, whose Financial situation has been hampered since 2000 by the heavy, cumbersome and controversial, too expensive but low-tech. uncertain, old project of a A400M military transport plane exceptionaly including Turkey, (already bypassed by Boeing's "Globe Master", which is Faster, travels a Longer range, and can Lift much more, etc) : An anti-deluvian, prehistoric idea of the 1980ies, which was curiously decided immediately after an ill-elucidated deadly explosion of the World Pioneer Technology Supersonic Concord killed Franco-German Tourists in Paris back on 7/2000, where various incidents concerning the Maintainance of both the Plane and of the Airport's Runway were reported during a French Court's hearings, asked by Families of Victims recently at Pontoise (near Paris).

Moreover, meanwhile, Boeing has also got many Hundreds of Millions $ contracts by the Pentagon and/or NASA for different, High-Tech. Telecom, Automatic, Remote Control, Space located, etc. Innovative infrastructures, while, on the contrary, EADS' Airbus has been limited only to the A400M Low-tech. old coucou...
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