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Author Topic: Irish People, Denmark+Sweden ratified New €uroTreaty. Germany links it to EFSM  (Read 4668 times)
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« on: June 01, 2012, 12:40:11 PM »

Irish People have just voted in a Popular Referndum to adopt the New €uroArea Treaty, which was signed by 25 EU Heads of State/Government on March 2012.

The Danish Parliament just ratified it, the same Day, with an overwhelming Majority of 80 against 27 votes
Sweden also ratified it earlier.

12 EU Countries' ratification (among 25 which have already signed it) will be enough for its entry into force.

In addition to the "Golden Rule", which obliges to try to reach Balanced National Budgets in the foreseable Future  eradicating Deficit, the New €uroArea Treaty also sets up the Foundations of an Economic Governance, including in order to decide Growth policies, and creates, for the 1st time, regular €urozone Heads of State/Government political Summits also for any other issue of common interest.

Only the Socialist candidate who has just taken the post of French President, Francois Hollande, apparently refuses to ratify the European Treaty signed by France, unless he obtains satisfaction in adding, there and/or elsewhere certain more Measures related to Growth, including some controversial proposals which provoked debates but not agreements yet.

He is partialy backed by his Socialist pals in Germany (the SPD), who delay the ratification of the New €uroTreaty by blocking the required 2/3 super-Majority in the German Assembly and Senate. But, the Governing Majority party of Chancelor Merkel, the Christiandemocrats of CDU/CSU, have warned that, in that case, as long as the New €uroTreaty is not ratified, Germany won't give its "Green Light" for the establishment and strengthening of the urgently needed European Financial Stability Mechanism, due to be funded with 700 Billions €., which should, normally, have been prepared and ready to start functioning from July 1st....
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