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Author Topic: Stop Harassing the Democratically Elected Government of EU Member Hungary !  (Read 5022 times)
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« on: March 18, 2012, 07:33:36 PM »

The obvious systematic Harassment by certain Minority intermediaries inside EU Parliament and/or some EU Commission Bureaucrats against the Democratically Elected (April 2010) Government of Hungary, despite the brillant 2/3 large Popular Win by Prime Minister Victor Orban, has already reached Excessive proportions, and must Stop, before it provokes irreversible damages, and/or ridiculizes all EU, because of a few wrong-doers, threatening to push Millions of People into Euro-Sceptimism., i.e. to undermine Europe.           
Moves to ameliorate this or that point inside Hungary should be pursued through real Dialogue, and in a calm, fair, proportional and balanced way.

For all Real Europeans, Hungary, an EU and soon €uroarea Member,  is a too important, Historic, Cultural and Modern Symbol of EU Identity, Solidarity and succesful Fighting Spirit, in addition to its obviously Strategic GeoPolitical location, (both for Danube links, as well as N/S and South-Eastern European Areas, and its EU - Russia High-Speed Train links' potential, etc), to be treated by some ...worst than Turkey !

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