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Author Topic: OECD: Good News for France's Growth comparatively: Closer to Germany +2013 jump!  (Read 3333 times)
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« on: November 29, 2011, 01:32:54 AM »

OECD: Good News for France's Growth comparatively: Closer to Germany and 2013 jump Up !

The previously growing distance between France and Germany in Economic Growth is due to stop as new OECD data bring France's 2012 and 2013 Growth much more Closer to Germany's than earlier scheduled :

Thus, f.ex., while this year's (2011) distance between France and Germany's Growth was almost -1,4% : with +1,6% compared to +3% respectively, (i.e. almost the Half !), OECD's new estimations put Frances' 2012 and 2013 projected Growth very Close to that of Germany's with only a small, tiny difference of just -0,3% in 2012 and -0,5% in 2013, showing that the two main Partner EU Countries' Growth convergence will augment X 3 to X 4 times more in the foreseeable Future !

Moreover, France's projected 2012 Growth, after a Brief delay, (obviously due to investors' mistrust of the French Socialist party's program, generally judged financialy irresponsible or at least hasardous, obliging Businesses to wait for the results of the May 2012 Presidential Elections), is due to suddenly .. jump up from +0,3% to +1,4% in 2013, i.e., in just one year almost X 5 times Higher !

The UK is due to have a  +0,5% Growth in 2012, while Italy risks to fall down to a -5% Recession next year (2012), before re-starting to Grow from 2013 with +0,5% according to OECD data.

> If France's Growth succeeds, for more than 2 Years, to approach so Close that of Germany's, one of the World's most performant Economy, then, it would obviously be logical to expect from Financial Markets to also diminish the current distance of Loans' interest Rates between France and Germany, bringing it back to what it was before, for a long time, i.e. almost the same...
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