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Author Topic: EU/UN Peace keeping force need in Turkey's kurdish areas hit by Quake,War,Theft+  (Read 3500 times)
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« on: October 27, 2011, 03:04:29 AM »

EU/UNO Peace keeping force needed in Turkey's kurdish areas hit by Quake, War, Thefts, illtreatments, +

A European or International Peace-keeping force is urgently needed in the Kurdish areas of Turkey which have been recently badly hit by War, Earthquake, and even Organized Crime and Theft, according to alarming reports which converge on the need to act in order to save People's Lives from a rapidly deteriorating situation :

Among others :

- The Turkish Military has reportedly started massive strikes even against simple peasants, brutally hindered to cultivate their land and threatened with violent killings in both sides of the Iraqi border. 

- Victims of the Earthquake which stroke against the nearby Van area have started to denounce Discrimination, long Delays and that they are "treated worse than animals" by the Turkish Soldiers and other State agents.       
- Many Kurdish Prisoners  are  held inside a Turkish Prison already badly hit by the Earthquake in Van, their Families demonstrated vainly asking Turkey to transport them in a safe area, while even Arm Fire is reportedly heard by eyewitnesses.

- At the same time, search and rescue for survivants after the Quake curiously stops earlier than normal, while People are still found alive at the debris ; Humanitarian supplies are .. stolen by Turkish thugs before they arrive to the Kurdish victims ; and many Hundreds of People whose Homes were destroyed reportedly are obliged to stay at the cold of the Kurdish Mountains even overnight, since even sleeping Tents are hindered to arrive on time at the place of the drama, (etc)..

- Finaly, the Turkish State itself admitted that it cannot cope with the dramatic situation at the Kurdish villages hit by the Earthquake and War, obliged to start asking for International Help, (after having refused for too long a time)..

=> In such Dramatic  conditions, (and given Turkish State Agents' notorious reputation even on Torture, Killings and Inhuman/Degrading treatments of Kurds and other dissidents), the International Community has a Duty to urgently act in order to Protect the Lives and the basic Human Dignity of the Kurdish population badly hit by all these tragic events !
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