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Author Topic: pro-Gaddafi Turkish lure ?  (Read 2867 times)
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« on: August 24, 2011, 02:03:18 PM »

People who sacrificed even their lives to oust Colonel Gaddafi's oppression and Nations (including EU, Arab Ligue, but also UNO, etc) which bravely faced serious risks to help them, risk to be seriously dismayed by attempts of some dark networks to push things back to .. pro-Gaddafi Turkey, even before Rebels' leaders had a chance to arrive to Tripoli...

Symbols are important, and it's, indeed, obviously contradictory, Scandalous and dangerously Irresponsible,  to insist holding a High-level Meeting on after-Gaddafi Libya in ... Istanbul (Turkey), while Ankara did not even participate in the International Coalition which decided to launch a series of still on-going military action to help the Libyan People's uprising (at the 19 March 2011 Paris' EU-USA-Arab Ligue-UNO Summit), was from the start against any external action to protect Libyan dissidents and rebels, (despite a late, ridiculous attempt to exploit the success obtained by others' efforts, a long time later, by practically "kidnaping" a few helpless kids at Misrata), and, therefore, apparently, took part in what undermined (if not slyly sabotaged) Rebels' advance when NATO took over. Moreover, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had just traveled to Libya, shortly before the events, in order to receive a ... "Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights" (end of November 2010) !!!.......

In such conditions it will become obviously impossible for Libyan People and their European, Arab and International Friends and Allies, to  "Dream" to create a really New Future for Libya, with at least an elementary respect for pluralist Democracy and Human Rights, (against which, the Turkish regime notoriously commits many serious violations, while even the worst  Murderers and Torturers of political dissidents scandalously remain totaly unpunished in Turkey).

 => Who will undertake the heavy responsibility to torpedo EU-led International community's succesful help to Libyan People's uprising for real political change among crucial on-going developments throughout all 3rd Mediterranean Countries ?
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