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Author Topic: Pope Benedict's Miracle stops Heatwave !  (Read 7021 times)
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« on: August 21, 2011, 01:16:40 AM »

A miraculous Weather Change, which stopped "Searing Temperatures"' Heatwave  (as AP put it earlier today) in Madrid (Spain), suddenly occured when Christian Catholic Pope Benedict arrived at an Airport Field to speak to more than "a Million" of Young People gathered there for the 2011 World Youth Days :

While, earlier, "Firefighters atop fire-trucks (had to) spray.. the crowds with Water from Hoses, and pilgrims sought Shade from umbrellas, trees and tents, in a bid to stave off the near 40-degree Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) Heat" breathless, several having already "fainted" at the eve, according to AP and/or Reuters Agencies, etc., on the contrary, shortly after Pope Benedict appeared, strong Winds started to blow Fresh Air pushing People's clothes all around, and a salutary Rain started to fall from the Sky, pouring People with a lot of fresh Water from above !

This, naturally included also many Bishops and even Pope Benedict himself, who spontaneously launched a bright, amused Smile when the Wind blew away his traditional Hat, revealing his splendid long White Hair floating fierly near a huge Tree of Light on a large platform facing this Evening a Million of lauphing and dancing young People from all over Europe and the World, obviously stimulated by that unexpected Miraculous "Gift", welcomed with a growing rythm of slogans and songs, while astonished local organizers were desperately searching to bring shelter from the Rain...

Could Benedict's enlightened Christian faith save the World even from "Global Warming" risks ?

By another incredible but real "coincidence", the unprecedented event occured precisely when we opened a Web-TV screen to watch from Home Pope Benedict's visit to Spain/WJD 2011....

Unfortunately, however, at the difference to Madrid's "Miracle", exceptional Heatwave Temperatures remained at Home higher than 26 degrees Celsium, even overNight...

Somebody should urgently invite Pope Benedict  to come and help also here !

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