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Author Topic: Norwegian freeMason Breivik part of big, inhuman Anti-EU Mass Manipulation Net ?  (Read 4550 times)
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« on: July 24, 2011, 06:12:08 PM »

Norwegian freeMason, Breivik, part of a huge, inhuman and Anti-European  Mass Manipulation Network ?

>>> "Breivik ... was a FreeMason,  a member of St. John's Lodge in Oslo.[41] After the attacks, his Lodge ...suspended his membership.[42]" , but he is an officially Registered Member of that Masonic Lodge at least "since 2008", after being born in London (UK) by a Diplomat serving at the Norwegian Foreign affairs department, according to revelations made by the Norwegian Press. (v. pex. : ). Naturally this doesn't mean that there might be any eventual link between these two different facts, not at all.

But, despite that fact, an obviously organized Mass Mediatic "Tsunami" Propaganda currently accuses, in 1st page Headline News; just  a ... "Christian", (i.e. the contrary !)..

Moreover, several eye witnesses, at the island where the massace took place, reportedly denounce the presence of more Gunmen for the killings of more than 90 People, so that another 7 suspects have been already arrested in a manhunt still going-on around that island. Εven a Police Director  reportedly observed that, "even if he claims to have acted alone, nevertheless, we must check"; because "certain Testimonies (from those who survived after the attack) on the island, create Doubts about whether the killer was just One".

 They also criticize the astonishing fact that, despite the fact that the location was already known and in the spotlight of the Police because of the expected visit of the Norwegian Prime Minister himself, during the next Day, nevertheless, curiously, Policemen delayed for more than 1 Hour and 40 minutes (almost .. 2 Hours) before they arrived on the spot, i.e. leaving, meanwhile, the on-going Mass-Killings to continue, (and any eventually other Gunmen, enough time to escape)...

All persons atrociously killed apparently were Simple, ordinary People, (some of them even Poor and/or Foreigners), without any important Official of the Norwegian Socialist-led Government being targetted.

As Part of a curiously recent, makeshift Publicity campaign, shortly after the Mass Killings, he reportedly published a Plagiat, "copy and paste" version of an old, "UnaBomber" Text, merely changing Names, etc, (i.e. using a similar method to that of former Socialist British Prime Minister Blair's former Spokesperson, fired after a Scandal revealed that he had plagiarized a.. Student's Memo pretexting that it was a Secret Services' findings about alleged "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Sadam Husein's Iraq, in order to push the USA to start the controversial 2003 Iraq War, as former US State Secretary, Condi Rice denounced herself), pretexting that he would be in favor of a "European Independence", curiously attributed to a Date very Far away in the Future : "2083", (which inevitably reminds, at present, ... Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's June 2011 Electoral campaign, placed under the slogan : "2023" !!!), obviously searching to slander and defame EU Citizens' democratic aspiration in favor of the emergence of a European Identity consiousness..

In addition, a Video he reportedly published at the Internet calling for a "War against Islam" is placed under the Heading .."Crusades" (sic !), i.e., once again, precisely the Word (and the Meaning) used, again and again, by the same Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, even when he spoke at the Council of Europe's assembly earlier this year.

This whole atrocious, grossly (and erroneously) Mass Media exploited, really Terrorist, totally Inhuman Massacre, STINKS !...

=> No 1 Question : - Who benefits from such a horrible mass Crime (and its Mediatic exploitation) ?  

By a coincidence, the move (and the Massacres, and the main Web Publication !) came in that Socialist-governed country immediately AFTER Polls published in France anounced a + 6% growth of President Sarkozy's popularity, (added to +2% during the previous two Months), a Day after brokering a Deal on €uroZone together with German Chancellor Merkel, but also in a Month (July 2011) in which; both himself and his friends, started a New Campaign in favor  of the Identity of France and of the European Union, against "Multi-Culturalism" and People living in separate, "Parallel Ghettos", as also Christiandemocrat CDU Merkel, as well as British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron also did recently. Poll's data indicated also that some People recently preferred to Drop Exteme Right parties, attracted by Mainstream Center-Right, unquestionably democratic politics.

On the contrary, the International Socialist, (often denounced by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban a.o. for reportedly aggressive Mass Mediatic personal Attacks), still remains largely in favor of "Multi-Culturalism", even at the expense of Cultural a.o. "'Ghetos", with only a few exceptions Worldwide.

Exceptionaly crucial Elections for EU's Future are scheduled during all 3 Next Years, f.ex. in France (2012), Germany (2013) and even EU-wide, for EU Parliament itself (2014)...
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