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Author Topic: Greek People majority wants to fire surabundant/corrupted civil servants !  (Read 3779 times)
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« on: May 08, 2011, 12:22:52 AM »

Greek People's majority wants to fire surabundant civil servants (particularly those corrupted) !

A strong absolute Majority of Greek People clearly wants to fire surabundant civil servants who had been hired by the governing PASOK party since the 1980ies, provoking a galoping Public Debt, hidden by U.S. Goldman Sachs manoeuvers between 1998-2001, when crucial EU decisions on an early Greece's entry into €uroZone, in exchange for Turkey's controversial EU "candidate" status, were notoriously taken, (giving then to PASOK a rasor-thin win in april 2001 Elections with just 1%)...

Apparently 60% of Greek People prefer for some abusive cashy job holders and/or lackeys among those massively hired as civil servants during the 1980ies' former PASOK Governments' Nepotism, to stop having a permanent status, while, even more  - 64% - ask the Government to proceed to privatizatons !....
Apparently, People feel that in order to face the galoping Public Debt, it's either that, or striking against Productive forces and/or Poor people's life-time economies...

Meawnhile, for a 2nd time recently, the Center-Right succeeds to arrive ahead of the governing  Socialist party with more than 33% ("New Democracy" and 3 small parties), compared to only 24% ("PASOK"), respectively , the rest been shared by various leftist movements opposed to the current government, "Greens", etc., according to an astonishing Poll published by a .. pro-PASOK newspaper.

However it's still rather doubtfull whether this might be enough, (financialy and/or Politically), if nobody, not even a small number of Corrupted cashy-job holders having committed various serious Abuses in the Past), doesn't pay back to the Greek State at least a part of the Public Funds scandalously accaparated all this time, since the 1980ies, while other People were scandalously excluded, damaged, or even despoiled from -or hindered to use- their own private resources.

It all seems to be one of those rare cases where Justice looks synonymous to Efficiency...
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