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Author Topic: Brussels+Strasbourg build new EU areas, but Brx-Lux-Stras-Geneva Rail link waits  (Read 3045 times)
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« on: January 01, 2011, 05:08:49 PM »

A brand new building, a majestic scyscraper, for EU President van Rompuy's and External action High Representative baroness Ashton's offices is currently prepared in Brussels, as a kind of extension of EU Council's buildings, almost over the International Press Center, located at an impressive former luxury Hotel, representatives of the Belgian 2010 EU chairmanship told "EuroFora" during a reception in the aftermath of the latest, December 2010 EU Heads of State/Government Summit.

At the same time, in parallel, Strasbourg is launching a huge, beautiful "green" area to develop a brand new European/International Business Center at the Wacken, right in front of EU Parliament's superbe glass-Tower, including Residential a.o. premisses, all surrounded by splendid Natural Environment composed of Rivers, small Family Houses with Gardens, nearby Forests, open air and closed Athletic infrastructures for various Sports, etc., and served by a recent Tram extension going through the spectacular building of the European Court of Human Rights up to Robertsau castle's large Forest/Lakes. Decisions on the main uses of SIBC's new area (based at the former European Fair's location), which could help boost EU Citizens-MEPs'/EU Commission/EU Council presidency's direct contacts during the week of Plenary EU Parliament Sessions, as well as CoE's PanEuropean network, will be taken soon, at various stages, told "EuroFora" Strasbourg City's Head of European/International affairs, Nawel Rafik, a pretty, smiling and smart former Lawyer.

With additional moves expected in Luxembourg, where EU's Court of Justice is expected to considerably develop its activities after the recent entry into force of EU Lisbon Treaty's Charter of Fundamental Liberties, both interested EU Citizens and EU Officials, Experts etc. would certainly appreciate if a recent slight amelioration of Brussels-Strasbourg Train links went much further, by the creation of a really efficient, fast and work-friendly (f.ex. at least with EU-compatible Electricity plugs for PComputers, shorter Time schedules, etc) modern High Speed Rail which could link  Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg up to UNO's growing premisses at Geneva : As "EuroFora" has many times stressed, such a key EU Network (obviously even more important than Wash.D.C - New York current links), bringing together from NATO and EU Commission/Council up to EU Parliament, CoE, EU Court of Justice, ECHR, UNO, etc., (while being well integrated also in other EU Networks, geographically located at their Centre), could become the best in the World..

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