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Author Topic: Australia Moral Majority Center-Right Government : People's choice ?!  (Read 3962 times)
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« on: September 01, 2010, 01:42:44 PM »

Recent, more complete Results of the 2010 Elections in Australia clearly show that People's votes strongly go in the Direction of a growing Center-Right "Moral Majority" Political Block, while Labor obviously falls down :

The Biggest Political Grouping is clearly formed by the Coalition of Liberals-Nationals and their affiliates, (which undeniably became No 1 Australia's Political Formation) as well as from "Moral Values"-driven Small but growing Parties, such as "Families First"+Christian Party, etc., able to attract also some other, Smaller Parties with more or less similar origins and views, on one or another key issue.

It's important to note that they should be logically joined also by all or most  Independents, given that they originate from the National party, while also their Voters clearly prefer a deal together with the Coalition of Liberals/Nationals in order to form an Absolute Majority Government.

On the contrary, Labor's outgoing government's 2010 results are notoriously Negative, since People clearly ...flee that Party, in order to go towards anyone else accross the political spectrum ! A few Tiny Parties apparently close to Labor, are either based, on the contrary, into a Critical Opposition to the out-going Labor former government, (f.ex. 3 small groups at its Leftist side), or rather Embarassing/Comic Fantaisists (f.ex. .."Sex party", etc), and remain, at any case, too Small.

Greens are among those who get some of these critical, anti-Labor Gov. votes, and, if they are faithful to Citizens' expressed will, as well as conscious of real stakes, they should, normally, try sincerely to broker a deal with the Coalition-driven "Moral Majority" No 1 Political Block, given also the fundamental Incompatibility between real militants for Natural Environment, Freedom-loving people, anti-bureaucrats, etc., and Labor's notorious rush to impose more controversial and potentially dangerous Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, (in addition to former Labor Prime Minister in G.B., Tony Blair's notorious role into pushing the USA to invade and occupy Iraq, based on some erroneous or false claims)...

But even if some of their apparatchics drop all that, betraying both the 2010 trend and certain fundamental values of their voters (see above), bypushing their only one (1) elected MP with a part of their votes to make deals behind closed doors with Labor, the eventual result would again be Insufficient to challenge Coalition's Center-Right "Moral Majority"'s popular Lead (See above).

Facts !
(while Votes'official Counting.. still goes on !)

(A) Coalition/Center-Right Values : Total =  5.598.599 votes 

Liberals :    3.589.419
Queensland Liberals-Nationals :   1.098.133
Nationals   439.755
Families :    265.583
Christian party :    80.049
Country Liberals :    37.765
One Nation   25;847
Liberals Democrats   21;860
Democrats   20.548
Citizens council   : 7.724
Climate Sceptics   4.161
NSW Australian 1st party inc.   3.589
Non-Custodial Parents   2.714
Building Australia Party   1.452

(B) "Independents" = 298.266


(C) "Greens" = 1.364.422

(D) Labor/Left + Affiliated : Total :  4.550.608 votes   

Labor    4.504.452
Seculars   11.586   
Sexists      10.413
Socialists Egalitarists   10.058
Socialists      8.706   
Democratic Labor       4.850   
Communists        543   

(E) Others : Total : 3.666 votes

Non Affiliated :    2.300           
Carers :    1.366   
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« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 03:58:49 PM »

Independents must go with Coalition to form a New Center-Right Majority Government, or will be wiped out by Moral Values/Identity-driven Parties, which already got more votes (Families-Christians-Parents/One Nation-Australia 1st, etc) !

You mean, rather that result :

I.e. if some "Independents", eventually, betray their own Center-Right "Nationals" origins, their Rural/Urban Families/Small Business social roots, and even the Preferences of 2/3 of the People who Voted them in favor of an Alliance with the New Center-Right Coalition of Liberals/Nationals,

>>>  then, they will certainly be .. Wiped-out at least at the Next Election by their own Voters, who will obviously join the other Political Grouping which gathers Moral Values/National Identity-driven Parties, such as fast-growing "Families First", "Christian Party", "One Nation", "Australia First", "Non-custodial Parents", etc, who are close to Center-Right Coalition Parties, and are unjustly deprived still of any representation by any elected MP, even if they succeeded in 2010 to win now much MORE VOTES than all 4 "Indepenent" MPs !

The Australian People will sanction anybody who might eventually "play dirty games" against Democracy !
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