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Author Topic: Turks push Cameron(+Clegg?) to forget Winston Churchil-Lloyd George Legacy ?!  (Read 2950 times)
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« on: July 27, 2010, 08:57:57 PM »

Turks push Cameron(+Clegg?) to forget Churchil-Lloyd Historic, popular, victorious Government Legacy (1918-1922) ?!

It's a pitty for British and European Politics that USA - Turkey lobbies hindered the New Brittish Prime Minister David Cameron to change "New Labour" "Socialist" policy on Turkey's Impopular EU bid, and pushed him to repeat the same controversial policies as MM. Bliar, Brown, etc, as if nothing changed in the recent May 2010 UK Elections, risking to deceive many People who supported a new Conservatives - Liberals coalition hoping for Differend, Fresh Ideas...

Who might be pushing Cameron (just arrived from a trip to USA's "Socialist" President Obama 2008-2012, who faces Difficult Mid-Term Elections on November 2010) and, may be, also Clegg, to ..miss the Chance to inspire themselves from the only previous Conservatives - Liberals Government in Great Britain's History : The famous, Victorious Winston Churchil - Lloyd George 1918 - 1922 Government, which had become very Popular by succeeding to boost High -Tech Investment and elementary Social Welfare, whle also( being Strongly Critical on Turkey's post-Genocide retrograde Militarism (comp. f.ex. "Laurence of Arabia", Dardanelles' fights, International Treaty of Sevres, 1920, etc). It was the last moment of a really Independent Great Britain, genuinly Free to co-decide, together with its European Allies, on Europe's Future !

How could anyone explain a Contrary policy on Turks, now, to those British People who notoriously voted in 2010 to curb down a galoping Non-European Immigration in the UK, and various Islamist and other "Ghettos" separated and not-integrated into the Brittish Society, which took Dangerous proportions during the late Labour Governments ?  Moreover, much among the People who voted for the Conservatives in 2010, were the same who Massively voted in the 2009 EU Elections for ... UKIP's campaign explicitly focused "Against Turkey's accession into the EU", which succeeded to become the ...2nd Party in the UK, scoring Higher even than the Liberals and the Labour, winning a Record High of EuroMPs for the period 2009-2014...

Last, but not least, instead of respecting Democracy, would anyone wish to attempt to ..throw to  a waste basket all the Numerous Votes of EU Citizens who Massively opposed Turkey's controversial EU bid at various Elections in many EU Member Countries during the recent years 2005 - 2010, as, f.ex. in Germany on 2005 and 9/2009 National Elections, in France since 2007 Presidential and Parliamentarian Elections, as well as in June 2009 EU Parliament's Elections (including even in the UK : f.ex. with UKIP's surprising results : No 2 Party with the Target : "No to Turkey's EU bid :", See above), in Bulgarian National Elections on 2009, in Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Belgium on 2010, (etc). ? 

It's obviously much better to respect Democracy, both throughout most EU Member Countries, as well as EU-wide, but also vis a vis British People and History itself !..
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