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Author Topic: UN Spokesman (after Brutal Turkish ship): No more Provocation on Gaza. Aid+Peace  (Read 2677 times)
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« on: July 24, 2010, 01:24:15 PM »

UN Spokesman calls to avoid more Provocations in Gaza after the exceptionally violent Turkish ship, and to bring Humanitarian aid by established Land Routes, which should be extended

UN Spokesman, Martin Nesirky, clearly warned to avoid any new "Provocation" with more "Flotillas" for Gaza, (after the notoriously Brutal, Sadic Attacks against isolated Israeli Marins by an exceptionally Violent, controversial Turkish group secretly armed with sticks, clubs, metal rods, stun grenades, knives, possibly guns, etc at maverick Turkish ship "Mavi Marmara", which risked to discrediy the legitimate aspects of Palestinian People's struggle, provoking unprecedented dead and wounded, including among Israeli marines, after Israeli defence was misled into a sly Trap pushing towards disproportionate self defence reactions, obviously exploited politically by Ankara in an obvious attempt to infiltrate anew the former Ottoman-Turc Empire previously occupied territories in the Middle East, shortly after the confirmation of Oil/Gas Sea coast findings). Instead, the UN representative advised to use "established Routes for Humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza by Land", accoring to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon's already expressed preference, in order to contribute in current efforts to find a way to boost succesful Middle East Peace Talks.

Palestinian and Israeli People have notoriously suffered long enough. Now they need less "Provocations", and more Honest Aide and Peace !

... Asked about the Secretary-General’s reaction to reports of further flotillas coming to Gaza, from Lebanon and elsewhere, the Spokesperson noted that the (UN) Secretary-General has repeatedly said that it is important, particularly as proximity talks proceed, to avoid provocations.

Nesirky said that there are established routes for needed humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza by land, and the Secretary-General has made clear the preference to use those routes, so that aid can go to the people who need it.

He added that, although the United Nations believes that Israel has taken a good first step by shifting its policy to allow more aid into Gaza, much more needs to be done, and it is vital that more goods be allowed to enter Gaza. ...
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