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Author Topic: Israeli helico deadly crash in Romania: +other strange precedents around Turkey+  (Read 2427 times)
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« on: July 31, 2010, 11:49:39 PM »

The unexplained yet deadly crush of an Israeli military helicopter in Romania, and an astonishing, horrible hate expressed by some anonymous comments even in mainstream media websites (f.ex. yahoo, etc), obviously raise questions about possible causes.

For the moment, what is certain is, at least, that various other unexplained deadly air crashes, of exceptionaly high political" significance, have aleady occured, during the recent years, almost at the same surrounding region, around Turkey, etc. :  Among others, f.ex., a 1999 strange killing of a greek EU minister, his son, journalists, etc, when his airplane crossed the Bulgarian border heading towards Bucarest (Romania) ; a 2003 deadly military helicopter crash, killing all defense chiefs in Cyprus, (followed also by a notorious 2005 very deadly crash of a civilian cypriot airplane, which went astray shortly after crossing the Turkish borders towards the Aegean sea) ; past + more recent Russian airplanes' crash while approacjing or crossing over northern Caucasus, (etc).

Taking also into account what has notoriously happened recently with Turkey's attempts to exploit any opportunity in order to start playing a role in the Middle East, such an impressive series of similar exceptionallly important aircrashes around the same area (see above), all these facts might be interesting to examine also all together.
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