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Author Topic: 160.000 € to rob EU's identity with impunity ?!  (Read 4984 times)
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« on: July 14, 2010, 02:11:46 PM »

Fake Image, usurpated from Greece, abused in order to sell Turkish merchandise inside the EU !



A Greek old man from the World Famous Ancient Religious Shrine of Delphi, with Omerian Hero Ulysse's characteristics and a white beard, had the bad surprise to find that his personal image had been usurpated and abused in order to make Commercial Publicity for a ...Turkish merchandise inside the EU !

Moreover, the astonishing Scandalous Falsification was committed in a country with a recently notorious Lobby pushing for Turkey's impopular demand to enter the EU : Sweden, during more than 8 Years,. since 2002-2003, i.e. precisely since Ankara was exerting pressure to start negotiations with the EU...

The old man was reportedly "Horrified", according to the German Press, when he found, thanks to a friend living in Sweden, Varzanakos Athanassios, that his own smiling face, dressed with a traditional neo-Greek white "foustanela", famous to be used by the peasants who fought to start Liberating Greece from the Ottoman-Turk Military Occupation from the beginning the 19th Century (1821 revolt), and a Villager's red Hat with Anient Greek Golden coins, had become, unwillingly, a .. Publicity for Turkey !  - "What have I done to deserve this Fate ?"; the 76 years old man reportedly complained.

The only way to react for him was to lodge a Legal complaint against the abuse, asking the Swedish Company "Lindahl" to stop usurpating his personal image in order to sell its yogurt mechandises to a public which ignored the Truth, and to pay 5 millions € of comensation for the damages already done by the 8 years long abuse.

 But, now, the Company replied by offering to the victim only 160.000 €, including Lawyers' expenses, and apparently even wants to continue abusing of the Greek man's face in order to sell a Turkish merchandise...

The Swedish merchand claimed that the main Responsibility for the Blunder was another Company, which had erroneously sold him that Photo, and against which he hopes to lodge himself a complaint afterwards. According to other Swedish sources, the main Perpetrators would be a Spanish company called "AGE Fotostock", which keeps offices also in Paris and New York (USA), and gets its Photos from a Network whose representative in Turkey is "VisualTurkey", part of "VisualPhotos", an American Company Headquartered again at New York (USA).

While the victim's reply is still pending, it wasn't yet known whether the other, and much more affected, real Victims of this scandalous Falsification : i.e. the Greek People, whose Ethnic Identity was in fact stolen and abused in order to make Publicity for Turkey's impopular "look" inside the EU, and even the Swedish People and Consumers themselves, who have been (and still are !) abusively manipulated by such grossly False Data exploited by a Trader in order to "sell" Turkish merchandises to unaware EU Citizens, might lodge their own complaints against the abuse....

Indeed, the main Victims in this Affair are EU Citizens themselves, who were grossly abused by notoriously pro-Turkish lobbies, timely exploiting Fake Images to "sell" Turkey's merchandise into the EU                             

Nobody explained yet, why Turkish merchandises couldn't be sold inside the EU with a more realistic image, closer to Turkey's own cultural, religious and ethnic characteristics,  f.ex. one like this :

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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2010, 03:54:32 PM »

Meanwhile, Turkey has just usurpated also a traditional neo-Greek popular figure, that of "Karagiozes", (something similar to the French "grand Guignol", but much more linked with the people's struggle for liberation from Turkish occupation), by abusing of an obscure Committee inside UNESCO, in Paris, which included a Turkish member, but had not even one Greek member inside  !... What "objectivity" and "'impartiality" of the US-led "Globalisation"....

What might come Next ?

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« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2010, 05:09:22 PM »

Error corrected by the Swedish merchant ?

Now, it seems that he sells his yoghourts without the name "Turkish", just with that Greek guy and the millenary Christian Byzantine Church of Saint Sophie at Constantinople, (as it really was : i.e. without Minarets) !

Only the Christian Cross isn't there, but it's (even) in the Swedish flag...

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