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Author Topic: Steal Dutch People's Vote during Summer/Foot torpor ?  (Read 4908 times)
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« on: July 11, 2010, 04:36:19 PM »

Facts clearly indicate that Dutch People should be Vigilant against probable attempts to steal their Popular Vote's Results, practically nullify and go Contrary to the Political Will clearly expressed by the People in the recent National Elections, through some obscure Manoeuvers which might exploit this Summer's Torpor and Divert Attention with .. South Africa Football superficial Bla-bla at the same time...

The Democratically expressed Will of the Dutch People in the latest Elections notoriously gave an Historic Boost to all those Political leaders who were notoriously opposed to Turkey's controversial EU bid, resulting in a New Party winning 300% more MPs than before, and, most importantly, giving a clear possibility for a Large Majority for a New Government to be formed by all the Center-Right Parties.

But, astonishingly, on the Contrary, some are seeking now to go Against this Democratically expressed Popular will, by attempting to push towards the...Opposite Direction, by adding a Patchwork of .. "Socialists" with so-called "Greens", dividing the Liberals, etc, against those who won the 2010 Elections !

Such attempts have started exactly at the same moment that Mass Media notoriously try to Divert the Popular Attention towards this Sunday Evening's ... Football match in South Africa (the Spain - Holland final game), while, in addition, they also push the Dutch People to believe that there is less than only 8% chances for a Government to be formed on July (according to the lastest Polls), expecting that the Country will remain, curiously, without any solid Government most probably until September, if not even October...

Obviously, all these Facts, taken together, and considering the Importance of what is really at stake, look at least Fishy...

Nobody should steal, deviate or manipulate People's Will, clearly expressed in Democratic Elections.

Neither in Holland, nor anywhere else in Europe...

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« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2010, 11:21:53 PM »

..... Nobody should steal, deviate or manipulate People's Will, clearly expressed in Democratic Elections.

Neither in Holland, nor anywhere else in Europe...

How is it possible to bring back to government a socialist party which lost -15 MPs ?

Is there any referee more arbitrary than that one who has just stolen Dutch team's footbal game in South Africa, (adding to a scandalous series of gross referee blunders earlier made to the detriment of all 4 teams who met "Germany"s controversial team, composed for the 1st time also by a Turkish player with obviously dirproportionate Publicity) ?

What might be hiidden behind all these astonishing and exceptional facts which seem to take People for idiots ?
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