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Author Topic: Turkish Tourist Deadly Crash reveals Bad Transport conditions  (Read 3819 times)
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« on: May 25, 2010, 05:31:08 PM »

- "The Death toll in a Tourist Bus Crash in the southwestern Turkish region of Antalya ... has risen to 17" Russian Tourists killed, and 25  Injured, several "in Critical condition" of Life or Death, according to RIA Novosti.

- "Such Tragedies show the Necessity for taking up ... Traffic Safety Measures" in Turkey, the Chief Inspector of Russian Traffic Police reportedly denounced.

- "Each year, Thousands of People are killed in Traffic Accidents on Turkey's Roads, because of Careless Driving or Poor Road Conditions. Many of the (Turkish) Roads consist of just two lanes, are Badly Lit and Poorly Patrolled by Police", America's AP criticized.

- At least "17 Tourists had Died in the Bus Crash in Antalya", confirmed Russia's Tourist Agency. -  "25 more Tourists Injured in the Crash were taken to (various Turkish) Hospitals, many of them are in Critical condition. The Doctors are trying to save their Lives", according to Itar-Tass.

- "Their Turkish Tour Guide and the Bus Driver were Killed" also, USA's AP added.

- "Rescue workers are struggling to pull out the Injured and Bodies (of the Killed Toursists) from the Wreckage", Pravda said.

-  The "Bus carrying .. Tourists skidded off a Highway in southern Turkey and fell off a Bridge.., Killing 17 People and Injuring 25 others".
The Turkish Tourist "Bus broke through Iron Barriers, Flipped over and Fell about 20 feet ... onto its Roof in a River bed", American AP reported. - The Tourist "Bus was en route from the (SW. Turkish) resort of Alanya to the town of Pamukkale, when it veered off the Road into the Aksu River 15 meters below".

 - "The Bus belonging to the Pegas Touristik company was headed for Pamukkale. There were 40 Russian Tourists in the Bus when it rammed a Bridge barrier to fall into the River from a 15-Meter Height".

- "The Bus was traveling from (a Tourist) Resort ...popular with Russian and German Tourists, to the Scenic Pamukkale Waterfall near the Central city of Denizli", USA's AP observed.

- "The Death toll may increase, as the Bus took the Roadside barrier with it to the Bottom of the ravine, where it had "turned into a Pile of Metal", according to "the Turkish NTV channel".

- "A Six-Kilometer Traffic Jam developed at the scene of the Accident", noted RIA Novosti. 

- "Turkey's Motorways department" is "investigating" the Deadly  "Accident", together with the Turkish "Police, Gendarmery", etc.

- "The Mediterranean Hotels Association, the Tourists' Insurance company and Tour Operator Pegas, which organized the trip to Pamukkale, a popular Tourist destination famed for its Hot Springs and natural limestone terraces", reportedly were "in contact" with representatives of the Victims.

- "Initial investigations suggested" that the Turkish Deadly Tourist Crash "was caused by the (Turkish) Driver falling Asleep at the wheel" (!), RIA Novosti reported.

 - "Supposedly, the (Turkish) Driver fell Asleep (!!!) and the Bus fell off a Bridge into the River", RosTurism noted carefully.

- "There were 4 Children and a Newborn in the Bus" crashed in Turkey, according to "local Media". No reports were given yet about the 4 Children's fate.

- "At least one Baby and a Toddler were among the Injured, including" a young Girl, American AP reported.

- "We woke up as the Bus Flipped over,.. I fell Unconscious and opened my eyes in the Hospital."... one of the Injured passengers" said, according to AP.
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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2010, 09:03:55 PM »

Quote from: Ivan
.. Turkish Tourist Deadly Crash reveals Bad Transport conditions ...

Or, perhaps, ..Chechen Terrorism ?

Victims are Russians.
No serious cause has been yet officially established. Moscow asks to make its own Investigation. Turkish extremists were demonstrating at Istanbul in favor even of Chechen Terrrorists who were cowards enough to kidnap and kill Hundreds of Russian Children at Beslan School, September 2004, (etc+). Given all these Facts, nothing can be excluded from the outset.

I.e., Both Risks seem to exist in Turkey : Terrorism(s) + Bad conditions for Transports.
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