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Author Topic: Can Conservatives-LibDems renew UK's Lloyd George-Churchil last Great Era?  (Read 3337 times)
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« on: May 05, 2010, 12:25:38 AM »

Can Conservatives-Liberals deal revive UK's last Great Era with Lloyd George-Churchil ?

Among various political combinations in the 2010 UK Elections, if Conservatives don't get a sufficient Majority at Westminster, many speak about a Conservatives - Lib. Dem. possible deal, which could ally Change and Stability.

But, in fact, this could mean real Change only if a new Conservative-Liberal Majority (almost as since 9/2009 in Germany, etc) succeeds to find the Spirit of the last Great Era in the History of the UK, that of famous former Prime Ministers Lloyd George and Winston Churchil :

That exceptional period has notoriously marked History with a Double Victory in World Wars I and II, as well as with the creation of the "Welfare State" and Investment in High-Tech. innovation, related to Industry and Defence.

 It was the last great moment when UK still played a 1st rank role in International developments, before it was overshadowed by the U.S.,  (since the middle of WW II).

When Lloyd George and Winston Churchil worked together, (at the head of a Conservative-Liberal Govermental Coalition), they succeeded to lead together at the 1st and Unique Victory of purely European forces in a World War : that of 1919, and that made them very Popular then. 

It's during that Historic period also, that both Lloyd George and Winston Churchil became famous for opposing the retrograde Turkish Militarists' attacks, both at the Aegean Sea and in Arab Countries, becoming popular also among various other People and Nations which were notoriously oppressed by the former Ottoman Empire :

- Already in 1914, Winston Churchil, famous for advocating Brittish supremacy in modern Naval Forces, succeeded to seize 2 Warships destinated to the Ottoman Turks, and use them for the Royal Navy to face German attacks at World War I. (Earlier, the Young Churchil attempted to travel to report and, if necessary, fight in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 for the liberation of the isldand of Crete from the declining former Ottoman Empire,  but this conflict ended before he could arrive).

- Winston Churchil saved at least the Moral Honour of Great Britain also by leading the Galipoli and Dardanelles campaign of the British Army facing the Turks on 1915, at the very moment of the Armenian Genocide, (See, f.ex. : ).

- During the 1916-1918/9 Arab revolt against the Ottoman-Turc Occupation, Winston Churchil, who was then Minister for the Middle East, sends the famous T.E. Lawrence, (that Direcor David lean pictured with Peter O'Toole at the World Famous 1962 Film "Lawrence of Arabia", which won many Awards and Prizes, incluing 7 Oscars), to help the Arab Peoples to succesfully organize their Liberation struggle vis a vis Turkey's Military.

- Churchil was also an important State Secetary in Lloyd George's famous 1st World War Winner Coalition Goverment of 1918-1922, when the Brittish Prime Minister threatened Turkey with a Delaration of War, both by the UK and the Commonwealth, if the Turkish Army attacked the Brittish Soldiers who safeguarded the Dardanelles International traights, (while Greeks were massacrated by the Turks at nearby Smyrne, Constantinople/Istanbul, etc. that same year of 1922).

But Lloyd George, who was until then so Popular, (particularly after winning the 1st World War, establishing the "Welfare State" and funding UK's investments in High-Tech. Industry and Defence), that many said that "he could stay Prime Minister for all his Life", was, suddenly, during this 1922 slandered and personaly defamed by rumours about so-called financial scandals, his strong European stance vis a vis Turkey was bluntly opposed from the American continent inside the Commonwealth by Canada in 1922, and his Government was betrayed by a number of MPs changing colors after a meeting at an hotel behind closed doors...

Churchil and Lloyd George were evicted from Government after the clash with Turkey (supported by the American continent : See above), and spend many Years  at the margins of the Political Life, (Churchil was even evicted out of Westminster, failing twice  to be elected, and faced Health problems)...

After this last attempt by Great Britain's Government to oppose Turkey in Europe, which was slamed by a pro-Turkish interference from the American Continent, overseas, neither the UK, nor the rest of Europe, didn't ever find any way to control themselves the situation in the old continent, which started to be notoriously monitored from abroad, by the U.S.A., during the 2nd World War and its aftermath, the "Cold War", which provoked many Destructions and Divisions throughout all Europe, subordinated since then into a 2nd-class area compared to America.

In fact, the American 1922 pro-Turkish stance arranged also the interests of .. former USSR's Stalin, who had just decided to make a pact with Turkey at the Caucasus, throwing a growing number of Turkish troops against the European soldiers (led by the U.K., France, Italy and Greece) at the coasts of the Aegean Sea : Thus, Stalin practically saved a part of the declining former Ottoman - Turk Empire from total Collapse, and threw it against Europe, in  a GeoPolitical and Cultural conflict which persists until Today, undermining the Western camp with weakening Tensions (f.ex. even inside NATO, as the 2009 Blockade of the NATO Summit by Turkey proved, in addition to Turkey's "Veto" against NATO - EU cooperation, from Kosovo up to Afghanistan, etc). Stalin's cynical calculation (to weaken the Western coalition by throwing them a troublesome Turkish banana-skin) proved, unfortunately, right..

Contrary to the Lloyd George - Winston Churchil brave Historic attitude (See above), the "New Labour" Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's controversial stance vis a vis Turkey, merely followed, copied and aggravated the American desiderata, (that paradoxically coincided with Stalin's cynical pro-Turkish stance back in 1922  : See above), which notoriously are to weaken European Countries by throwing against them an oppressive, anti-democratic, retrograde and under-developed Asiatic Turkey, whose controversial EU - bid has become increasingly Unpopular among Brittish and other EU Citizens :

- Proof is the unexpected Big Electoral Win of the UKIP. Party in the June 2009 European Elections, when Nigel Farage succeeded to become, for the 1st time in History, the No 2 Party Leader in the UK, getting more Votes than the Lib-Dems and even more than the Labour party, arriving just after the Conservatives, immediately after he decided to focus UKIP's 2009 Electoral Campaign on the Popular moto : - "No to Turkey's Accession to the EU !"

But now, (with the only, partial exception, perhaps, of Boris Johnson, and of some healthy Criticism on laxist Immigration policies and Human Trafficking through Turkey, etc), WHO will be able to revitalize anew the winning Historic Spirit of Lloyd George - Winston Churchil, which "ruled the waves" and had succeeded to become so Popular at the Last Era of Greatness for the U.K. (and all Europe) ?

David Cameron and/or Nick Clegg, with the help of some of their Friends, will they find a strong enough Historic Conscience, Knowledge and Inspiration at Lloyd George and Winston Churchil to bring a real Change from "Bliar's" dark era, as Citizens' 2009 votes proved what British People want ?

(See above).

* David_Lloyd_George.jpg (43.29 KB, 460x599 - viewed 590 times.)

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