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Author Topic: Space+ : EU's GALILEO delays, while Russia completes GLONASS...  (Read 2542 times)
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« on: February 01, 2010, 01:58:37 PM »

While some have delayed EU's Satellite Navigation System GALILEO for 2014, on the contrary, in addition to USA's GPS II, Russia is already in the process of completing its GLONASS with 18 Satellites (for that huge Country itself, and some neighbours), at short distance from the 24 satellites needed for a Worlwide service..

Reportedly, what lacks for EU's GALILEO is mainly Money. Why, then, block this High-Tech project (in addition to many others, such as "the Airplane of the Future", reusable Space Vehicle,  Early Warning System, etc.) linked to Modern Transports, Communications, etc., as well as to Sovereignity

Why then, waste more than 22 Billions € (sic !) to an old, low-tech, local "Bus", as the controversial A400M (a "Socialist" former Governments' notoriously flawed old plan), which is unable even to fly as far as to EU's Space Base at Kuru (French Guyane) ?
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