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Author Topic: An A400M for Haiti ? Damn, it can't flight so far away !...  (Read 3895 times)
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« on: January 17, 2010, 03:43:19 PM »

Since some claim that controversial A400M military transport airplane project "flied" on December 2009, then why wait longer, when there is urgency ?

>>> If it's like this, EU should immediately send many A400M airplanes to urgently help Haiti, where hunderds of thousands of people face the worst threats against their lives, health and safety, after the devastating earthquake !

But, .... somebody has just told me what nobody dares say to our beloved "mainstream" Media : Simply the Truth :

-  I.e. that this damned old thing, the A400M old cuckoo canNOT fly so far away. Neither now, nor in the future. Because it's range is limited only to a small area around the EU and can't reach overseas targets, which are located so far away as Haiti, EU Space Base at Kuru (French Guyane), or Afghanistan, etc. So, it's not so bad that A400M was not ready when the Tsunami stroke South Asia back in 2005, since it couldn't even reach it...

On the contrary, meanwhile, Russia already sent more than 4 Ilyuchin Airplanes to help Haiti, transporting many men, first aid logistics and even an Helicopter... While anyone able to use a US-made Boeing C-17 can do the same, as well as with an Ukranian-made Antonov, etc.

Only that poor old thing : A400M is, unfortunately, unable to make it !

In fact, it has only one "big" range : That of money, costing more than 22 Billions € ! So, at least, those who want to sell it, are able to transport in their pockets more than 22 Billions €...

That's a consolation.
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