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Author Topic: Murder of Media CEO critical to Turkey in Cyprus : Doubts on suspects  (Read 3464 times)
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« on: January 16, 2010, 03:43:55 AM »

This week's cold-blood murder of the Director of Medias critical to Turkey, Andys Hadjikostis, son of the founder of Newspaper  "SIMERINI" and RadioTV "Sigma/Proto", seems still far from being elucidated, since the suspects arrested by the police yesterday night, deny any implication in the murder and nothing was yet published about its motive.

The killing is part of a recent series of astonishingly brutal strikes, which started with the unprecedented theft of the remains and profanation of the Cemetery where was burried the former President of Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos, known mainly for his popular (75%) opposal to a controversial 5th version of a UN Secretariat Plan reportedly drafted under British influence, in the absence of France, Germany and other EU Member Countries, but white-washed by the outgoing former EU Commissioner then in charge of Enlargment, Socialist Gunter Verheugen, accused to disregard Refugees' Human Rights and to prepare a shaky, loose con-federation , without real re-Unification of the island, risking to dramatically break down under external influences exploiting diverging, instead of converging interests, let to float apart between two separated entities, among "vetoes" and other blockades of a weak central entity, formed by  the originally 75% Greek Cypriot majority and the 19% Turkish Cypriot minority of the island. By imposing some points known to be unacceptable to Greek Cypriots, who felt obliged to refuse for the 1st time, the move was exploited by a pro-Turkish lobby to partially absolve Ankara from its long-standing refusals to almost all previous UN efforts to reunify Cyprus, (the latest being at the eve of September 11, 2001, scheduled in New York, but cancelled after a Turkish refusal followed by 9/11), precisely at the moment that Turkey wanted to convince EU to decide to start controversial accession negotiations (2004), which provoked an unprecedented Institutional Crisis in the EU after popular reactions and 3 "No" to EU Treaty referenda in France, Holland and Ireland (2005-2007).

Afterwards, even a Greek Flag, used at Papadopoulos' grave, was stolen, taken away, and later found burned. Meanwhile, a second grave, where was burried another, long-time former  President of Cyprus, Spyros Kyprianou (father of the current Foreign Minister of Cyprus, Markos Kyprianou), was also profanated.

Contradictory estimations about the motives behind such criminal acts point either at Politically motivated shameless Terrorism attempting to muzzle critical voices regarding Turkey, or, on the contrary, mere Provocations. The Government preferes to speak about non-political,  ordinary crime motives, both for the cemetery's profanation/theft of the remains, and for the murder. 
The killing of journalists is extremely rare in Cyprus : The latest precedents were in 1994-1996, when Greek Cypriot Theofilos Georgiades, in the Government-controled area, and dissident Turkish Cypriot Kutlu Adali, in the territories occupied by Ankara's army, were  shot dead out of their family homes.  Georgiades had been supporting the Kurds, while Adali was critical of Turkish Settlers coming from Anatolia to the territories from where some 190.000 Greek Cypriot displaced people had been expulsed and are still hindered to return, despite European Court of Human Rights' case-law.

After Andy Hadjikostis' murder, his Newspaper "SIMERINI" was published with its Frontpage in black, and a subtitle :  - "We shall not surrender to Terrorism !"
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