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Author Topic: Austria: Down Socialists, Up (killed) Haider's new+old parties and Christ.dem PP  (Read 4459 times)
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« on: March 02, 2009, 04:05:27 AM »

Austria : Bad News for Socialists, Good news for (killed) Haider's new (BZO) and old (FPO) parties, and Christian-democrats' PP

- Haider's Alliance for Austria's Future (BZO) wins a landslide in Karinthia, with Christiandemocrats and Free Party up. BZO and Free Party go up also in Salzburg, where Christiandemocrats almost keep their forces.

- Socialists clearly lose in both regions, where Greens also diminish.


In Karinthia, the region of controversial populist politician Georg Haider, killed in strange circumstances a few months earlier, his new Party, the Alliance for Austria's Future (BZO) wins the vote arriving largely 1st, with 45,5%, (getting 18 seats). His old party "Freedom", (from which he had left, while keeping close relations) keeps some 4%. Such results reveal a  + 7,1 augmentation from Haider's 2004 results in total.

Christiandemocrats Popular Party (OVP) wins some + 5%¨more (arriving up to 16,5%, getting 7 seats).

The big surprise, contrary to Media's Polls, is that the Socialist Party marks a loss of some - 10%, falling down to 28%,  (11 seats), while Greens lose - 1,6%, falling to almost 5%, with probably not any seat.

In Salzburg, the Christiandemocrat - Popular Party slightly curbs - 1% (keeping 36,4% and 14 seats), while Haider's old party "Freedom" wins some +9%, arriving up to 13%, getting for the first time 5 seats), and his new party "Alliance for Autria's Future" (BZO) wins some + 4%, but gets no seats yet.

On the contrary, the Socialists lose some - 6%, falling down to 39,5% (15 seats), while the Greens' slight curb - 0,6% leaves them only 7,3% (2 seats).

The results give, for the 1st time, a possibility to change the local government towards the Center-Right, (unless the PP keeps, despite this vote, a controversial alliance with the SP).

See fex. :
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