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Author Topic: Germany and Europe need Merkel free ! (on Turkey, Economy, BioEthics, World)  (Read 4339 times)
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« on: September 26, 2009, 10:53:54 PM »


These 2009 Elections are exceptionally important for Germany, for all Europe, and even the World.

Because it's during the following few years that will be decided certain crucial issues, which will strongly affect People's lives and definitively mark Germany and Europe's History :

Main points, in brief :

a) If Turkey's controversial claims on the EU will defintively undermine the modern democratic "European Dream", and Europe's Identity, Historic roots and moral Values, or not.

b) If Germany and Europe shall succeed to overcome the Global Economic Crisis and develop a modern "Green" Growth, while also keeping prices' Stability, protecting also poor and middle-class people.

c) Depending on all that, Europe will become able to play a strong role in the World, making it more democratic and better, or not. And according to whether we shall have a strong or a weak Europe, the World itself will be different for all.

d) Another important issue at stake is also if Human Dignity will be respected in front of big new challenges, including dangers by abusive Manipulations of Human Genetics, which may threaten all Humankind.

Merkel, as a German politician and scientist from Leipzig, is a good Symbol for the reUnification of Germany and the whole Europe, seeking a modern and better society in 2009, 20 Years after the fall of Berlin's wall.

After stressing, during the 2007 German EU Presidency, that "Europe's soul are Human Rights", Merkel underlined in 2009 the importance of German Constitution's reference to "Human Dignity", from which are derived all Human Rights, Family and social Moral Values. Including the refusal to Manipulate the Human Genome and other abuses of Technocratic interferences on Human reproduction, where Past Horrors risk to dangerously meet New Risks...

She has also stressed that, together with the FDP, the CDU/CSU Christian-Democratic and Christian-Social parties, would act decisively against the Crisis, by boosting a dynamic Social Market Economy, with strong Investment and stability of prices. While also modernizing the Industry by a "Green Growth" and Renewable Energy sources, protecting it from unfair competition of polluting Countries by a Carbon Tax at EU's external borders against those who don't respect Environmental Laws.

On the 1st point : Turkey, Merkel agrees with French President Sarkozy and other countries, and with the Majority of European Citizens : Germany, France and the entire EU should have close and correct relations with Turkey, as with other neighbouring Countries. But they do not accept to undermine Europe by risking to destroy its Historic and Cultural Identity, its Social and Economic Cohesion and Development, its Democratic Values and respect of elementary Human Rights. Or, the current notoriously anti-Democratic Turkish regime, with its grave Human Rights violations and political blackmails, cultural and education gap, Underdevelopment, World's heaviest Debt, etc, is obviously the contrary of what EU Citizens wish.

June 2009 EU Elections clearly proved, almost everywhere, that European Citizens don't want Turkey's accession into the EU.

Notoriously, it's mainly Europe's competitors or opponents who push Turkey inside the EU, in order to weaken or destroy the "European Dream" : Since they pushed to give Turkey a controversial "candidate" status on 1999, EU faced, for the first time in History, 3 Majority Abstentions in European Elections, 3 "NO" in three EU-Referendum, and became unpopular, falling down at the Polls. This provoked an unprecedented Crisis inside the EU, and aggravated a dangerous "Gap" between EU Institutions and European Citizens.

But, now, the moment obviously arrived, for the Franco-German couple Merkel - Sarkozy, to revitalize and relaunch  the European construction, after years of stagnation. Europe cannot wait longer, while the World changes faster than ever.

Socialists, unfortunately, were recently too much linked, often curiously subordinated, to a Turkish lobby and other negative trends of a massifying Globalization, without regard to European values and identity, risking to lose their "Soul", as many People found out.

Thus, SPD's strange recent politics vis a vis Turkey risk to prolong or even aggravate Europe's political, cultural and moral Crisis, and the dangerous distance between EU Institutions and European Citizens.

Merkel and CDU/CSU wish to integrate Turkish origin and other Immigrants who may stay longer in Europe, to the German Language, Culture and Values. But, on the contrary, others (including their own oppressive State that often made them flee away from Turkey) prefer to exploit such immigrants for political pressure and blackmail against Germany and Europe, by abandoning and even pushing them to live grouped in cultural and socially isolated "Ghettos", cut off from the rest of the Society. Even to the detriment of their Children's future.

Unfortunately, "Socialists"' recent policies don't mind about such dangerous cultural "Ghettos", and often even aggravated them, provoking the grave problems and difficulties of social integration that notoriously face many Turkish immigrants. Contrary to other immigrants, from other countries, who often show good will and are eager to integrate German and European Society and Culture.

As for Economic and Social matters, notoriously SPD has disappointed many People among its own, during the last Decade. Keeping too close to a counter-productive Bureaucracy, it doesn't seem to have any recipe on how to combat the Global Crisis. Recently, it only "succeeded" to make its Finance Minister particularly unpopular in Europe..

As for European allies, with whom might cooperate in the EU the Socialists of SPD ? France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and many other big or small EU Countries are today governed by CDU/CSU Christian-democrat/European Popular Party's political allies, while even the UK, Spain, etc. are ready to follow from 2010.   Or will SPD be obliged now to abandon any "European Dream" ?

Last, but not least : (With only a few exceptions of rare personalities), "Socialists"' dangerous laxism, and often insistance, in Germany and elsewhere (f.ex. in Anglosaxon countries) on Genetic and other Technocratic interventions on the Human Embryo, body and mind, various risky "Tests" on Human persons, etc., without due attention to Bio-Ethical safeguards, values and rules, push People and Society to slippery slopes, threatening to provoke grave dangers for Humankind today.

For all these reasons (and much more, that there is no time to mention here), both Germany and all Europe obviously need for chancellor Angie Merkel and its CDU/CSU - FDP allies to strongly win the 2009 Elections, stop the current stagnation imposed by the "co-habitation" with SPD, and make Germany and Europe able to re-discover its strong values and identity, starting a really New era : Firmly based on stable foundations, and therefore able to create new horizons.

Otherwise, there is not only an obvious risk to lose a rare, Historic opportunity to launch a great, dynamic movement for Germany's and Europe's development, modernisation, socio-economic cohesion, able to progressively win large Popular support, giving an important role in the World for a Europe standing now united after 200 years of weekening divisions.

But it's also simple People, Families, even Democracy and Human Values which risk to pay a too heavy price.

Therefore, the only reproach which could be made to Merkel is not to stress even more the importance of the values she and her party stands for at these crucial 2009 Elections.
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« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 08:30:44 PM »

OK, dear HelmutD., now it's almost done !

The results of the Vote outpassed all recent Polls, which had not predicted such a strong Majority win for Angie Merkel :

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