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Author Topic: Afghan civilians killed : Airplanes were not German, but USA's (?!)..  (Read 2378 times)
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« on: September 09, 2009, 12:42:44 PM »

It's difficult to understand some lobbies' blames against German chancellor Merkel for the reported killing of Afghan Civilians by ...US(?) Airplane bombings :

- If the deadly blast was thrown by USAF (?) airplanes, it's only the US which had precise Satellite images of what might be really going on on the ground, before they pressed the button to throw missiles/bombs. Apparently, Germans only warned US soldiers of an armed attack by Talibans, who took 2 fuel tanks, and asked to put out of order the two vehicles full of fuel in order to avoid suicide attacks against their nearby base. They had no means to look and know what was exactly happening on the spot, (fex. if civilian people were gathered around, or only armed Talibans, etc). OTAN commander, American general McChrystal, already expressed his "excuses" for the civilians hit, and reportedly anounced more measures to prevent such unacceptable tragic blunders, (strongly condemned by Karzai, the UN, France, etc).

Who might be really behind all that ? At any case, it's a fact that Merkel had just anounced, one day earlier, Germany's intention to "accelerate" the pull-out of is troops from Afghanistan !...

Curiously, French President Sarkozy had also said something heading towards a similar direction, earlier in Paris, and France was also attacked, with one soldier killed and others seriously wounded...

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