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Author Topic: German Elections exceptionally important for Europe  (Read 3372 times)
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« on: September 09, 2009, 12:32:05 AM »

The forthcoming National Elections in Germany, on September 27, have an exceptional importance for Europe, for many reasons. F. ex.  :

> EU obviously needs to be urgently revitalized, after several years of quasi-stagnation, by a new impetus to be stimulated by its Franco-German motor, and, in this regard, the duo Sarkozy - Merkel, thanks to their close political and personal links, are able to do a good job.

> Merkel's CDU/CSU notoriously wants to free its hands, at last, by forming a new, independent government, together with the Liberals (FDP), free from any more obstacles, neutralization or restrictions imposed until now by an obligatory "cohabitation" with the Socialists of SDP during 2005-2009, which hindered really new EU policies compared to the 1999-2004 past period.

> Some of the most important issues concern also Turkey's demand to enter into the EU, which is rejected by a large Majority of EU Citizens, but also Bioethics and Genetic manipulation of Human embryos, Moral Values, the Economy, etc. For most of them, crucial decisions have to be taken, in one way or another, during the forthcoming period.

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