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Author Topic: EU unwillingness to get trapped in Afghanistan extends to Germany  (Read 2450 times)
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« on: August 19, 2009, 04:53:56 PM »


   Calls to prepare a pull-out of troops from Afghanistan multiply in Europe, after German Liberal Party leader Westerwelle's anouncement today, following former Defence Minister Ruehe's criticism against the way Afghanistan campain is pushed towards a "complete Disaster", and current Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung's refusal to send more German troops there, despite NATO's demands.

   Already, France and other European Countries had practically refused to send more troops at Afghanistan, except some experts or technicians for training local police, etc, when the matter had been discussed with Obama, who had asked for renforts, at Strasbourg's NATO Summit last April 2009.

   Things had already started to worsen on the spot shortly after ISAF's rotating chair had been given to the Turkish army, a few years ago, progressively aggravating with deadly traps since then, and culminating in direct attacks recently even against ISAF's headquarters.

   On the contrary, various people have started to think that in order to find a solution in Afghanistan, socio-political means should be used much more than merely military action, while those really responsible and hidding behind  9/11's barbaric strikes against simple American people back in 2001 have not yet been found, and might be other (even if related) networks.

See :,,4551418,00.html ,,,4582559,00.html?maca=en-tagesschau_englisch-335-rdf-mp ,,,4574089,00.html

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