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Author Topic: Germany : EP President Poettering : Turkey canNOT be integrated in the EU !  (Read 2769 times)
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« on: June 04, 2009, 10:59:02 AM »


"I am very firmly convinced that, for Political, Cultural, Financial and Geographic reasons, EU cannot integrate Turkey", stressed EU Parliament's President, German EuroMP Hans Gert Poettering, Head of the CDU/CSU coalition (of Chancelor Merkel)'s candidate MEPs in the 2009 EU Elections.

"That's why we want a Partnership, and to cooperate with Turkey on an Economic and political field, but without Membership in the EU", he added.

However, Poettering believes that this could be achieved by a Parliamentarian method, while his coalition partners, the CSU (ChristianSocial party)'s Seehofer (successor of Edmund Stoiber), wants a "Referendum", in order to be sure that Turkey will not enter into the EU.

But Socialists (who present 3 Turkish candidates to the polls !),and the Turkish lobby in general, don't want even to hear about such a "Referendum", and, through ambiguous procedural obstacles, try to hinder, for the 1st time, the CSU to have any MEP at all in EU Parliament, ...even if it wins the EU Election in its Bavarian stronghold !

CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, in a Report on "Democracy in Europe", adopted on 2008 in Strasbourg, has already criticized as "excessive" and contrary to democratic standards, the imposal of the obligation (as it is the case now in Germany) to gather more than 5% Nationwide in order to have any MP elected, regardless of the votes results in Regional/Local Constituencies, where People may give a relative Majority to certain candidates with 35%, 45%¨or 51%...

A similar obstacle exists only in ... Turkey, (with a 10% nation-wide threshhold imposed), and has been strongly denounced by CoE's Parliamentary Assembly.
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