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Author Topic: Germany : ChristianDemocrats win Hesse State Election, (nearby HQ of EU bodies)  (Read 4930 times)
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« on: January 18, 2009, 11:40:23 PM »

Germany : ChristianDemocrats win Hesse State Election, HQ of European organizations (ECB, ESOC, etc) and US Base, near Strasbourg.

- Libs up, Greens OK, SPD looser, Left stable.

German ChristianDemocrats of chancelor Angie Merkel started a crucial 2009 Electoral Year with a first win this Sunday at key Hesse State, (South West), host of prestigious European organizations as the Central European Bank (at Frankfurt's Airplane-hub), the EU's Space Operation Center (at Darmstadt), and even USA's base (at Wiesbaden), near Strasbourg.

According to the latest estimations, CDU arrives 1st with more than 37%, a slight augmentation, while the SPD loses some -13%, falling down to only 23%, its worst result in decades. They are dangerously approached by Liberal-Democrats, who come 3rd with more than 16%, while Greens mount also up to 13-14%. Only the Left and the independents remain stable, with more than 5% and less than 4%, respectively.

2009 is a key electoral year for Germany, because National Elections have been scheduled at Autumn, shortly after June's EU polls.

But results are due to strongly influence also Europe's policies up to 2014, both due to Germany's obvious importance, and because of the potential political meaning of the duo Sarkozy-Merkel for EU's role and Future.

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« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 05:15:12 AM »

Reality is different from the false appearances that you mention  :

- This was "the Lowest Turnout in Hessen's History", with almost 40% Abstention

- Koch's Hessen local "CDU" became less "Christian" by giving some places to .. Muslim Turks, who push for more Mosquees..

=> In consequence, it's only the Liberals, the Greens, and the "Free" parties who augmented their votes, respectively, with +6,8%, +6,2% and +0,7% (added to +0,2%, +0,2% => 1,1%).

On the contrary, local Koch's CDU almost ...stagnated : +0,4%, remaining the same as before... Only  the Left Party (die Linke) did so small : + 0,3%..   

Apparently, the controversial Koch's local CDU received a small part of Turks and other Muslims, but ...lost an equivalent part of German Christians, (becoming Abstentionists or voting for other parties) !

But that tiny augmentation closely follows a record-high ..loss of many voters by controversial local CDU's chief, Koch, in the previous, 2008 Elections, who had lost -12% !!!                                                                                                 

So, the only factor which explains controversial Koch's return in office (after he lost the 2008 elections), is that a small group of Turks and other Muslims left the SocDP.

=> If you "dream" of similar results at a Nation-wide Election in Germany, then CDU risks to be undermined and head towards a ...Catastroph, both for the Party and Germany, provoking grave Damages against Europe !..

Already, the controversial infiltration of a Turkish lobbyist (former doctor at Diyarbakir, during the 1993 "dirty" clashes, before going to the USA twice, and later send to Europe, where he became personal doctor of a Turkish Extremist "Grey Wolf" Muhsin Yazicioglu, accused to have "blood in his hands"), Yasar Bilgin, among CDU's EU Parliament candidates now, seems to be the reason for CDU's lower than expected showing in recent Polls...

Such an unprecedented Turkish infiltration by a foreign-lobby manager, propagandist of Mosquees, etc. started only after 2002, when the famous German Christiansocial leader Edmud Steuber quited politics : It would have been unthinkable with strong personalities as Steuber !,_2008
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