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Author Topic: German CDU/CSU: Turkey doesn't meet EU Conditions. Merkel: Human Dignity is key.  (Read 2861 times)
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« on: May 25, 2009, 06:56:06 PM »

German ChristianDemocrats CDU/CSU : Turkey does not fullfil EU Conditions. Merkel : Respect for "Human Dignity is key"

   For the mainstream German ChristianDemocrats (CDU/CSU) of Chancellor Merkel, "Turkey does not fullfil the prerequisites" for its EU accession demand, anounced the official program for June 2009 EU Elections, while Merkel stressed, at the same time, the "key importance" for the respect of "Human Dignity" at the Heart of Europe, (obviously incompatible with Turkey's continuing grave Violations of Human Rights, attested by Hundreds of non-implemented yet ECHR condemnations for Torture, Killings, Enforced Disapperances, Destructions, Oppression of Freedom of Speech, etc).

   - "Countries with a European membership perspective", must fullfil "the criterion of Integration Capacity of the EU". And "Candidate Countries must completely fullfil all the Political and Economic Criteria, in particular on Freedom of Expression, Equality of women and men, Minority protection and Freedom of Religion", etc..

   Moreover, "now we want .... to consolidate EU's Identity and EU's Institutions", after 2004 and 2007 Enlargments, (while Croatia, Serbia, a.o., fex. Iceland might eventually follow).

   That's why "a privileged Partnership of Turkey with the EU, instead of full Membership, is the right Solution", the official program concludes.

   Significantly, at the same moment, Merkel, celebrating "60 Years of the German Federation", stressed from the outset that "Human Dignity" (the source of all Human Rights), cited as No 1 value in the Constitution, which must "never be violated", is of "key" importance, and "at the Heart of ..Government policy" in Germany and the EU :

   "This year (2009) we celebrate 60 years the Federal Republic (1949) and 20 Years since the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989). We celebrate freedom, unity, democracy". But 'the key to this ...lies in a great sentence: "Human dignity is inviolable."

"With this amazingly easy-sounding words in Article 1 of our Constitution is clear: It's not the State, not a Party or a certain social Class which are the measure of things. No, it is the Man with his inalienable Dignity who is central".

"The whole Strength of those Words for me, in fact, lies together with the beginning of the Preamble of the Constitution :"Conscious of its responsibility before God and People ...The Duty of all State authority shall be to respect and protect" the Human Dignity, it says".

"This guarantee of human dignity does not stop at borders", she added on Foreign Policy. But, without it, there is no EU enlargment, readers understood..
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