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Author Topic: German Socialists prefer Turkish candidate who finds "EU not perfect". NO MEPs.  (Read 3731 times)
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« on: May 23, 2009, 04:42:27 PM »

Socialist party in Germany prefers Turkish candidate who finds "EU not perfect", instead of experienced MEPs...

The SPD party in Germany decided to appoint a Turkish candidate who finds that the "EU is not perfect" for his taste, and even gave him a Higher place, above many experienced German MEPs, who were comparatively Downgraded, placed only in the following, Lower-chance places..

Mr. Ismael Ertug (pictured), an employee handling money for the coffers of local Sickness Funds ("Krankenkassen"), was preferred by SPD's Bureaucracy to many Experienced German MEPs, including Norbert Glante (an Electro-mechanics' Technician, EU Parliament's Rapporteur on High-Tech programs such as "Galileo" Satellite Navigation Systems, etc), Mrs Constance Krehl (a Computer's Expert, long-time President of EU Parliament's JPD with - Russia), Erika Mann (a Professor, Chairwoman of EU Internet Assoc., and EU Parliament's Rapporteur on  relations with USA, etc), Ulrich Stockman (an Architect and Cristian Theologist, experienced EU Parliament's representative for Latin American countries and Elections' observations at key-areas such as Kongo, Palestine, etc), as well as Dr. Holger Poppenhäger, (Director of Legal service, President of Associations for Poland, Children, Students, etc, and regional SPD Leader), Young Agronomy Expert Sylvia Radtke, Sales' Manager and EUREGIO vice-President Jürgen Cosse, Regional Officers on EU affairs Gabi Rolland and Maike Rohwer, Young Christoph Doller from Nordrhein-Westfalen, or Ulrike Foraci, (a Bi-national Family Socio-Political expert, Director of Association for Immigrants, experienced in "Integration" policy), etc., (pictured below Mr. Ismael Ertug)..

Mr Ismael Ertug says he wants mainly "Coexistence in Diversity", "free Movement" and intermixing of people, ("not only in the Physical sense" as he adds), for "all people, everywhere on the Continent".

=> That leaves more than 95¨% of Turkey out ! ...
Is Mr Ertug .."anti-Turkish" (as his compatriots usually claim against anyone who dares criticise Ankara's controversial EU bid ?

By the way, Mr. Ertug's "Continental" dada, also leaves out ...Great Britain, Ireland, France's Corsica island, Italy's Sardenia island, Greece's numerous Aegean Islands, Spain and Portugal's Azore, Malta, Cyprus, etc., while it also excludes Iceland's EU candidacy...

SPD currently has 23 MEPs, and Mr. Ismael Ertug is placed 20th in the list.

But Polls predict a fall-down of SPD's votes, in favor of Christian-Democrats CDU-CSU, Liberals, Greens, the Left, the Right or various "Free Citizens" groups, etc.

Surprisingly, (and contrary to SPD's History), there is not even one (1 !) SPD' chosen candidate from any European Country ! 

Only 2 from Turkey  : Mr. Ismael Ertug (See above), and Mr. Hidir Karademir, (an employee on Local Social Aid to Immigarnts, member of a local Turkish Association)

What will German Citizens say on June, (and their EU collegues afterwards) ?...
Will a Turkish loby cover up and muzzle their voices ?

* IsmaelErtug prefered instead of Top MEPs.gif (141.7 KB, 1344x599 - viewed 474 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2009, 10:15:01 AM »

Un douteux calcul électoraliste à terme immédiat, détruira le moyen-long terme pas seulement en ce qui les concerne mais pour toute l' Allemagne et, je le crains, pour l' Europe aussi.
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