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 on: February 28, 2020, 06:40:00 AM 
Started by ACM - Last post by ACM

Virus: EU Implodes + Hospitals Risky ?

   SInce "Eurofora"s stern Warning that "Deadly Modified Virus CoV.ID-19 Attacks towards Europe's Core !", on 22 Feb. 2020, (See:, Adde also our 24/2/2020 UpDate :, EU has, more and more clearly, become 1st in the World on the Number of Victims, after China's area (incl. S.Korea/Japan) !

Indeed, EU/EEA/UK sudenly reached at least 541 Infected persons. Moreover, according to other calculations, the Real Number of Victims in the EU would have already reached 730 Contaminated Europeans, (a main cause for that Discrepancy apparently being a decision by Italian Authorities to Hide the Number of that Virus-Affected Victims, by Not Announcing, from now on, but Only those with Severe Complications or Dead)...

 => At the same time, the "Impact" of North-Western Italy's strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination, (Exceptionaly Not Imported from China, etc), vis a vis the rest of the EU, "would be HIGH", according to the Latest Report of ECDC (27/2/2020) !

This goes "Especially if Hospitals were affected, and a large number of Healthcare Workers (i.e. Medical Staff) had to be Isolated", the European Watchdog warned.

+ Moreover, the real "Impact on Vulnerable" People,  "withIN affected Hospitals or healthcare facilities, is due to be Severe", ("particularly for the Elderly", but not only), ECDC sternly Denounces.

Obviously, such Augmented Risks Threaten mainly EU's Franco-German Core, in Adjacent Regions to North-Western Italy, as shows, among others, also the concrete Example of a Young French just Hospitalized in Strasbourg After travelling to Nearby NW. Italy.

At the Same Time, those Strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination (Not due to China), - including f.ex. "Hospitals or (Other) Healthcare facilities" (Comp. Supra), - have Already Killed at least 2 Victims Dead in NW. Italy  and near Paris (Northern France), a Peasant and a Professor respectively, withOut yet knowing where those Infections came from, Nor how...

>>> Most of all, it's a Scandal to see that, still Today, while the EU suffers with 541 or 730 Victims (Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, Russia and India, Big Neighbours of China, have Only ... 2 and 3 Patients from that Virus !

At least Russia, (often Friendly with China), had reportedly Closed its Borders almost immediately, already since a Long Time Ago.

=> Meanwhile, What have our EU Leaders done, in order to Timely and Efficiently Protect the European People ?


 on: January 29, 2020, 11:01:50 PM 
Started by 3Pierre - Last post by 3Pierre
Turkish Invasion of Libya aggravates even further !...

+ After even "New York Times" just acknowledged that Turkey has already send Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamists Fighters from Syria to the Mediterranean coasts of Libya,

now other sources on the spot speak about 5 or 6 Military Ships, Frigates from Turkey coming and going around Tripoli's territorial waters, while even Airplanes Boeing 747 would be, in parallel, on the move, from Istanbul towards Libya, (etc)...

=> In other words, the Foreign, Turkish Military Invasion of Libya is currently aggravating fast, and nobody says or does anything to Stop it !

In principle, almost Everybody is AGAINST such a Foreign Military Intervention in Libya, (UNO, EU, Arab League, African Union, Neighbouring Countries, USA, Russia, China, etc. Even Erdogan promised to not do it, but lied).

However, they haveN't yet taken any Measure to Dissuade Turkey, since an UnElected Bureaucrat, who abuses, since a too long time, of the title of "Prime Minister", (but Refuses to Negotiate with the Opposition of his Country for anything, Rejecting even to Meet them Abroad), Paid Erdogan with Public Funds to Invade his own Country and fill it up with Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamist Jihadists, playing with Fire, and enDangering Europe and its People.

=> Something must be done to put an End to it, before it becomes too late, (in that Key-area , between Africa and Europe, Full of various Explosives) !       

 on: January 27, 2020, 03:45:13 AM 
Started by Fengxu - Last post by Fengxu
Some drag their feet on New CoronaVirus Threat against Human Health !?

- Don't you think that some (particularly at a Global/International level) are Dangerously Dragging their feet vis a vis the Threats against Human Health presented by the New Corona-Virus ?

Not any Global Emergency Measure by the WHO yet, Not even any serious Regional International Measures known until now. While its sibling, the Awful Deadly "SARS", is well Known since 2003 at the latest, nevertheless, there is still No Vaccine for this kind of things, No Antidote, No real Cure, as it seems, not even on 2020 !...

Since it's Genetic Mutations which reportedly Provoke such Deadly Variants of those Virus, Why Nothing was done, during all this Time, by all those expensive and frequent Genetic Research projects, Worldwide, in order to Find or Invent an Efficient Protection for the People, (f.ex. Prevention, Vaccines, Antidotes, Cures, etc) ?

For a 2nd Time in a Row, after SARS, now also anOther such Deadly Scare suddenly Emerged from South-Eastern China's regions, Near some Hong-Kong's Labos : What might be going on, perhaps, around them ? Mutatis-mutandis, f.ex., it's a Fact that, in the Past, when Many Sheeps had started to Die at the UK, finaly, it was Discovered that this was Due to Contaminated Water that had Leaked from a Labo which was Testing Virus as vectors of Vaccines...

Now, this Other "Jump" from Animals to Humans, might be very Different, but it's also Deadly, People are Killed and/or seriously Threatened, so that something Efficient must be done to Protect Human Lives the Soonest, Urgently !

 on: December 29, 2019, 07:21:41 PM 
Started by GVK369 - Last post by GVK369
Turkish President Erdogan's pompously repeated claim that he would be the only one having Libyan Government's approval to bring his Military Troops intrude into the Country, is a Blatant Lie : Because, in fact, currently, Libya has Not yet any Real, Fully Fledged Government at all !

The so-called team of "GNA", alias "Government of National Accord", is NOT an Elected, Real "Government", Neither "National" at all, and, unquestionably, there is NO "Agreement" in Libya for it to exist or act in such matters...

In Fact, on 2014, (after General Haftar launched a 1st "Operation Dignity" until Tripoli), the Transitional Post-Kaddafi Institutions of Libya, (the so-called "General National Congres" : GNC), charged with the Task to prepare a New Constitution and set up New, Permanent Institutions throughout the Country, decided to launch Elections for a Brand New Parliament, the "House of Representatives".

But when, in the Electoral Results, Libyan People Voted mainly for a Secular and Federalist Parliament, after a low turnout, the Islamist Radicals Refused to recognize the New Parliament of Libya, made a Putch, various Brutal Aggressions, and Obliged the just Elected New Libyan Parliament to Flee Tripoli and Settle at Tobruk, (Eastern area), where it remains until Now, with stable International Recognition.

On the Contrary, the Putchists claimed to Return Back to the Old and, meanwhile, Dissolved "GNC", alone (See Above).

On 2015, the UN, (i.e. during Barack Hussein Obama's Administration in the USA, Francois Hollande in France, etc), tried to Impose to the Divided Country an UNELECTED, and merely INTERIM, Care-Taker Governance, with a Team that they nick-named as "GNA", alias "Government of National Accord" - which does not even really control Tripoli, being obliged, at first, to stay on a ...Ship, at the Sea, before being established, until now, at a Naval Base, (sic !)...

It was Charged with the Task to Prepare New Elections, in 2 Years Time, (i.e. around 2017), and, according to a parallel , direct Deal between the New, Tobruk-based House of Representatives, and the remnants of GNC at Tripoli, its Members were Chosen by a "Committee" agreed by the 2 Rival Parliaments, who Must, normaly, take their Decisions Unanimously.

But, After having, notoriously, Failed to deal with the Economy, and even Less with the Security in Libya, that so-called "GNA" did Not even managed to prepare Any Democratic Election at all, Not even on 2017, inciting the General Haftar to Launch, from 2018, a New and popular "Operation Dignity", against that Band of Usurpators Hidding someplace inside Tripoli...

Meanwhile, Haftar (who was Elected Head of Libya's National Army : LNA by the House of Representatives, and Endorsed by the Chiefs of Navy, Air Force, and many in the Army) had become Popular among Libyan People, for having succesfully Liberated a lot of Territories from Deadly Islamist Terrorists' Armed Gangs, (including Benghazi City from ISIS), etc., while, on the Contrary, the House of Representatives had Voted, (Twice), against the "NGA" of Tripoli, to Destitute it.

And during 2019, the House of Representatives-Backed LNA of General Haftar has notioriously announced its Will to definitively Liberate Tripoli from Putchists, Usurpators, Islamist Armed Gangs, etc, on April and December. Nowadays, it has, reportedly, Advanced Further towards that Aim, inter alia, also accross the Full Highway of the (abandoned) Big Airport at the Center, as well as in the Western side (where is located the Biggest Refinerie of the Country), and Seized Turkish Arms, a Neighbourhood, etc., while launching AirStrikes against Tripoli's Mitiga Airport.

Meanwhile, Turkey has been reportedly sending several Airplanes Boeing 747 payloads full of Deadly Weapons and Ammunition to one of the two sides in conflict, in blatant Violation of the UN Embargo on Weapons throughout all Libya...

 on: December 29, 2019, 03:10:21 AM 
Started by Matan - Last post by Matan
Various Medias, (including "Bloomberg", "Deutsche Welle", London-based "Syrian Observatory on Human Rights", "Libya.liveuamap", etc), reported these days that Turkey wants to send into Libya not only its own Foreign Military, but even Extremist Foreign Islamist Armed Gangs/Terrorists from ...Invaded and Occupied Syria, as from Idlib, (fleeing the advancing Syrian Government National Army, helped by Russia, which progressively liberates its country from years of foreign invasion/occupation by islamist armed gangs, pushed by Turkey), as also from Afrin and/or Other Syrian Kurdish areas Invaded, Occupied and Looted by Turkey-backed Armed Islamist Thugs.

If such a threat is confirmed, obviously, the dangers for Europe would radically multiply...

Idlib a.o. areas are mainly controlled by "Al-Queda"'s offspring, while "ISIS" is not far away...

Libya's South connects with" ISIS"-affiliated Islamist Terrorists around Sahel, up to Nigeria, etc., while its Tripoli-related area is notoriously linked to Smugglers sending many Thousands of irregular Mass Migrants to Europe.

 on: December 21, 2019, 05:52:33 AM 
Started by Ivan - Last post by Ivan
Shortly after Russia slamed Turkish threats of Military Intervention in Libya, Deadly Islamist Terrorists provocatively hit at Moscow, killing 3 persons and wounding many there, as Never before !

Significantly, they exceptionaly targetted this time the Foreign Intelligence Service (FSB), which, precisely, brings Informations from abroad...

It all reminds, mutatis-mutandis, the emergence of ISIS in Syria/Iraq, near the Turkish Borders, some Years ago : Du "déjà vu" ?

 on: November 30, 2019, 07:09:49 AM 
Started by Patrick.Bracker - Last post by 3Pierre
I'd Never Criticize France in Public when its Head of State is Facing Brutal Personnal Attacks by Turkey's Government,in front of all NATO, the Same Week that 15 Young French Soldiers were killed by ISIlS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists in an Explosion at Mali, near Algeria's Southern Borders, among even more Islamists' Knife Attacks at Hague, London, etc...All the rest, is anOther Issue !

I understand that, in fact, you are referring to an incident that has taken place several weeks ago, but, at any case, this is Not the Right Moment to do so...

 on: November 30, 2019, 06:22:31 AM 
Started by Patrick.Bracker - Last post by 3Pierre
I'd Never Criticize France in Public when its Head of State is Facing Brutal Personnal Attacks by Turkey's Government,in front of all NATO, the Same Week that 15 Young French Soldiers were killed by ISIlS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists in an Explosion at Mali, near Algeria's Southern Borders, among even more Islamists' Knife Attacks at Hague, London, etc...

All the rest, is anOther Issue !


 on: November 30, 2019, 05:02:21 AM 
Started by Patrick.Bracker - Last post by Patrick.Bracker
Criticism of France - CLRAE relations, concerning Alsace :

"... This seems ... linked to the lack of democratic and institutional communication between France and the Congress on the reform of the regions, following the recommendation made on 22/03/2016 to request that this reform be corrected as it did not respect the European standards of the Charter of Local and Regional Self-Government ? It is true that there is a fundamental, legal problem concerning the reform of the regions in France, which is illegal under European law, as France has ratified the Charter. The authorities had not responded to the recommendation widely adopted by members of Congress, asking the country to review its copy. 

We hope that this false reform, which had been presented under the guise of a so-called European economy or concept, but wrong, will be corrected by France, especially since the Court of Auditors published in its 2019 report the financial deficits linked to the reform. This kind of realty explains the loss of influence of this country in the community of nations.

On the other hand, one may wonder what other issues could hide such a reform, such as the attack on the identity of Alsatians by the few decision-makers of the said reform. "Wanting to drown Alsatians on a daily basis in champagne is a bad idea, just like drowning American Indians in whisky! Alsatians know their own millenary traditions, kougelhof, schnapps and even the regional language or its ancient cathedral." As for evoking extraterritoriality and shifting the question, we must think about it.

 "Love and truth embrace, justice and peace meet."   

It seems that the decision-makers of this reform, President Holland, Prime Minister Vals and Minister Macron (in Bercy at the time), had not grasped the meaning of the European construction set up by the European founders and lawyers after the Second World War. The convictions of these people, forged by the horror of WWI and WWII, had already provided for the establishment of the local and regional dimension as an essential aspect in the mesh of architecture. Thus, various horizontal and vertical levels would find their place in the European system in coordination, which would make it possible to bring human beings and groups together in a consistent set of knowledge of each other to avoid possible divisions and distances. Indeed, shared cultural, scientific or other twinning programs allow a better mutual understanding, but also that possible manipulation policies with the aim of war killings are not put back in place on European soil at least..... These provisions did not affect the sovereignty of the Member States.

A form of wisdom after chaos, don't forget it! 


Critique sur les relations France - CPLRE au sujet d'Alsace

*... Ceci est lié au déficit de communication démocratique et institutionnelle entre la France et le Congrès au sujet de la réforme des régions, après la recommandation faite le 22/03/ 2016 pour demander de corriger cette réforme ne respectant pas les standards européens de la Charte d’autonomie locale et régionale.

Il est exact qu’il existe une  problématique de fond, d’ordre juridique concernant la réforme des régions en France,  illégale en regard du droit européen, la France ayant ratifié la Charte. Les autorités n’avaient pas répondu à la recommandation largement votée par les membres du Congrès en mars 2016, demandant à ce pays de revoir sa copie. 

On espère que cette réforme mensongère, qui avait été présentée sous couvert d’économie ou de concept soi-disant européen, mais erronés, soit corrigée par la France, d’autant que la cour de comptes, a publié dans son rapport de 2019 les déficits financiers liés à la réforme. Ce genre de parenthèse explique la perte d’influence de ce pays dans le concert des nations.

D’autre part l’on peut se demander quels autres enjeux pourraient cacher une telle réforme, comme par exemple l’atteinte à l’identité des alsaciens par les quelques décideurs de la dite réforme. « Vouloir noyer des alsaciens, au quotidien dans le champagne est une mauvaise idée, à l’instar de la noyade des indiens d’Amérique dans le whisky ! Les alsaciens connaissent leurs propres traditions millénaires, kougelhof, schnaps et même la langue régionale ou sa cathédrale ancienne » Quant à évoquer aussi l’extraterritorialité et déplacer la question, il faut y réfléchir.

 «Amour et vérité s’embrassent, justice et paix se rencontrent ».
Il semble que les décideurs de cette réforme, le président Hollande, le 1er ministre Vals et le Ministre Macron (à Bercy à l’époque), n’avaient pas saisi le sens de la construction européenne mis en place par les fondateurs et juristes européens au lendemain de la deuxième guerre mondiale. Les convictions de ces personnes forgées par l’horreur de la guerre avaient déjà  prévu d’établir  la dimension locale et régionale comme un aspect essentiel dans le maillage de l’architecture. Ainsi, divers échelons horizontaux et verticaux trouveraient leur place en coordination dans le dispositif européen, ce qui permettrait de rassembler les êtres humains, et les groupes en un ensemble consistant, de connaissance les uns des autres pour éviter les divisions éventuelles et les distances. En effet les programmes jumelages partages culturels, scientifiques ou autres permettent de facto une meilleure compréhension mutuelle, mais aussi que les éventuelles politiques de manipulation à objectifs de tueries guerrières ne soient remises en place sur le sol européen tout au moins. Ces dispositions n’affectaient pas les souverainetés des EM.

Une forme de sagesse après le chaos, ne l’oubliez pas ! 

 on: November 30, 2019, 04:50:58 AM 
Started by Patrick.Bracker - Last post by Patrick.Bracker

*... I have a comment about the content of this fine speech delivered with fine words: indeed, there seems to me to be a distance between words, intentions and actions in view of the result on the ground, economic and social or human rights.

It appears that the provocation and then the violent and long-lasting treatment until the European elections (6 months) of the yellow vest populations, the institutional jostling against social achievements, the use of force by means of the 49-3, or that of  the  treatment by ordinances do not entirely fall within our democratic values, human rights or the rule of law.

There is all the more reason for thinking about, when we prolong the reflection with the sale of war materials to states that use them to enslave or wound populations elsewhere. This type of attitude partly explains the return of violence to our countries and populations as the boomerang effect…, but also the current paranoid delirium about unprofessional security. It will be necessary to be very attentive to the possible uses of AI, for what purpose, in the service of whom or what... *** Strasbourg December 2018? Bologna Station 1980…

But the objective or cursor may be placed elsewhere at these levels, such as the infringement of freedom, the lack of serenity for populations, the infringement of the people's right to live and not survive or the right to happiness, fulfilment, and emancipation.

Is there a sense for some to divide in order to perhaps better rule and maintain the privileges of the upper classes and families behind the decisions of bad sense for some but for the benefit of others? We must stop with these modern slave mentalities that often hide behind them, fine words! This is also one of the roles of the pan-European organization: to represent the guardian of human evolution towards the well-being of all people, the defense of human values.

There is also the reverse flow to the wealthiest at the expense of the mass of populations, the distribution of government positions to well-endowed people or from the same schools or families. This may involve conflicts of interest, and does not resemble a balanced or pluralistic democracy.

In addition, France has not yet responded to the recommendation made by the Congress on 22 March 2016 regarding the reform of the major regions. This recommendation asked France to correct the situation, which was not done, but we will remember here the unworthy attitude of the personality who had given an authoritarian speech that would not take into account the Congress vote. As a result, nearly 96% of the local elected representatives present from the 47 Member States responded by voting yes to this recommendation. If Holland was president at the time of this reform, Vals was the 1st minister, and Macron was at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs.

In the context of the Charter of Local and Regional Self-Government and decentralization, this denial of European law is not worthy of a state like France, especially since the so-called savings announced actually represent a deficit and an increase in expenditure, as confirmed by the Court of Auditors in 2019. Yet predictable from the start! 

This situation leaves a feeling of injustice and loss of trust among the population, for example in Alsace 80% of the indigenous population is opposed to this reform, while the percentage is high in the other French regions. In addition, there is a real negation of the regional history of the Alsatians, psychological violence in relation to the Second World War and the injustice for a region to see the beautiful name Alsace removed from all European activities in order to see the emergence of a name Great East that does not mean much.

Yet Alsatians have indeed contributed to the development of Europe. There are many situations and realities there, as if they were spoliation. Fortunately, there is Alsatian resistance to this sad state of affairs.

These non-exhaustive developments show that the presidential speech seems sometimes varying from the values of the Council of Europe; It would be wise somewhere to rectify and soften up!

Une vue Critique sur le discours de Macron à l' ACPE :

*J’ai ... une remarque au propos du contenu de ce beau discours prononcé avec de belles paroles : en effet il me semble y avoir une distance entre les mots, les intentions et les actes au vu du résultat sur le terrain, économique et social ou des droits humains.

Il s’avère que la provocation puis le traitement violent et dans la durée jusqu’aux élections européennes (6 mois) des populations gilets jaunes, les bousculades institutionnelles contre les acquis sociaux, la menace du 49-3, et le traitement par ordonnances ne relèvent pas tout à fait de nos valeurs démocratiques, des droits de l’homme ou de l’état de droit.

Il y  matière à réflexion d’autant lorsque l’on prolonge la réflexion avec les ventes de matériels de guerre à des états qui s’en servent pour asservir ou meurtrir les populations ailleurs. Ce type d’attitude explique en partie le retour des violences vers nos pays et populations, mais aussi le délire paranoïaque actuel en matière de sécurité peu professionnelle. Il faudra être très attentif aux utilisations éventuelles de l’IA. Dans quel but, au service de qui ou de quoi…

Mais l’objectif ou le curseur est peut être placé ailleurs à ces niveaux, comme l’atteinte à la liberté, le manque de sérénité pour les populations, l’atteinte au droit du peuple à vivre et non survivre ou le droit du bonheur, l’épanouissement, l’émancipation.

Y a-t-il un sens pour d’aucuns  à diviser pour peut être mieux régner et maintenir les privilèges des hautes classes et familles, sous-jacent aux décisions de mauvais sens pour les uns mais pour le bénéfice des autres ? Il faut en cesser avec ces mentalités d’esclavagistes modernes qui se cachent souvent derrière, de belles paroles!  C’est là aussi l’un des rôles de l’organisation paneuropéenne : représenter le gardien de l’évolution humaine vers le bien être de tout un chacun : la défense des valeurs humaines. 

 Il y a aussi  le ruissellement à l’envers vers les plus fortunés au détriment de la masse des populations, la répartition des postes gouvernementaux à des personnes bien dotées ou provenant des mêmes écoles ou familles. Cela peut  rejoindre des conflits d’intérêts, et ne ressemble pas une démocratie équilibrée ou pluraliste.

En outre, La France n’ayant à ce jour toujours pas répondu à la recommandation faite par le Congrès votée le 22 mars 2016, s’agissant de la réforme des grandes régions. Cette recommandation demandait de corriger le tir, cela n’a pas été fait, L’on se souviendra ici de l’attitude indigne de la personnalité qui avait prononcé un discours autoritaire  qui ne tiendrait pas compte du vote du Congrès. Au résultat, près de 96% des élus locaux des 47 états membres avaient répondu en votant oui à cette recommandation. Si Hollande était président à l'époque de cette réforme, Vals était le 1er ministre, et Macron se trouvait au ministère de l’économie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique.

Dans le cadre de la Charte d’autonomie locale et régionale, et de la décentralisation, ce déni du droit européen n’est pas digne d’un état comme la France, d’autant que les soi-disant économies annoncées représentent en fait un déficit et une augmentation de la dépense, comme confirmé par la Cour des Comptes en 2019. Prévisible dès le départ ! 

Cette situation laisse un sentiment d’injustice et de perte de confiance des populations, ainsi par exemple en Alsace 80 % de la population autochtone est opposée à cette réforme, tandis que le pourcentage est élevé  dans les autres régions françaises. En outre il y a une réelle négation de l’histoire régionale des alsaciens, une violence psychologique par rapport à la deuxième guerre mondiale et l’injustice pur une région de voir enlever de toutes les activités européennes le beau nom Alsace pour voir apparaitre un nom Grand Est qui ne signifie pas grand-chose.

Pourtant les alsaciens ont bel et bien contribué au développement de la France et de l’Europe. Il y a là, comme une spoliation de  nombreuses situations et réalités. Il existe fort heureusement une résistance alsacienne à ce triste état de choses.

On voit à travers ces développements non exhaustifs, que le discours présidentiel semble quelque peu éloigné des valeurs du Conseil de l’Europe ;  Il serait sage parfois, de rectifier et nuancer !


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