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 on: May 02, 2021, 05:53:29 AM 
Started by ACM - Last post by ACM
Our Members can anew Resume Publishing at "Eurofora"'s own Forum

(which had been Exceptionaly Interrupted, since Feb. 11, 2021 : See,968.msg1165/boardseen.html#new)


 on: February 11, 2021, 12:31:45 PM 
Started by Geopol - Last post by Geopol
What's really going on ?

- Wash. DC does Not Tolerate Popular Protests, no more, the US Military having entered and Blocked the Capital (and, particularly, its Capitol), while those who Incite and/or participate to political Protests are slandered as "Riot Mobs", Massively Persecuted, Arrested, even ...Impeached !

=> Nowadays, it's only in ...Moscow, Minsk, and/or ...Myanmar (sic !) that Demonstrators can move ...

 on: January 20, 2021, 06:06:11 PM 
Started by HugoHegelMiltonCesarPlato - Last post by HugoHegelMiltonCesarPlato



 on: January 20, 2021, 08:13:40 AM 
Started by Thunderbird - Last post by Thunderbird
URGENT/Pardon: Don Trump + Assange v. Cipollone...

Scandalously, Mr Cipollone, one of the Counselors Appointed by Presidet Trump at the WH,is Blocking Pardon to Jailed Assange, as Breitbart Denounced !

=> Mr Cipollone is too Cheap, and Hinders Trump (who seems to be "Sympathetic" towards such a move)  to do the Right thing, and seize an Historic Chance of Alliance with Many Freedom-Loving People, against Dems + Big Tech Dictatorship...

See :

 on: December 31, 2020, 02:59:51 PM 
Started by Jory - Last post by Jory
1st US New Virus' Mutation: Near Air-Space Army Central Base's Medical group, including Immune System Research

While it's Still a Mystery from Where came the 1st New, Faster-Spreading, Virus Mutation's Infections in the USA, (similar to those who Paniked the UK and all Europe), recently found in 2 Persons "without Any Travel History", at Colorado,

it's an interesting Fact that the Location of that Incident stands very Near USA's main Central Air-Force Military Base for "Space control" activities, which include Medical Research on Human Immune System resistance in Space, Often Tested also by Inoculating Cobays with several kinds of Viruses.

That Location is, notoriously, Simla Village, in Elmer County, Near Colorado Springs, where exist 5 out of 6 Military Bases at Colorado State, and is, particularly, Connected by 1 and same Road with the Nearest of them : the Peterson Air-Force Base, less than 70 km from there, Former USA Bombardment Center for Europe during the 2nd World War against Nazism, and Recently upgraded into USA's Air Force's Main Center for Space control, including its Medical group, (See above).

Moreover, these 2 Persons Mysteriously Infected the First throughout all USA by that Dangerous Genetic Mutation of the Virus, were National Guards, i.e. Soldiers, exceptionaly detached there in order to Work at a local Socio-Medical Facility, at the Proximity of that Important Central Air-Space Base.

Colorado, socio-politicaly a Former GOP State related to USA's "Heartland", has Later Become a Dems' area, (probably influenced by a Similar Trend at nearby California), in recent decades dealing with a Growing part of Space High-Tech, including after Obama's controversial Focus, since 2010, on ISS Tests of various Techniques on Plant, Animal and Human Genetics.

 on: December 22, 2020, 07:55:58 PM 
Started by 3Pierre - Last post by 3Pierre
Commission UE +RU: Abandonner 2e fois les Européens au Virus mortel ?

Trop est trop : Quelqu'un dans la Commission de l'UE pousserait les Européens d'ouvrir leurs portes aux infectés de l'Angleterre d'une version 4 à 7 fois plus Dangereuse du Virus Mortel !

Ils ont déjà Abandoné le Peuple Européen une 1ère fois aux Infections et Tuéries massives par ce Virus, lorsqu'ils l'ont laisser se répandre à toute l'Europe, sans prendre Aucune Mésure notable pour l'arrêter au NE de l'Italie, (contrairement à ce que la Chine a réussi, en mettant sa région de Wuhan en Quarantine)...

=> Qu'ils amènent leurs Britanniques infectés X 70% plus que tous les autres, seulement dans leur Bâtiment de Berlaymont à Bruxelles ! Brexit c'est Brexit ! De Gaulle avait Raison...

En tout cas, leur Pseudo-"Vaccin" Turc Eugenique pourri (malgré ses -70 degrés au Froid !), est Incapable de Stoper l' Infection de toutes les autres personnes, menacant la Societé, dans son ensemble, avec Infections Multipliées... (V., p.ex.: +, etc).

Quiconque est vraiment Responsable de tout cela, est une Honte et Criminel !

Tout cela n'a Rien à voir avec les Vrais Européens !!!

 on: December 12, 2020, 07:46:48 PM 
Started by Thunderbird - Last post by Thunderbird

In fact, behind false appearances, the Real Message of USA Supreme Court's strange ruling on 2020 Presidential Election Fraud is to move, Not through an Inter-State Legal Complaint, but, preferably, by a Class Action !

=> F.ex., in such a case : by "We The People" against X or Z Swing States Authorities which Fail to protect the Citizens against blatant Electoral Fraud +

Texas (and 18 Other States) played their role, by Breaking the Silence, and bringing anew that "Hot" Issue at the forefront of the Public Attention. Now, it's for the American People to move, directly !

>>> No Time to lose...  Smiley

 on: November 29, 2020, 11:50:42 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
USA: Save Proof on Fraud Urgently ! (says Lawyer on Georgia Legal Complaint to Court)

An Urgent Appeal to Secure Factual Evidence on Election Fraude indications in Georgia,  from imminent Threat to be Destroyed on Nov. 30, was launched by Lawyer Powell to the Court where a relevant, Wider Lawsuit has been recently lodged.

It concerns more than 3 Hours of Registered activities with the Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Voting Machines at a County where all independent Observers were Suddenly Expulsed OverNight, under a Fake Pretext of an alleged "Water Pipe" problem, while, During all that Period of Time, local Staffers were still Working with the Machines inside those Vote Offices... Enough to eventualy Manipulate many Thousands of Votes in that Key "Swing" State !

Local Officials have reportedly Admitted that they Intend to "Reset" those Computers, and Erase their Data, on November 30. In Consequence, if the Court (or FBI, etc) does Not Take Immediate Action to Timely Prevent the Destruction of Key Evidence about probable Fraud, irremplaceable Material Proof is obviously Threatened to be Erased for ever, already Tomorrow...

It's Not Clear at all Why the Local Authorities would Insist to "Reset" those Highly Controversial "Dominion" Machines as Early as, already, since Nov. 30, since there is Not Any Obvious Big Need to do so immediately.

A quasi-Systematic Obstruction by Lower Courts in the States suspected for Fraud (Added to Censorship by Establishment's Medias) has been a Notorious Obstacle into Finding the Truth about the 2020 Controversial US Presidential Election, still facing manifold Challenges in various, State and/or Federal Courts, Legislatures, etc...

 on: November 21, 2020, 03:27:50 AM 
Started by Ocean - Last post by Ocean
Pfizer+Turkish BNT controversial Vaccine claims +5% more Efficiency ...1 Day after Competitor !

The Controversial anti-COVID-19 Vaccine project by "Pfizer" and a Turkish SME ("BNT") in Southern Germany claimed a +5% More Efficiency only 1 Day after Competitor "Moderna" (USA) announced that its own Vaccine would be 95% Efficient : Moderna's Press Release was reported by Medias on November 17, and that of Pfizer/BNT Next Day, on November 18.

Otherwise, Pfizer/BNT would be clearly Led and Distanced by Moderna, given the Fact that its Vaccine's alleged Efficiency had been earlier announced to be Limited at Only 90%. However, it obviously remains a Mystery, how it managed to ...jump from only 90%, suddenly, up to 95% only in 1 Day...
Moreover, Pfizer/BNT, notoriously is much More Cumbersome than Moderna, since the Storage of its Vaccine needs... "minus -94 degrees Fahrenheit (or minus -70 degrees Celsius)" for the First (i.e. Special Equipments), against just "minus -4 degrees F (or minus -20 C)", i.e. at an Ordinary Fridge for frozen meat, for the Second., facilitating Distribution.

However, Both those two Vaccine projects' Genetic Tech. does Not Allow to Predict, yet, IF they manage to Prevent Transmission of the Virus to Other People, or not, "Los Angeles Times" Warned !  For that purpose, much More substantial Trials would be needed, in the future !

But, meanwhile, Pfizer/BNT's and Moderna's controversial vaccines risk to be Distanced by various Other, different vaccines, including Russia's "Sputnik" and China's "Sinovac" (which have already started to be Distributed), as well as by UK's "Astrazeneca", USA's "Johnson & Johnson", etc...

 on: November 14, 2020, 06:41:53 AM 
Started by Thunderbird - Last post by Thunderbird

An Interesting Web-Tool in order to Help Fight Collectively against Biden's Fraud and wider discrepancies at the latest 2020 US Elections :

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