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 on: July 06, 2020, 11:40:53 PM 
Started by ACM - Last post by ACM
Eurofora 2X WhistleBlowed on Virus to Call for Early Protection +Slam Bogus Fake-Study v. HCQ+ cure (Confirmed: 1st Negatively, 2nd Positively)

Facts Proved that "Eurofora", already, Rightfully Whistle-Blowed Twice (X2) against certain Grave Errors about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics :

- (A) First, by Calling for Urgent Early Protection against Risks of Europe's Infection +, Already since January 27/28, February 22, and February 24. (See:,936.0.html, +,+, etc).

- (B) Second, by clearlly Denouncing 1st of all the main "Bogus" Fake-Study Slandering "HCQ+" Cure, at a Moment when there were Many unjust Attacks, with Oppressive Measures against that Cheap and Simple Medicine, (See Our Publication Dated 23/5/2020:, etc).

=> Afterwards, Many subsequent Facts and Events notoriously Proved that "Eurofora" was Right :

- (A) On the First Point, see, among others, also WHO's Statements on Europe Becoming the Pandemic's "EpiCenter", Mid-March 2020, EU's Too Late Measures, EU Infecting Russia, USA, and Other Key Parts of the World, etc., (f.ex.:, +, etc).

- (B) On the Second Point, see, among others, also French Professor Didier Rault's Subsequent Reactions, from 25/5/2020, "Open Letter" by almost 400 Medical Doctors from 5 Continents, about 27-28-29/5/2020, Professor Tsiodras' Support at CoE's Debates on 1st June 2020, "LANCET"'s Enquiry, and, finally, the Retraction of the Authors of that "Bogus" Fake-Study, (which Provoked an UnPrecedented Scandal), as well as WHO's Restoration of "HCQ+" at International Trial Studies, Announced on 3 June 2020, etc. (F.ex.:, +, +, etc).

>>> This is Published Nowadays, When a ... 3rd Important "Eurofora" Whistle-Blowing about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics has Just Started, on Recent and still Evolving Events...
=> Stay Tuned !


 on: June 04, 2020, 04:32:05 PM 
Started by ACM - Last post by ACM
HCQ : A Victory in the Battle, (while War continues...) WHO's U-Turn, ReOpening HCQ Trials v. the Virus, came on June 3, (a Day after LANCET's "Concerns" for its Bogus <<Fake-Study>> slandering HCQ). I.e., as We had Already Published since May 23, and June 1st !

See:  (<<Bogus "Study" Risks to give Pretext to Block HCQ/AZ/Zinc Cure, f.ex. in France+>>) + (+"in fine"), (<<CoE Chair's Harvard+Einstein-educated Prof. Tsiodras (Greece/Australia): HCQ+ is Safe Cure v. Virus>>).

...But, during these 9 Days of Slandering and "Freezing" HCQ Trials, provoked by that Bogus "Fake Study", (25 May - 3 June) => 42.254 more People Died, and 1.083.263 more People were Infected... What these Fanatic Anti-Trump thugs did, is a Crime ! (See an INTW one of them gave to a ...Turkish Islamist TV "TRT")

 on: May 31, 2020, 01:45:32 AM 
Started by Thunderbird - Last post by Thunderbird

2020: -6%, 2021: +10% ! (GDP Growth in Germany) +USA Potential

A Spectacular ReBound is expected in the German Economy, after a - 6,6% Fall of its GDP on 2020, But Followed by a + 10,2% Growth on 2021, according to the Latest Estimations.

Meanwhile, it's also in the USA, where StockMarkets remain quite Strong, that, Despite UnEmployment's Growth, Nevertheless, Housholds' Revenues augment + 10,5%, (thanks to Federal Goverment Aid), and their Savings mark an Historic high with 33% !

=> Despite the Virus' Pandemic, the World's Economy seems to have a Strong Potential for Rapid Recovery in the foreseable Future.

 on: April 30, 2020, 10:59:12 PM 
Started by Norma - Last post by Norma
The study made in China, and published by "the Lancet", after the "WHO", reveals that 6,5% more patients abandoned the Ramdesivir drug, compared to a Placebo group, because of "adverse events".

Another Study, made in USA, and published by Gilead itself, names among those adverse events also "Nauseas and acute Respiratory Failure".

But, we are now on April 2020, while Ramdesivir has been Tested (with Federal Funding) already since, at least .. 2015, as an initially anti-Ebola candidate drug in Africa...

=> More than ...5 or 6 Years are not enough in order to Know all "Adverse Events" ?

 on: April 23, 2020, 08:13:08 PM 
Started by GVK369 - Last post by GVK369
EU Leaders should use this Post-BREXIT era's beginning in order to Boost New, Big, Inventive, Ambitious, and Popular European Projects, that they were Hindered to do Previously, particularly due to UK's earlier notorious reluctance, Instead of Only Delaying and Quarrelling about petty and sterile Money-Sharing issues, partly worsened by UK's departure, followed by the Virus, etc...

Such EU Projects, able to Mark the History of nowadays World, Attract Huge Popular Support, Stimulate the European Economy and Develop Science/Technology, could Spread accross a Large Spectrum of topical Possibilities :  

I.e. from Air-Space (f.ex. a Shuttle and/or other ReUsable Space Vehicle, a Space-Based "Early Warning System", Planets Exploration, Complete "Galileo", etc); Defense, (f.ex. Advance towards an EU Army, by developing EuroCorps etc, progressively Mutualise Army Spending/Procurements, set up a real EU Civil Protection Force against Natural and/or Man-made Hazards/Disasters, Create an EU Bio-Defense Force against any Hostile Bio-Warfare and/or Deadly Virus or other Pandemics, etc) ; Digitalisation (f.ex. a European SmartPhone, a New and independent Operating System, Key Softwares, Tele-Work in Rural Areas, etc) ; Transports (f.ex. a +600 km/h High Speed Train, PanEuropean High-Speed Rail Links, Ecologic Helico-Propulsed individual Air Vehicles, PanEuropean Rivers-Seas Networks for classic and modern Ships, etc); Agriculture (Food Independence, Quality, Safety and Health, Wood + Stones + Water Production, as well as Rural Spaces maintenance and/or Public use for Sport/Holidays/Exploration, etc) ; European History (f.ex. an Anthology with the Best Examples of Victorious Unity of many European Countries from Ancient Times to Nowadays, Collections of the most Brillant Ideas, Culture/Arts, Theories or Inventions created by Europeans, Europe's best role in the World, the most Brave Examples of European People's Resistance Facing various Threats, tragic Errors, Oppression, Aggressions, and their Struggle for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, etc) ; EU Citizens (f.ex. Boost Civic Participation in Public Decision-Making, popularise EU Civic Education, clarify and strengthen an EU Citizen Status making people feel Proud of being European, etc)...

=> In Most of these cases, the required Money will be Generated, in one way or another, and/or Attracted by a lot of such Big collective EU original Projects, able to Unite and Develop both the Interests, the enthousiasm and the Minds of all Europeans, (instead of Dividing them by closing them inside narrow, petty Money-Sharing quarrels withOut Oxygen and Real Horizons)...

 on: April 07, 2020, 10:47:26 PM 
Started by ACM - Last post by ACM

Shortly after "Eurofora" published about moves (in Strasbourg etc) on HCQ treatment versus the Virus (See: USA President Don Trump suddenly decided to Focus on Measures about helping the People to have access to HCQ, at a long Press Conference (See: !

+ He even used our argument's wording about : - "I can't Wait for one and a half Year more, when so many People are Dying each day now"...

=> Is it, perhaps, also because even the "White House" reads "Eurofora" ?...

 on: March 26, 2020, 11:02:05 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Quote from: Thunderbird

You mean that :, ?

May be ...

 on: March 26, 2020, 10:51:20 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Thunderbird
You mean that : ?

 on: March 26, 2020, 09:56:35 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Italy Mystery on Virus ?!

China had almost 3.300 Dead by the Virus, but Italy has more than 6.800 !

Less than 1,5% of Infected People Died in China, while in Italy it's more than ...10% !...  

=> Why ?

Could, perhaps, this Mystery have any relation with the Fact that the current Italy's PM, the controversial opportunist "il Professore" Conte, has a very "Special" CV from an obscure Past ?

See, f.ex., what might be an, already, Premonitory, relevant Cartoon, at:,885.0.html

 on: March 08, 2020, 07:25:34 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
EUBorders+Erdogan-Women: Forgot Hevrin Khalef's ("Future Syria" party's SG) murder+ ?...

Turkish President Erdogan, speaking at the International Day for Women, reportedly Claimed that it's a pity that "Nobody condemns the fact that Women seeking asylum are chassed away from the Borders of Greece", (which are also External Borders of the EU), asking "Greece (to) Open the Borders" (sic !)."

Currently, Erdogan is notoriously abusing of irregular mass migration flows in order to Blackmai Europe for more Money and/or his 3rd Military Invasion in Syria, (after Afrin and the Kurdish region, also now at Idlib), while preparing a relevant visit in Brussels next week.

He was apparently refering to many Dozens of Thousands of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Immigrants, mainly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., coming through Turkey, who have suddenly attacked the Greek and European Union Borders at Evros River (including with Stones, Gas, Knives, etc), where they have been reportedly transported also by Buses from Istanbul, backed by Turkish Police, sometimes even brutally pushed by Turkish Security Services, (according to various Medias reports), and supported by 1.000 Turkish Forces exceptionaly send at those Greco-Turkish Borders to assist them in their massive irregular tresspassing attempts. Both US and EU Authorities have Backed Greece's Sovereign Right to close its terrestrial Borders, and Duty to protect EU's External Borders, in these exceptional circumstances of blatant and brutal instumentalisation of mass irregular migrants manipulated by Turkey for its petty interests.

But, by doing so, did he "Forget" the recent scandal and abject war crime of the brutal Murder, Torture, Rape, and even odious Desacralisation of the Dead Body, trumpled underfoot, (in front of Video-cameras provocatively published at the Web), of young Syrian Woman Hevrin Khalef, Head of the "Future Syria" Party, who struggled for a Political Agreement and Unity between Christian, Arab, and Kurdish People in her Country, but was attacked and killed by Turkey's proxies/mercenaries, extremist Islamist Armed Gangs, at the Borders between Turkey and the Syrian Region of Turkey, during the Foreign Military Invasion by Ankara there on 2019 ? (See : +,, etc).

At least, after all this Time, did Turkey persecute, arrest and punish her odious Murderers ? Or, perhaps, Mr Erdogan only send them, as his mercenaries, to Libya...

+ And, by the way, what about the Killers of those 3 other Women of Kurdish origin, assassinated in Paris by Gunshots, (with suspicions notoriously pointing at the Turkish Security services), back on Jan. 2013 ?

What a short "memory" in Women's Day !

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