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 on: April 12, 2022, 05:06:39 AM 
Started by Breadman - Last post by Breadman

French Presidential Election's 1st round took place without protection Masks, and even with the participation of Infected by the Virus, inside Closed Rooms...

=> Result : More than 25.500 People were Hospitalized, in just 1 Day, afterwards, as seriously affected by the Virus !

However, this didn't hinder an Exceptional massive Abstention, of about 27%.

=> Strange. Why ?

 on: January 11, 2022, 02:51:31 AM 
Started by Horizon - Last post by Thunderbird
Precisely, the Council of Europe had Warned that with such Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals, who can Infect Other People, added to controversial "Pass/Certificates", which give False Impressions about those Fake "Vaccines", all this could have ..."Devastating" Consequences !


=> That's precisely what's happening nowadays...

 on: December 31, 2021, 08:49:03 AM 
Started by Horizon - Last post by Horizon

Statistics multiply on various Origins of Virus' Infections, (f.ex. "Imported", or "Community", by a "Spreader" as in South Korea, or by a Group, a collective Event, by Meeting certain People, etc).

And almost All Public Authorities, Scientists, etc., Admitted recently that even Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals (i.e. those who are Limited to Genome-Manipulating Novel Tools, as "mRNA", "Virus Vector", etc., Excluding any "Classic" Technology Vaccine, similar to the well Tested methods of French European Inventor Louis Pasteur, whose principle is known since 2 Centuries, and which constitute the Majority of New Anti-COVID Vaccine Projects currently), in Fact, can be Infected themselves, and even Infect Other People accross the Society...

But, curiously, Nothing is said (yet) about the Statistics of People Infected by such Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals, (particularly After those Controversial "Certificates/Pass", which gave a False Impression of a Non-Existent "Security", near what Americans call "Jombies" and/or "Silent Killers") !

=> Why ? And How Many are Their Victims ?

 on: December 31, 2021, 07:26:39 AM 
Started by Breadman - Last post by Breadman

WHO and others had already warned that Europe risked to have 700.000 or even more people severely hit by the virus during this winter long before the "omicron" variant emerges... And, already, Europe had anew become the Pandemic's Epicenter for a 2nd time.

>>> What's the real cause, then ?

 on: December 31, 2021, 07:11:48 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora

Australia had a unique experience of a recent period with only BioNTech-Pfizer's controversial "vaccine", and this resulted in an awful mess of much more infections, hospitalisations and deaths than before !

=> In consequence, it started to return back to its succesful previous period of mainly public health (non pharmacetical) measures, which had practicaly stoped the virus and even managed a gainful economic revival (almost as in China)...

Isn't that an interesting perspective also for Europe (currently the Epicenter of the Pandemic, for a 2nd time), at least as long as EMA still refuses to authorize any "Classic" Technology vaccine (even if the WHO already did so in 3 cases) ?

 on: November 24, 2021, 05:54:52 AM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Plus de mRNA Faux-"Vaccins" en Dom-Tom ? Vive la France !

Selon les dernières nouvelles, le Peuple en Guadeloupe et autres Dom-Tom ne veut plus des Faux-"Vaccins" manipulant le Genôme Humain, (comme les Controversés "mRNA" Turco-Amerloques : Biontech-Pfizer ou Moderna, et "Virus-vector", with or without Chimpanze : Astrozeneca ou Jannsen UK-USA).

Au point que le Gouvernement français aurait promis de leur trouver d'Autres vaccins, plus Classiques, utilisant des Techniques bien connues, comme celles inspirées par Louis Pasteur, et testées pendant 2 Siecles déjà...

En fait, il y en a Beaucoup contre le COVID, ayant déjà passé en Phase 3 de test final, et l' Organisme Mondial de la Santé a Autorisé au moins 2 tels vaccins Classiques, de provenance de Chine, et en train de se répandre Largement dans 4 Continents à travers le Monde !

=> Ainsi, il parait, enfin, aussi un Espoir pour tels Vaccins de type "Classique" (et, donc, beaucoup plus Surs), d' être, enfin, Autorisés même en France Metropolitaine.

En ce cas-là, Beaucoup des persones Hésitant encore, pourraient Accepter d'être Vaccinées, en Sécurité et Sans Craintes.

>>> Donc : -"Vive la France !"... Si elle réussit d'ouvrir une telle Nouvelle Perspective, (déjà testée, préalablement, avec Succès pendant plusieurs mois récemment, p.ex. en Hongrie, San Marino, etc).

 on: October 30, 2021, 09:30:33 AM 
Started by WKalina - Last post by WKalina
Aleksandr Lukashenko, the embattled President of Belarus, a peaceful European and Christian Country, Historic Cradle of christianized Slav People throughout all Europe, strategicaly located Between EU's Heartland and Russia's abundant Gas Energy Resources, the Richest and Faster Growing Industrialized part of Former URSS, But also with the Less Inequalities, equiped with Free Health Care and More Medical Doctors per Inhabitant than Finland or Sweden, practicaly Full Employment, (Including most Women associating Both Work and Children Care), Co-Founder of the UN since 1945, Known for various International Peace-Treaties signed at its Capital Minsk, and Homeland of World-Famous Artist Marc Chaghall, Bible Publishers, Musicician Composers on Leningrad People or Belarus' Partisans struggling Heroicaly against NAZI Military Invasions, (etc),

will he be treated, by Neighbouring EU, Worse than Asian, Islamist, notoriously Aggressive and Warmonger, Threatening, Bombarding, Invading and/or Occupying a lot of its Neighbours, massively  Oppressive against its own People, UnderDeveloped and OverExploiting Impoverished Minorities, retrograde Turkish Regime, Deprived (and Destroyer) of any Culture or Civilisation, with his notorious Chief, Tayyip Erdogan ?

Some Accused Both (even if so Obviously Different persons) of alleged Incitement for Mass Asylum Seekers to tresspass from the Middle East towards Europe's core areas, (mainly through Poland, in Lukashenko's later case, or through Greece, in Erdogan's initial case). Even if the Numbers and the Gravity of such cases have Nothing in common : More than 1,5 Millions of Irregular Immigrants in Turkey's well known sudden "Tsunami" case, through the Wide Aegean Sea, compared with just some Dozens of People in Belarus' case, allegedly via a few Airplane seats...

But, However, if those blind Accusers Respected, at least, an elementary Principle of basic Equality, then, they Should proceed in a Similar manner, with Similar Means, in Both these 2 cases of EU Borders' Trespassing, that they took the Initiative to compare :

- I.e.: Invite Lukashenko in Brussels to negociate with EU Leaders, (as Erdogan did with Merkel, back on 2016) ;

- Give some Billions € per Year, in full Grants, to Belarus, allegedly in order to Keep Asylum Seekers there, (as EU Already did, and Still does with Turkey) ;

- Consider a Large "Customs Union" Deal with Belarus, (as EU promised to Turkey), if the Deal goes well ;

- Promise "Free Visa" for All Belarusians, if Minsk treats Asylum Seekers Differently from "Terrorists", (as EU said to Turks);

- Prepare EU Accession Negotiations with Belarus, if this goes well, (as it was said for Turkey).

   Did we Miss something on the List ?...

 on: October 01, 2021, 10:15:26 PM 
Started by Geopol - Last post by Geopol

Those War-mongers, as Crazy and Irresponsible as to Push for NATO in Ukraine  nowadays, should Ask Why it Never Happened in the case of Finland, Austria, and other Stable and Peaceful Countries in Europe, during the Glorious Past of "Detente" and/or European ReUnification's eras...

Simply because USA Dems ("Socialists")... Bill Clinton, Hussein Obama, or Jo Biden, did Not Exist (at the White House) then !

It's Only after Clinton Started to Demolish Ex--Yugoslavia with Bloody Separatist Wars since the 1990ies, and Obama Divided Europe around a provoked Civilian-People Killing Kiev Putsch at Ukraine from 2014, that Biden found, now, an opportunity to Threaten a 3rd World War against Russia by Bringing NATO si close to Moscow at exceptionaly Shaky Borders on 2021.

European People had Already breathed Nuclear Particles from Ukranian "Chernobyl" Catastrophe since back on 1986. But Now, obviously any eventual NATO Clash around the suffering pro-Autonomy Eastern Ukraine Regions of Donetsk-Luhansk, and/or Crimea peninsula peacefully ReUnificated Back with Russia (others say "Annexed"), would certainly Risk to provoke Even a Nuclear Confrontation between East and West, Devastating all Europe...

=> It's not a secret, therefore, why France and Germany, followed by several Other European Countries, are silently but stubornly Opposed to such a Dangerous and irresponsible NATO move towards Ukraine nowadays.
To find a Similar Risk vis a vis the USA itself, nowadays, it would take, f.ex., from North Korea to become Able to Reach by long-range Nuclear Missiles, after Hawai, at least Alaska and California ,whose Nancy Pelosi (still Speaker at an UnPopular House of Representatives, ranking 20% against 50% in Polls) has just added a "Hot" Amendment, in the Draft "Defense" Bill for 2022, reportedly concerning Top Sensitive Military Weapons for Ukraine, manipulated by US Army, which Risks to further Boost the Growing Danger of an UnPrecedented International Clash around Kiev...

Unless it's First the American People themselves, who would succeed to Oust Pelosi from Washington DC. in the crucial Forthcoming Mid-Term Elections of 2022 !

Already, the Fact that pro-GOP, No-RINOs, RightWing "the American Conservative" Web NewsMedia clearly Criticized that Biden/Pelosi War-Mongering around Ukraine nowadays, (i.e. Timely Joining the above-mentioned Franco-German and other European Countries' "mezzo vocce" Reluctance : Comp. Supra), Naturally is a Good Step towards the Right Direction.


 on: August 17, 2021, 03:00:15 AM 
Started by Thunderbird - Last post by Thunderbird

Many search nowadays a Key to Afghanistan's tragic enigma.

In fact, the establishment didn't want something really new in Afghanistan, back on the 1960-1970ies, so it threw the country into a brutal "comme and go" between various Dictatorships. The current events show even more the Complicities between them... (And, obviously, the way that the 9/11 massacers were exploited, was just a hollow pretext, hidding what was really at stake).

It's a pity, a fortiori since Afghans are not only Humans, but even Indo-Europeans, part of whom stem from a detachment of an ancient civilisation which had come from Europe... An eventual European Renaissance, could certainly be helpful, also there, but, at any case, the solution can only be stimulated by something really new and important. Not by superficial repetitions of blunders of the past.

 on: August 01, 2021, 11:59:37 PM 
Started by Aurora - Last post by Aurora
Establishment's Medias Hide the Truth, here as elsewhere, But it's a Fact that Popular Demonstrations against that controversial "Pass" COVID and Obligatory Vaccinations with a few Doubtful pseudo"vaccines" become, in France, more and more Big !

They grow for a 3rd Time in a row, reaching at least several Hundreds of Thousands of People, in more than 180 locations, according to the Police, (and the True Numbers are Obviously Booming much More !)

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