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1  European CITIZENS and FORUM / "European" HUMOUR ? / Biden New Look at Capitol Cinema 2020, 2021, 2022... on: January 20, 2021, 06:06:11 PM



2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Macron EU Citizens conventions : Good, but why Limited ? on: September 29, 2017, 12:57:06 AM

It's very Good that new French President Emannuel Macron proposed, among others, also the creation of EU Citizens' open "conventions" in order to Debate from 2018 Europe's Future.

But, why should they be Limited for only 6 Months, and only for that (obviously crucial) EU Decision ?

Isn't it better to allow EU Citizens to appropriatelly Debate ALL important EU Decisions which affect their lives and the society ?

A really revitalized, new Europe, needs that !
3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / European Flag : What Happened ? on: December 09, 2016, 02:09:29 AM

CoE's Number 1 pic, until 1949 :


CoE's "Final" Choice on 1955 :



4  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / What's on in Budapest, (Hungary), right Now ?... on: October 02, 2016, 04:22:41 PM
See :


Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angels At My Gate (Live in Budapest 1983)
5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Constantinople/Istanbul: Turkey celebrates its Invasion/Ocupation... on: June 02, 2016, 07:34:31 AM
Turkish regime's Boasting, last Sunday, about the Invasion and Occupation of the OverMillenary Capital of the Christian Empire of Byzance : Constantinople : 330 - 1.453, (ReNamed by Ankara as "Istanbul" after the 1955 Pogrom against the surviving Greek Inhabitants), some Centuries after the 1.453 Massacre of its Defensors (as Emperor Konstantinos Paleologos, who made a moving "European" speech to his Soldiers before Sacrificing themselves to an Unequal Battle, undermined by a Betrayal), is really Upseting Nowadays.  

Nobody else doesn't behave in a similar Provocative way as Turkish current Rulers do : We've Never seen, f.ex., the British boast for Invading and Occupying ...London, nor the French for Invading and Occupying ...Paris,  or the Spanish for Invading and Occupying ...Madrid, or the Russians for Invading and Occupying ...Moscow, (etc) !

But, by being Alone in the World to do so, the controversial Turkish President Erdogan also commits the Error to Highlight, at the same time, the Fact that Turkey is sitting nowadays on Foreign Lands, (as even the 1920 International Peace Treaty of Sevres also reminds) :

6  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Visa-Free for 80 Million Turks but No Armenians, Georgians, Ukranians, Russians+ on: April 30, 2016, 04:08:18 PM
On Wedensday, EU Commission is due to take a Decision on the Turkish Government's pressing Demand to allow to 80 Millions of Turks to Enter inside the EU (and even in the Shengen area) without any need not even for a simple Visa.

If it is accepted, this would give to Turkey's Population a Right to enter and even Stay inside all the EU Countries for at least 6 Months Each Year, i.e. during the Half (50%) of Each Year !

Moreover, this could Start almost Immediately, i.e. already from June 2016, (instead of 2017, as it had been envisaged a few years ago).

But, at the same time, not even European Culture and Tradition Populations, in Countries located GeoPoliticaly inside De Gaule's "Great Europe", such as ... Armenians, Georgians, Ukranians, Belarussians, Russians, etc., haven't yet any such "Visa Free" Right, as that, that some Lobbies push to give First only to Asiatic Ankara...

Turkey notoriously obtained such a vague but obviously Dangerous promisse, during an Exceptional Sunday mini-Summit in a Brussels' City under Total Black-Out imposed in view of Terrorist Deadly Attacks by Extremist Islamists of ISIS etc., by Blackmailing the EU on the Mass Migration Crisis, (which arrived 100% through Turkey itself !), Last Year, (mostly confirmed also on 22 March 2016).

But, since then, the Number of Mass Asylum Seekers - irregular Migrants through that "Western Balkans' route" has sharply Fallen Down, thanks, particularly, to Strict Checks and Border Controls, or even a quasi-Total Closure of Borders by a lot of various European Transit Countries, including FYROM, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. Meanwhile, EU prepares also its External Borders' collective Controls, (f.ex. by creating an EU Coast-Guard, strengthening FRONTEX's capabilities), etc, while a Debate on the example of Spain's efficient (and not costlly at all, compared to Turkey's demand for ... 6 Billions € !) agreements with Neighbouring Morocco, etc. for Mass Migration Monitoring, has started.

Juncker and Merkel have recently promised that there will be "No Watering Down" on EU's 72 Conditions for a "Visa Free" status to Turkey, but, reportedly, some are pushing now to give to Ankara's 80 Millions Population such a Right to Enter and Stay in Europe for Half a Year (6 Months), Every Year, even if it hasn't fullfilled all the Legaly and Politicaly Necesary Conditions, leaving only to an Hypothetic "Suspension" ex ante a remote possiblity to eventualy Sanction possible Serious Failings in these regards...

However, all this is obviouly Dangerous, not only for EU's Social and Cultural Cohesion, and even Financial and/or Unemployment situation, but also for Topical Security reasons, given, particularly, the Turkish regime's notorious Links to ISIL's Deadly Terrorist Islamist Extremists and atrocious BeHeaders, and even Ankara "Deep State"s suspected involvement in Brutal Killings of real Political Dissidents and/or Critics living in various EU Countries, (as, f.ex., the unelicitaed yet case of the cold-blood Murder of 3 Kurdish Women in Paris on January 2013, allegedly by a Turkish Secret Agent send for a Deadly Mission in France, and due to Return Back to Turkey after having committed such a Horrible Crime, the perpetrators of which still remain totally unpunished).        

Recent Findings about Dozens of ISIL's Terrorists, (including many among those who, later-on, committed the Deadly Paris' and/or Brussels' Attacks, Killing a lot of innocent Civilian People, etc), having Entered Europe by Hidding themselves among the Huge Wave of Massive Irregular Migration through Turkey, as well as the New Year's eve Mass Brutal Attacks against European Women and Young Girls, treated Worse than "Cattle" in several EU Cities, (Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgard, etc. in Germany, but also in Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, etc), revelations about Arms' Traffick between Turkey and ISIL or other Extremist Islamist Terrorist Groups, the affair of a Turkish origin Smuggler trying to Sell Hundreds of EU Passports to ISIL a.o. Terrorists, hidden inside .. Pizzas, by traveling between Belgium and Turkey, as well as  the Scandal of Turkish Consulates asking Migrants from Turkey to systematicaly Spy and Denounce all European Journalists' Critical Publications vis a vis the Ankara regime, f.ex. in the Netherlands, added, at the same time, to the Prosecution of a German Journalist at the demand of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and to Many Refusals or Withdrawals of Pres Accreditations to various Western Journalists from Europe or USA, etc., are among a Long Series of alarming Facts which naturaly justify the greatest Concern from EU Citiizens about manifold Risks.                                            ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / PSD asks Turkish Pass, Homosexual Mariage+ Child Adoptions, etc. ! on: November 13, 2013, 12:53:12 AM

However, it's reportedly the "Soc"PD which asks for "Multi-Kulti" like "Double Passports" for the Turkish Lobby, tele-monitored from Ankara by Mr. Erdogan,

in addition to ....Homosexuals' "Marriage" and even "Adoption" of Chidren, (widely UnPopular and crucialy Dangerous for any Child, Society and all Humankind values), among various other Demands recently raised at the Talks with ChristianDemocrats/Socials of CDU/CSU,

that German Chancellor Angie Merkel (who has brillantly Won the September 2013 Elections in the name of a Program and Values exactly Opposite to such controversial SPD claims) will have to examine, Tomorrow,Wednesday.

=> Such SPD's blackmails should, normally be strongly rejected by the Majority of German People, which has already voted last September clearly against these attempts to Destroy the biggest EU Country's Social and Cultural Cohesion, undermine Natural Family and submit Children to Homosexuals' desiderata via "Adoption" pretexts !
In fact, as always, Turkish PM Erdogan serves the Interests of "Big Brother" from the USA Administation's Bureaucracy, particularly Obama's tradtional selfish pressure, undermining Europe's and all Humankind's Cultural and Moral Values, for some shady, UniPolar World, Global Lobbies.

But, if European People really desire for Healthy Democacy to prevail in EU and elsewhere, such trash should be thrown to the Waste-basket of History, and German Citizens' democratically expressed will must be respected.
8  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / VGE for MONTHLY €uroArea Summits => Political Union ? on: August 27, 2012, 10:23:38 PM
Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, former French President and Chairman of EU Constitution's Brussels convention, speaking together with former German Chancellor Helmut Schmitt in Hambourg (North-Western Germany) in a Conference on Europe's present and future,

-supported the idea to hold "Monhly" €uroArea's Heads of State/Governments' Summits, which will also help "create Trust", as he said, adopting an Original proposal initially launched by Sarkozy and Merkel at their August 16th Paris' Elysee Palace Franco-German exceptional Summit, which resulted in the March 2012 signed New €uroTreaty.

Sarkozy and Merkel's original idea was later on watered down, during subsequent Brussels' collective meetings, for unclear yet real reasons, resulting on a December 2011 - January 2012 compromise which spoke only of Semestrial €uroArea Summits for tje 17 €uro Member States' Leaders, each 6 Months (as for the entire 27 Members strong EU), but it left open a door for more frequent €uroArea Summit meetings, i.e. .. even Monthly, if there is a Political will to do so.

VGE is known for having recently proposed a 2015 Mega-European Top Poilitical Leaders' gahering, f.ex. in Strasbourg, bringing together both Heads of State/Government and MEPs, as well as key MPs from National Parliaments, EU Commission, etc., in order to start a closer European Political Union.

However, another, VGE's reportedly evoked point, during this Hambpurg's meeting with Schmitt, about a controversy on Greece's EU Accession, strongly supported by VGE when he was President, together with Historic Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis, (a Center-Right political leader of long experience), if it's true, really falls down ton an incredibly abysmal low :

Among many other important (and much more urgently "hot" points), any project to launch a real European Political Union obviously needs Greece's over-Millenary Historic Civilisations, (spreading from Aristote, Platon, Socrates and Demosthenes, Pericles etc, fathers of Democracy, Philosophy and Science, etc., through Alexander the Great's giant ambition to unite together all Best Civilisations known then, up to the Byzantine Empire : 1st Christian State entity, which freed People from Religious Oppression/Persecution and abolished Slavery, etc), also as a key part of any popular "EUROPEAN IDENTITY",

as €uroGroup's President, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the experienced Jean-Claude Juncker, has just stressed, a few Days earlier in Athens, when he met with the New Greek Prime Minister Antoni Samaras, (a Christian-Democrat/EPP, experienced former EU Parliament's MEP and f. Foreign Minister).

Unless some wouldn't really like for Europe to build a brand new, strong and popular Political Union....

9  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Stop Harassing the Democratically Elected Government of EU Member Hungary ! on: March 18, 2012, 07:33:36 PM

The obvious systematic Harassment by certain Minority intermediaries inside EU Parliament and/or some EU Commission Bureaucrats against the Democratically Elected (April 2010) Government of Hungary, despite the brillant 2/3 large Popular Win by Prime Minister Victor Orban, has already reached Excessive proportions, and must Stop, before it provokes irreversible damages, and/or ridiculizes all EU, because of a few wrong-doers, threatening to push Millions of People into Euro-Sceptimism., i.e. to undermine Europe.           
Moves to ameliorate this or that point inside Hungary should be pursued through real Dialogue, and in a calm, fair, proportional and balanced way.

For all Real Europeans, Hungary, an EU and soon €uroarea Member,  is a too important, Historic, Cultural and Modern Symbol of EU Identity, Solidarity and succesful Fighting Spirit, in addition to its obviously Strategic GeoPolitical location, (both for Danube links, as well as N/S and South-Eastern European Areas, and its EU - Russia High-Speed Train links' potential, etc), to be treated by some ...worst than Turkey !

10  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / 160.000 € to rob EU's identity with impunity ?! on: July 14, 2010, 02:11:46 PM

Fake Image, usurpated from Greece, abused in order to sell Turkish merchandise inside the EU !



A Greek old man from the World Famous Ancient Religious Shrine of Delphi, with Omerian Hero Ulysse's characteristics and a white beard, had the bad surprise to find that his personal image had been usurpated and abused in order to make Commercial Publicity for a ...Turkish merchandise inside the EU !

Moreover, the astonishing Scandalous Falsification was committed in a country with a recently notorious Lobby pushing for Turkey's impopular demand to enter the EU : Sweden, during more than 8 Years,. since 2002-2003, i.e. precisely since Ankara was exerting pressure to start negotiations with the EU...

The old man was reportedly "Horrified", according to the German Press, when he found, thanks to a friend living in Sweden, Varzanakos Athanassios, that his own smiling face, dressed with a traditional neo-Greek white "foustanela", famous to be used by the peasants who fought to start Liberating Greece from the Ottoman-Turk Military Occupation from the beginning the 19th Century (1821 revolt), and a Villager's red Hat with Anient Greek Golden coins, had become, unwillingly, a .. Publicity for Turkey !  - "What have I done to deserve this Fate ?"; the 76 years old man reportedly complained.

The only way to react for him was to lodge a Legal complaint against the abuse, asking the Swedish Company "Lindahl" to stop usurpating his personal image in order to sell its yogurt mechandises to a public which ignored the Truth, and to pay 5 millions € of comensation for the damages already done by the 8 years long abuse.

 But, now, the Company replied by offering to the victim only 160.000 €, including Lawyers' expenses, and apparently even wants to continue abusing of the Greek man's face in order to sell a Turkish merchandise...

The Swedish merchand claimed that the main Responsibility for the Blunder was another Company, which had erroneously sold him that Photo, and against which he hopes to lodge himself a complaint afterwards. According to other Swedish sources, the main Perpetrators would be a Spanish company called "AGE Fotostock", which keeps offices also in Paris and New York (USA), and gets its Photos from a Network whose representative in Turkey is "VisualTurkey", part of "VisualPhotos", an American Company Headquartered again at New York (USA).

While the victim's reply is still pending, it wasn't yet known whether the other, and much more affected, real Victims of this scandalous Falsification : i.e. the Greek People, whose Ethnic Identity was in fact stolen and abused in order to make Publicity for Turkey's impopular "look" inside the EU, and even the Swedish People and Consumers themselves, who have been (and still are !) abusively manipulated by such grossly False Data exploited by a Trader in order to "sell" Turkish merchandises to unaware EU Citizens, might lodge their own complaints against the abuse....

Indeed, the main Victims in this Affair are EU Citizens themselves, who were grossly abused by notoriously pro-Turkish lobbies, timely exploiting Fake Images to "sell" Turkey's merchandise into the EU                             

Nobody explained yet, why Turkish merchandises couldn't be sold inside the EU with a more realistic image, closer to Turkey's own cultural, religious and ethnic characteristics,  f.ex. one like this :

11  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / What's really going on about the EU's Future debate ? on: April 05, 2010, 12:40:16 PM
Anybody's got any idea of what is really going on with that "famous" Report on EU's Future (including Identity) that Mr. Barroso had promised to prepare by a "Wisemen" Committee in Brussels as one of the steps taken in 2008 exchange of French President Sarkozy's acceptance to let EU -Turkey negotiations continue, despite of People's vote against Ankara's aims to enter inside the European Union (both in 2007 French and in 2009 EU Parliament Elections) ?

Eurofora spoke earlier about a scheduled publication of a text around June 2010.

But this is a matter for EU Citizens to debate, EU-wide, and not merely an exclusive privilege of a few experts behind closed doors...

Is that one of the messages recently given by Sarkozy's February 2010 meeting with the new EU Parliament's President, Buzek ?
12  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / Support to "Europeana" by Vassiliou + Kroes on: January 17, 2010, 06:16:39 PM
Both European Commissioners-designate, Vassiliou and Kroes (Culture/Education and Digital Agenda, respectively) spoke strongly in favor of EU's project to boost the Internet Gateway "Europeana".

Better late, than never...
13  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / EU education - culture Commissioner Figel elected leader of political party on: September 21, 2009, 04:59:02 PM
EU loses an intelligent and human EU Commissioner on Education and Culture, Ian Figel, who has just been elected as new President of Slovakia's Christian-Democratic party.

Hope to see him soon play another role at the EU...
14  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Barroso : Where is the Identity of a Political Europe ? on: June 20, 2009, 09:20:13 PM
The president of EU Parliament's biggest group, EPP, Joseph Daul, officially has asked Barroso, as any other current or future candidate for EU Commission's Presidency, to respect certain conditions on his program, including on "Borders and a clear Identity of Europe".

A strategic issue, which was at the center of June 4 to 7, 2009 EU Parliament Elections, in one way or another, in mainstream Countries, and largelly endorsed by EU Citizens' votes.

It was clearly evoked also by president Sarkozy and Chancelor Merkel's statements, who won 2009 EU Elections after their Berlin' appeal for Europe's "Borders", "identity and Values", as well as their January and June 2009 Paris' calls for "a Political Europe", a term used in Sarkozy's speeches, from 2007 to 2009, as incompatible with Turkey's controversial demand to enter inside the EU.

But, Mr Barroso's short Letter, dated of June 17, doesn't say absolutely nothing about all that : Not even a word. Not even the slightest hint..

If Democracy has a meaning, he should develop his program on this point in order to deserve the votes of the largest group of MEPs in EU Parliament (EPP), and many independents and other groups of MEPs.

Comparatively, all experienced people in European affairs, remember Jean-Claude Juncker's spontaneous reaction, when the Prime Minister of Luxembourg (and today of the prestigious EuroGroup) while chairing the EU in 1997, reacted to an untimely and critical question by a Turkish journalist on EU Council's refusal to consider Turkey's candidacy in the European Summit at Luxembourg, which had been raised in a Press Conference dedicated to the creation of the "Euro" :

- "We (EU Council) are speaking now about VENISE, (where an important EU conference on the creation of the Euro was scheduled). NOT about ISTANBUL or ANKARA !"..

It's not a surprise that Juncker had been UNANIMOUSLY accepted as new EU Commission's President in 2004 by all EU Governments..

The only surprise was that he refused the proposal, leaving the job open for others, as Barroso, etc.

Perhaps, it was because Juncker had guessed (particularly after the 1999 Helsinki Council, which surprisingly accepted Turkey's controversial demand to become a "candidate") what deadlocks and crisis EU was going to face after such a blunder...
15  EU ELECTIONS / EU-wide ISSUES / Juncker free for EU Top jobs after June EU 2009 Elections ? on: June 04, 2009, 03:37:19 PM
Juncker disponible pour le Top Post of EU/CoE après les elections européennes de juin 2009 ?

EuroGroup's chairman, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, could be "free" for another, important Top European job on Autumn, since he wants to quit the Finance Ministry he currently holds.

If Lisbon Treaty is ratified on October, the post of EU' President would open, in addition to that of new EU Commission's Chair. At the same time, CoE is heading towars postponing the election of its Secretary General for the end of September-beginning of October 2009.

Juncker is the only experienced EU political personality who had attracted an unanimity for the post of EU Commission's President, back in 2003-2004, but he had refused...

He has a solid personal experience of both EU and CoE, and knows well both Brussels and Strasbourg, (in addition to Luxembourg and Frankurt, naturally)..
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