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1  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Re:Virus Masks Torn by Brutal Demonstrators in Belarus (Behind the Back) on: September 20, 2020, 07:13:15 PM
. A series of aggressions, brutaly taking protective Masks away from People's Head, most of the times by Attacking them Behind the back, in full deadly Virus Pandemic, took place in Belarus, ...under the Cover of an apparently "Peaceful" Group of "Women"..

Just to watch the Videos showing the way that they attacked, (and simply thinking of the possible Consequences on Human Health by such brutal deprivations of obligatory protective Masks vis a vis the Deadly Virus), cannot but, spontaneously, wonder whether those sly aggressors were realy "Women" or "Hyenas" ?

In fact it's Even WORSE that what you've shown...

F.ex. :

2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / 250-300 Minsk-Paris (in Arrested Demonstrators numbers)... on: September 13, 2020, 05:24:28 PM

Establishment's Medias tell us that about 250 Demonstrators were arrested at Minsk (Belorusia), while, these days, around 300 were arrested in Paris (France), i.e. clearly more...

After what happened in Berlin (Germany) on August (s.:, now a similar Paradox, also elsewhere inside our EU !

=> Obviously, it's better for such Medias to become more sober, truthfull, and realistic.
3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, +... on: August 29, 2020, 09:20:45 AM

Some are pressing for immediate "Dialogue" and "Negotiations" between the Government and demonstrating Dissidents (who ask now to seize the Power, after having contested the August 9 Elections' official results : 80% - 15%) in Belarus, theatening Sanctions.

A priori, No Problem, naturaly IF the Same Principle applies also to Turkey (f.ex. between Ankara and Kurds, etc), as well as in Ukraine (between Kiev and Donetz - Luhansk pro-Autonomy Regions), etc.

=> Well ?....
4  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / Poland reacts to Bullying by cancelling Airbus contracts.. on: October 09, 2016, 01:01:39 AM
The popular new Polish Government reacted to repeated bullying inside EU Parliament etc. from some lobbies (mainly Socialist, but not only) by cancelling Airbus commands, (and reportedly eyeing a possible co-production together with USA's Lokheed).

After that move, French socialist President Hollande (an US President Obama's close ally) cancelled his planned visit to Warsaw.

=> Who wins, who loses from such a sterile intra-European in-fight ?
5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Kebab Killer chassed People "Looking for More Victims" ! on: July 26, 2016, 12:22:09 AM
After Killing a Woman - by "slashing his weapon to (her) face"-  the Murderer "also Wounded 5 other people".

=> In consequence, "Many People Fled in Panic!", as "Bild" Media observed.

>>>  While he "was Looking for More Victims", running around, (as Videos proved),  "Panic broke out in Reutlingen's center :  "People Barricaded themselves, in Rooms, Appartments or Buildings", etc.

(comp., f.ex.: , , , etc).

Nevertheless, a Local "Police spokesman" reportedly claimed that all this would be merely "a crime of Passion", "between a Man and a Woman" (sic !)...
6  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Germany supports Egypt against ISIS' Murderers of innocent Civilian People on: June 03, 2015, 08:51:31 PM
German Chancelor Merkel's support (even if partly critical) to Egyptian President Al-Sisi, today, in Berlin, is a justified move, given that Country's crucial role in the struggle against ISIS a.o. extremist islamic terrorism, that many deadly aggressions by cowards against innocent Civilian People, including the atrocious beheading of Dozens of poor Egyptian immigrant workers in Libya recently, abudantly illustrate.

Everybody involved would like to have a better situation at this strategic country than what is now the case in Iraq, Syria or Libya, etc...

Let's hope that the Fatherland of the Historic, Millenary Civilisation of Pharaons and of those "wonders of the World" that are the Pyramids and many other Ancient monuments of great importance for all Humankind, will, finaly, manage to stabilise, pacify and develop that Country which included even the World-famous Library of Alexandria, full of precious and unique Greco-Roman wisdom, from which benefited both the Arab Civilisation and the European Renaissance.

=> "Let there be Light", and no more Dark moments for the Egyptian People (who has already suffered much in the Past) and Naser's Country's historic links to Europe and the rest of the World !
7  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / 2010 Film on Armenian Genocide and nowadays Turkey : "Aghet" on: May 01, 2010, 08:36:40 PM
Impressive Research work done in Germany, Switzerland, etc. in the astonishing Documentary Film "Aghet : A Genocide".

It reveals for the 1st time all together, Letters, Reports, Testimonies, etc. of many Diplomats, Missionaries, etc. who personally witnessed the 1st Genocide in modern History, from 1915 onwards, including Attaturk and the on-going Public "honors" (in Monuments, Names of Streets, etc. at Istanbul on Instigators of Mass Murders such as "Enver Pacha" or "Talat Passha" since 1921 and 1922, etc. even Today : - "It's as if Germany kept now in Berlin a street named "Hitler" or "Eichman", says an observer), the Negationism of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, the 2007 Murder of an Armenian Journalist in Turkey, Negationist Turkish Extremists loudly parading inside Europe, NATO's 2009 Summit, French Officials, Obama's initial statements back in 2007, the on-going struggle inside US Congres in 2010 (where, shortly after the Swedish Parliament, US. Foreign Affairs Committee recently voted a Resolution for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, that Ankara desperately tries to block),  etc.

But what is unforgetable, most of all, are the authentic Photos and Testimonies on Thousands of Armenian Children kidnapped even from Orphelinats, which "disappeared" after the massacre of their Families.

=> What Europe (and what World) do we want for the Future ?
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