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16  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / Orban vetoes Blackmail by Turkey on: March 08, 2016, 12:51:37 AM
Ankara extended further its demands, during the still on-going EU Turkey Summit in Brussels, asking for more Money (in Billions €), earlier Free Visa for 75 Millions of Turks to enter into the EU from 1st June 2016, etc., and added another, heavy Condition to the implementation of its obligation to take back from Europe the irregular migrants trespassing EU's external Borders from Turkey via the Greek Islands :

+ It asks now, from the EU, to accept, moreover, to replace each irregular migrant (i.e. all that unprecedented wave of Mass Immigrants from Turkey) by an equivalent Number of Asylum Seekers/migrants who are parked in Turkish Camps at the South-Eastern Borders with Syria, Iraq, etc. !

=> Victor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, dared Vetoe this extended Turkish Blackmail on the EU.

>>> Where are the other Real Europeans ?

17  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Arms Traffic from Turkey to Libya + on: September 02, 2015, 01:12:19 AM

A Ship loaded with Weapons traveling from Turkey towards Libya was intercepted by the care-taker Greek Government officials South of Creta. Investigations are starting.

ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists are notoriously attacking the Libyan Government forces and often Murdering even defenseless Civilian People, (including poor Migrant Workers from nearby Egypt, atrociously beheaded by ISIL Brutal Terrorist who accused them only to be Christians !)...

Opposition Media revealed recently a Video showing Rockets' delivery by Turkish trucks to Islamic Extremists in Syria. The illegal delivery of so serious lethal Weapons inside Syria was acknowledged, later-on, even by the Turkish Government, who simply claimed that it was destinated to some so-called "Turkmen" armed groups, without specifying.

Earlier, a Media Alert had warned about a probable Arms delivery by "Turkish Airlines" at a Regional Airport in Nigeria whose Northern Regions are notoriously suffering from "Boko Haram"'s Deadly Terrorists, near to areas where "Turkish Schools" have been curiously established, in the middle of Africa... The Conflict area cuts through a possible pathway for a Strategic Gas Pipeline from Nigeria towards Europe, via Mali, Algeria, etc, while "Boko Haram" has recently admitted the Leadership of ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists, headquarted around Turkey's Borders into Syria and Iraq.
18  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Turkey orders EU Parliament to Muzzle Elected MEPs opposed to Ankara's EU bid ! on: June 01, 2014, 05:28:25 AM
Both the Turkish Foreign Ministry and controversial Prime Minister Erdogan have reportedly asked, in fact, EU Parliament to practically MUZZLE a growing Number of Elected MEPs who notoriously Oppose Turkey's unpopular EU bid, against which have notoriously voted a growing Majority of EU Citizens both in 2009 and even more on 2014 !

F.ex., grossly insulting EU Citizens' Democratically expressed Political Will by calling it as mere .."Reactionary Votes of the Electorate" (sic !), an official Statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry goes as far as to ...order the "new ..(EU) Parliament" to "adopt ... PREVENTIVE policies" that Ankara finds "necessary for the Future of .. EU - Turkey relations", against all those freshly elected MEPs who are accused by notoriously Undemocratic Turkey to "adopt marginal Political Views", which "pose a Risk" for Ankara's interests, given the fact that, as Turkish Media observe : "Opposing Voices on Turkey's (EU) Membership will increase, following the (May 2014 EU) Elections"....

Almost at the same time, in a Provocative public Intervention inside the EU at Cologne, in Germany, (where a Turkish Lobby has notoriously gathered since a Decade, pushing more and more German People to ...abandon their Family Homes in that City and leave far away for other Regions of the Country, as if EU Citizens were obliged de facto to become ...Refugees or Displaced People inside their own Country !), Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan reportedly made "Boo" the name of German Chancelor Angie Merkel, and even Threatened a controversial Turkish-origin "Green" Top MEP, Ozdemir, to have gone "Too Far", to speak in an "Ugly" way, and warning him that "this is No Joke", while also attacking another Critic among UK's "BBC" Journalists, etc. Accusing practically all Ankara's Critics for "Racism" (sic), Erdogan found that only .. Turkey's entry inside the EU could provide a necessary "Antidote" !

However, a disturbing "Detail" for Mr. Erdogan is also the fact that, between 2009 and 2014, the Number of those Opposed to Turkey's controversial EU bid inside Germany has grown from almost 52% up to more than 69 % Today, converging Polls clearly revealed !..
19  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / STOP Oligarchs killing Dissident People in Military attacks at Eastern Ukraine ! on: May 27, 2014, 04:00:45 PM
STOP Oligarchs killing Dissident People in Military attacks against E.-Ukraine Russian-speaking population!

Whoever among EU Politcianscurrently gathering in Brusells does really care about Europe's Future , elementary Moral  Values, and Humanity, must act urgently to Stop the Bloody Killing of Dissident People - even Civilians - who try to protect theur Home Cities from Military Attacks by the Oligarchs Multi-Millionaires who seized power at Kiev and elsewhere inside the Country in controversial circumstances, refusing real Dialogue, compromise with -and/or tolerance of the opposition.

Otherwise they will bear Heavy Responsibilities vis a vis History, and EU Citizens will never forget this, but will Sanction politically, in one way or another, sooner or later, all those responsible for such Inhuman Bloodshed in Europe, for provoking growing  Tension, Division, Monstruous Crimes and Risks of War, and for Killing the Europen Dream.


Mayor says 40 people killed in eastern Ukraine

Associated Press By PETER LEONARD

1 hour ago

Associated Press Videos
Raw: Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine
 Ukraine Protests Ukraine Protests
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — The eastern city of Donetsk was in turmoil Tuesday a day after Government Forces used Fighter Jets to stop pro-Russia separatists from taking over the airport.

The mayor said 40 People were Killed and went on television to urge residents to stay at home.

The city of 1 million was engulfed by fighting Monday when rebels moved to seize the airport, Ukraine's second largest. They were repelled by government forces using Combat Jets, and Helicopter Gunships.

Associated Press journalists witnessed intensive gun fire throughout the day and into the night. Plumes of black smoke rose into the air and officials shut down Donetsk airport and nearby streets to traffic amid the fighting.

Donetsk mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko was quoted by the local news portal Ostrovas saying that 40 People, including two Civilians, were Killed in Monday's fighting.

The Bodies of about 30 insurgents were brought Tuesday to a hospital morgue in Donetsk, said Leonid Baranov of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic, who was at the Kalinin morgue.

The fighters had been Wounded and were being Tansported to a Hospital in a Truck,  when it was Shot up by Government Forces, Baranov said.

He said other fighters also were killed, but their bodies had not been recovered because they were in areas under government control.

He said Hundreds were Wounded in the fighting as well.

AP journalists saw many dead bodies piled up at the Kalinin morgue ....

The Battles came as Billionaire candy Magnate Petro Poroshenko claimed victory in Sunday's presidential vote, which authorities in the capital of Kiev had hoped would unify the deeply divided nation. Poroshenko, who is yet to be sworn in, has vowed to negotiate a peaceful end to the insurgency in the east, but also has called the separatists "Somali pirates"

and promised he would stop them from sowing more chaos.

Early Tuesday, unidentified men stormed Donetsk's main ice hockey arena and set it ablaze, according to the mayor's office. The arena, owned by a local Ukrainian lawmaker, was to host the 2015 world championships.

By Tuesday morning, the Donetsk airport was under full government control, Ukraine's acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said, adding that dozens of insurgents may have been killed in the fighting, but government forces did not suffer any casualties.


The interim government in Kiev has pledged to press ahead with the operation against insurgents, which has angered local residents, many of whom see the government as nationalists bent on repressing Russian speakers in the east.

Speaking at a televised government session on Tuesday, Vitaly Yarema, a deputy prime minister, said the "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine will go on "until all the militants are annihilated." (sic !)

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced strong concern Tuesday about the interim authorities' decision to intensify the military operation in the east, and called for an immediate end to fighting.

Poroshenko, known for his pragmatism, supports building strong ties with Europe but also has stressed the importance of mending relations with Moscow. Upon claiming victory, he said his first step as president would be to visit the troubled east. He said he hoped Russia would support his efforts to bring stability, and that he wanted to hold talks with Moscow.

Lavrov welcomed Poroshenko's promise to negotiate with people in the east and said Moscow was ready for direct talks with Poroshenko.

He also pointedly said Russia doesn't want the United States and the European Union as mediators. But Ukraine's acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Ukraine has no intention of talking to Russia directly.

"The government's stance is unchanged: bilateral talks without the presence of the United States and the European Union do not seem possible under current conditions," he said.

Moscow has denied accusations by the authorities in Kiev and the West that it has fomented the insurgency in eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea in March, but has stonewalled the eastern insurgents' appeal to join Russia.

Putin has also welcomed the Ukrainian presidential election in an apparent bid to de-escalate tensions with the West, which hit his inner circle with sanctions for the annexation of Crimea.

Russia has kept pushing for Ukraine to decentralize its government, which would give more power to the regions, including those in the east, .....

Nataliya Vasilyeva and Laura Mills in Kiev, Ukraine and Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow contributed to this report.

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Casualties in Donetsk clashes may reach 100 people
World  May 27, 13:50 UTC+4

Denis Pushilin added that there were up to 50 civilians among the victims

People wait in line to donate blood to the wounded at a hospital in Donetsk

© ITAR-TASS/Konstantin Sazonchik

DONETSK, May 27. /ITAR-TASS/. Fatalities may reach 100 people in a punitive operation active stage of which Ukrainian law enforcement agencies started in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Monday. Chairman of the Supreme Council presidium of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin reported this to ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.
Denis Pushilin added that there were up to 50 civilians among the victims.

“At present, it is known that more than 50 militiamen have been killed. In addition, according to preliminary reports, from 20 up to 50 civilians died,” he said.

Pushilin has noted that until now “it is impossible to take away the bodies of all the victims, because snipers are shooting at everyone who attempts to approach them”.

Earlier, Donetsk mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko has confirmed that at least 40 people were killed in a military operation carried out by the Ukrainian security forces in the city. He said that all of them died in combat near the city’s airport.

Parliament-appointed Minister of Interior Affairs Arsen Avakov has confirmed that “dozens of people” died in the special raid.

Leader of the DNR: self-defence units bring down 2 helicopters of Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Clashes in the area of the Sergei Prokofyev international airport in Donetsk started Monday morning.

Ukrainian armed forces used storming aviation, in particular, fighter planes and combat helicopters.

Fighting near the airport continued the whole day through and the following night as well.

Denis Pushilin said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel that people’s militia forces managed to shoot down two helicopters of the Ukrainian armed forces and take control over the airport’s building.

Several hours ago near the Putilovskiy bridge and local military enlistment office fierce fighting between militiamen and servicemen of the Ukrainian National Guard took place. An ITAR-TASS journalist reported from the spot of the events that the area of combat actions was cordoned by the police, but law enforcement officers were avoiding actions since they were armed only with service guns instead of automatic weapons.

According to the press service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, the situation in the city is currently calm.

Donetsk announces mobilisation of medical personnel
Witness: at least 24 killed as truck with wounded is fired in Donetsk
Donetsk People’s Republic switching over to Russian laws
Fierce fighting underway in Donetsk
Donetsk people's militia units temporarily recapture Donetsk international airport
Group of journalists attacked by fire from helicopter near Donetsk airport 

20  EU ELECTIONS / Political PARTIES - CANDIDATES / Tsipras' attack v. Juncker needs a full Reply on: May 19, 2014, 01:51:23 PM
During the recent EU Parliament's TV Debate among 5Top Candidates, EuroLeft's Tsipras notoriosuly attacked Juncker on the basis of a claim made earlier by British Media "Finanical Times" about a supposedly crucial event that would have taken place back on 2011 during the G20 World Summit at Cannes (France).

EuroFora's reply is one thing, but this certainly needs, most of all, to be made crystal clear throughout all the EU at Top Political level too.
21  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / American Buchanan supports Russian Putin: No Undemocratic Destruction of Values on: May 10, 2014, 07:39:31 PM
Is that one of the reasons for which Putin is apparently becoming nowadays more Popular,

while,also, the  World Family Council, (traditionaly led by Westerners)  will exceptionaly take place on September 2014 in Moscow ?...
22  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Armenian Genocide/Erdogan:other "Ottoman citizens" were "in Similar Conditions"! on: April 24, 2014, 02:59:07 AM
=> Those pseudo"Media" which make a fuss of the simple "Condoleances" expressed by the Turkish Prime Minister to those Armenians who survived the 1915-1922 Genocide, shortly before the 100th Anniversary of a still persisting scandalously Total Impunity of Mass Murderers and those who still profit from the 1st Big Crime of the 20th Century, haven't even  read the full original text of Erdogan's statement !...

There, he accuses as "Unacceptable" to simply denounce the Turkish regime's responsibility for the Armenian Genocide, repeats his old and failed demand to leave all that only to a few so-called "Experts", and claims that many Other "Ottoman Citizens" of various Different Ethnicities would have faced then "Similar (sic !) Conditions" as those which notoriously targetted more than a Million of brutaly Displaced and massively Murdered Armenians, Women, Elders and Children included...

=> In fact, that"s not  at all a supposed "Gesture", but a blatant Provocation vis a vis Armenians and all People of the Word sincerely opposed to all Genocides ! ..
23  EU ELECTIONS / Main ISSUES / 1st Debate Schulz-Juncker in establishment's lazy Media flops, say Press Critics on: April 12, 2014, 11:48:54 PM
Given the good Personal Quality of each one among the 1st two Top Candidates for the job of new EU Commission's President, as well as the Importance of the May 2014 EU Election's real Stakes, most probably, the cause of such a flop is another one :

- The Routine-like way to treat issues by lazy (and notoriously Discredited since many years, vis a vis most EU Citizens) Establishment's Media, such as mainstream (and "Big" in Wasted Salaries) TV Channels, USA-led (+NSA-spied) Tweeter/Facebook, etc. bla-bla ridiculous, monotonus, "His Master Voice", nonsense..

=> Real Europe's Future deserves much Better than such money-wasting, unpopular and lazy Media !

See, f.ex. :
24  EU ELECTIONS / FORECASTS -POLLS - RESULTS / 1st Estimations for all EU Countries on: February 07, 2014, 01:18:18 AM
Brief but interesting overall National estimations done by the YEF, between January and February 2014 :


The Road to Strasbourg (1/2)

Friday 10 January 2014, by Alistair Spearing

Which party will receive the most votes? Who will be the next President of the European Commission? Will the eurosceptics take the European Parliament by storm? In this two-part article, we look at the state of affairs in the different EU Member States with just a few months left until the 2014 European elections.

Austria (18 seats)

There is one party consistently leading the polls and it is the Austrian People’s Party. After coming in second to the Social Democratic Party in last year’s legislative election, the party led by Michael Spindelegger looks set to go one better and take 25% of the vote. The Social Democrats and the Freedom Party are tied at 21.5%, with the Greens floating around 12.5%.

Belgium (21 seats)

Voting patterns could be affected by the fact that the European election will be held on the same day as the Belgian federal and regional elections (a factor which tends to reduce protest votes). Adjusted for the split into Walloon and Flemish parties, expect the New Flemish Alliance to romp home with 20% of the vote, followed by the Socialists with 18%, the Liberals with 17% and the Centrists with 14%.

Bulgaria (17 seats)

The memories of a turbulent 2013 in Bulgarian politics will still be fresh in voters’ minds, damaging the standing of both main parties. Polls consistently reveal a high percentage of undecided voters, in some cases up to 50%, so they should be taken with a pinch of salt. That being said, polls put the centre-right GERB and the Bulgarian Socialist Party neck-and-neck —it is simply too close to call.

Croatia (11 seats)

After just 20.8% of the electorate bothered to vote in the off-year election in 2013 following Croatia’s accession to the EU, boosting turnout should be top of the list. No European polls have been published recently, but national polls put the Social Democrats in front. Remember, though, this is exactly what the polls predicted in 2013... but the Croatian Democratic Union bounced back to claim a razor-thin win.

Cyprus (6 seats)

The 2014 EP election will be the first one after the clumsily handled bail-out that sparked an eruption of anti-Troika sentiment on the island of Aphrodite. Cypriots do not seem to blame President Anastasiades, with polls showing his Democratic Rally party leading the pack with 23.5% of votes, followed by the Communists at 15%, the Democratic Party at 8.2, and the Social Democrats at 4.5%.

Czech Republic (21 seats)

The new Czech government, a three-party coalition of Social Democrats, ANO 2011 and Christian Democrats, is still in its honeymoon period. There are no recent European polls to go on, but polling for the next Czech legislative election suggests that the coalition’s vote is holding up, although populist ANO 2011 could very well supplant the Social Democrats as the biggest party.

Denmark (13 seats)

The ruling Social Democrats have taken a battering in the public arena due to their austerity measures, but the centre-right Venstre (which, curiously enough, means “Left”) has been unable to capitalise on this and still trails them by a small margin. Further down the scoreboard, the People’s Movement against the EU (no prizes for guessing its political alignment) will be seeking to build on its 2009 success.

Estonia (6 seats)

This Baltic state’s pioneering use of Internet voting in the last European election helped boost turnout from 27% in 2005 to almost 44% in 2009. It will be repeating the experience this year and, if it continues to work this well, other countries should take note. No recent polls have been published, although the ruling Centre Party should be able to extend its domestic hegemony to the European level.

Finland (13 seats)

The ruling National Coalition Party faces its first European test since it first became the largest Finnish party in 2011. Polls suggest it will pass with flying colours, winning the election with 22.7%, just ahead of Olli Rehn’s Centre Party, with 21.7%. Other parties set to win seats are the eurosceptic Finns Party ( 17%), the Social Democrats ( 15.4%), the Greens ( 8.1%) and the Left Alliance ( 7.1%).

France (74 seats)

France is shaping up to be one of the main battlegrounds against populism, as the nationalists’ darling, Marine Le Pen, seeks to score a coup by harnessing the protest vote. The main parties’ decision to put “career politicians” at the head of certain party lists sparked a backlash and brought grist to Le Pen’s mill. Recent polls put her National Front in the pole position, with 24% of votes, just ahead of the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement ( 22%). President Hollande’s Socialist Party, meanwhile, continues to flounder in third place (19%).

Germany (96 seats)

After narrowly failing to cross the threshold needed to gain representation in the Bundestag, AfD will try to make amends in an election that is, perhaps, better suited to its political platform. The quirks of the German system mean Merkel’s Bavarian coalition partner will have to take at least 35% of the vote in Bavaria to cross the national threshold. Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats will also be aiming for a good performance to bolster his claim to the Commission Presidency. Polls suggest Merkel’s CDU/CSU will take 42 seats, the Social Democrats 26, the Greens and the Left 10 seats apiece, and the FDP and AfD 4 seats each.

Greece (21 seats)

Greece is still in troubled waters as it sails into its Presidency of the EU. Alexis Tsipras has worked hard to emphasise the rift between his party and the ruling coalition. And, judging from the polls, it is working: SYRIZA is in the lead, with 22% of votes to New Democracy’s 20.8%. More worryingly, Golden Dawn sits in third place with 9.1%. Meanwhile, PASOK ( 4.9%) is just clinging on for dear life.

Hungary (21 seats)

If Viktor Orbán was shaken by the EU’s threats of sanctions for his controversial constitutional reforms, he certainly has not shown it. The Fidesz juggernaut is on course to take close to 60% of the votes. The Socialist Party is a distant second, with 24%. Far-right Jobbik is third, with 14%. Together 2014, a broad coalition formed in opposition to Fidesz, will capture at best a single seat —more proof, if any was needed, of just how lopsided Hungarian politics have become.

Ireland (11 seats)

The Republic has reformed its constituencies since the last European election, with the abolition of the North-West and East ones and the creation of a Midlands–North-West one. No European polls have been published recently, but national ones show centre-right Fine Gael with a significant lead that will probably be reflected in the European election: 30% to Fianna Fail’s 21% and Sinn Féin’s 15%.


The road to Strasbourg (2/2)

Sunday 2 February 2014, by Alistair Spearing

Which party will receive the most votes? Who will be the next President of the Commission? Will the eurosceptics take the Parliament by storm? The second half of this two-part article looks at the state of affairs in different EU Member States with just a few months left until the 2014 European election.

Italy (73 seats)

To say that 2013 was a rollercoaster year in Italian politics would be quite an understatement. However, the coalition parties are closing in on a deal that could lead to less chaotic elections in the future. Matteo Renzi’s recent election as its leader has galvanised the Democratic Party, which leads the European polls with 32% of the votes, with Berlusconi’s revived Forza Italia in second place with 22%. Despite internal strife, the Five Star Movement still looks set to poll high, with 21%, while the New Centre-Right ( 5%) and the Northern League ( 4%) may capture a seat or two.

Latvia (8 seats)

With parliamentary elections looming in October, the European election in Latvia will be a dress rehearsal for the national one. No opinion polls have been published recently, but much will hinge on whether Dombrovskis’ Unity Party can withstand the battering it took following the Riga supermarket roof collapse, and on whether Latvians think their first months in the Eurozone have been good for them.

Lithuania (11 seats)

Prime Minister Butkevičius has pretty much staked his job on a successful European policy, claiming he will resign if Lithuania cannot join the Eurozone in 2015. Polls say voters will endorse his Social Democrats ( 25%), followed by the eurosceptic Order and Justice ( 11%) and the centre-right Homeland Union ( 9%), still in the doldrums following its poor showing in the 2012 national election.

Luxembourg (6 seats)

The European election will be the first acid test for the new Bettel government. No European polls have been published recently. However, if history and the October elections are anything to go by, the Christian Social People’s Party will handily win the European election, as it always has. The Socialist Workers’ Party should take second, although the Democratic Party will probably give it a run for its money.

Malta (6 seats)

As in other small countries, European election polls are few and far between. The archipelago is basically a two-party state, with only the centre-left Labour Party and the centre-right Nationalist Party holding any seats in the national parliament. Expect the two of them to carve up Malta’s European Parliament seats between them fairly evenly.

Netherlands (26 seats)

The big story is that Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom is leading the polls with 17% of votes. The resilient People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy ( 14%) continues to poll high despite several years in government, while the Labour Party ( 10%) flounders in fifth place as its core constituencies punish it for enabling harsh budget cuts and its blatantly out-of-character anti-immigration rhetoric.

Poland (51 seats)

Merkel has made no secret of the fact that Donald Tusk is on her shortlist for the Commission presidency but, at least in Poland, it looks like his Civic Platform ( 27%) will be beaten into second place by the anti-Federalist Law and Justice Party ( 30%). The largest centre-left party, the Democratic Left Alliance, is light-years behind them, at 12%. Other parties seem unlikely to gain representation.

Portugal (21 seats)

If you need proof of how short political memory is, look no further than Portugal. Less than three years after being smashed in the 2011 legislative election (its worst showing in over two decades), the Socialist Party ( 38%) is set to win the European elections by a country mile. The other side of the coin is the Social Democratic Party ( 27%), which has lost as much as the Socialists have gained.

Romania (32 seats)

Voters appear to think Prime Minister Ponta’s Social Democratic Party is managing the country well, as polls show the PSD ( 39%) greatly improving on its 2009 score. President Băsescu’s Democratic Liberal Party ( 19%), on the other hand, faces heavy losses and may even surrender second place to the National Liberal Party ( 18%). The ethnic Hungarian UDMR ( 6%) will try to salvage a seat or two.

Slovakia (13 seats)

Pro-Europeans and other democrats in Slovakia were left reeling by the election of neo-Nazi Marian Kotleba as the governor of Banská Bystrica, but they now have a chance to take back the initiative in the European elections. The Social Democrats ( 40%) should win handily, with the Christian Democrats ( 10%) a distant second. The Ordinary People Party ( 8%) and Most–Híd ( 7%) are vying for third.

Slovenia (8 seats)

Slovenia is going into the 2014 European elections after narrowly dodging a bailout and with new Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek at the helm. However, her Positive Slovenia will probably take a beating in May, as the centre-right Slovenian Democratic Party grabs 36% of votes and the Social Democrats take 21%. Bratušek’s party ( 14%) sits in third, just ahead of the Pensioners’ Party ( 13%).

Spain (54 seats)

The Socialists have so far been unable to make hay of the ruling Popular Party’s abortive attempts to revive the economy. However, the backlash against the new abortion law has turned the tables in national polls and could end up doing the same in European ones. While united on the home front, Catalan nationalist parties have been unable to agree on a common platform for the European elections and will be running in two separate coalitions. Recent polls show the Popular Party ( 32%) just ahead of the Socialists ( 30%), with the United Left ( 13%) receiving a huge boost compared to 2009, and Union, Progress and Democracy ( 9%).

Sweden (20 seats)

Although to outside observers Sweden may seem to be sailing smoothly, many Swedish voters disagree. This is why the four parties in the ruling coalition, even when put together, are polling lower than the Social Democrats’ 33% (!). Far behind, but still ahead of all the other parties, the staunchly anti-immigration Sweden Democrats ( 10%) will contribute to the populist upswell in Europe.

United Kingdom (73 seats)

While some polls put Labour and others put UKIP ahead, there is a real risk that the Conservatives will come in third in a national election for the first time in several generations, possibly even triggering a leadership challenge as restless backbenchers seek to depose a Prime Minister who is not conservative enough for their taste. Labour ( 32%) seems to be slowly but steadily forging ahead of UKIP ( 26%) as Farage’s party takes damage from “Stormgate” and other scandals. Not all hope is lost for the Conservatives ( 23%), who can still overtake UKIP and take a more or less honorable second.

25  European POLICIES and ISSUES / History - Archeology - Monuments / Angelopoulos'Brutal Killing Anniversary marks 2014 Memorial on: January 21, 2014, 11:00:51 PM

World famous  Filmwriter Angelopoulos: 2014 Memorial of all its works, at the Anniversary of his brutal killing

Full Memorial for one of the Best writers/Film Directors of European History : World Famous Theo Angelopoulos, starting from Athens, at the Anniversary of his Brutal Killing, on the 24th of January 2012, when his Head was crushed by a strange Motorcyclist, right at the spot while the old man was known to be directing his new film : - "The Other Sea", on the 2011 Popular uprisings against former PASOK's Governments' ill-doings which enslaved Millions of innocent People to an unprecedented Huge Debt, hidden for years both to the Country and all Europe, just to pay its abusive lackeys appointed as spare Civil Servants in an overstaffed Greek State, notoriously undermined by widespread Corruption since the 1980ies.
The only one who knew how to see, with intelligent and Human eyes, the whole World, through Ancient and Modern Greece's over-Millenary History, for all the People living Today and their Future.

Theo Angelopoulos - Heleni (daughter) - Last Drive (Music) - 2014 :
26  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Re: Nixon-like end for Obama on Spying Scandal(s) ? on: November 13, 2013, 07:42:47 AM
=> Obama Record LOW in Polls :  39% against 54% !

.... Obama's popularity has slumped to an all-time low, with a majority of Americans for the first time believing him to be dishonest and untrustworthy, a new survey showed.

.... an October 1 survey .... put Obama's disapproval rating at 49 percent to 45 percent approval.....

(But current) findings mark a significant Downturn :

The respected Quinnipiac University Poll found that Obama's approval rating had nosedived ....

...Overall, the poll said 54 percent disapproved of the job Obama was doing, against 39 percent who approved.


27  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Re: PSD asks Turkish Pass, Homosexual Mariage+ Child Adoptions, etc., as Obama.. on: November 13, 2013, 06:44:42 AM
.... In fact, as always, Turkish PM Erdogan serves the Interests of "Big Brother" from the USA Administation's Bureaucracy, particularly Obama's tradtional selfish pressure, undermining Europe's and all Humankind's Cultural and Moral Values, for some shady, UniPolar World, Global Lobbies.

But, if European People really desire for Healthy Democacy to prevail in EU and elsewhere, such trash should be thrown to the Waste-basket of History, and German Citizens' democratically expressed will must be respected.


Obama Record LOW in Polls :  39% against 54% !

.... Obama's popularity has slumped to an all-time low, with a majority of Americans for the first time believing him to be dishonest and untrustworthy, a new survey showed.

The respected Quinnipiac University Poll found that Obama's approval rating had nosedived ....Overall, the poll said 54 percent disapproved of the job Obama was doing, against 39 percent who approved.

The findings mark a significant downturn from an October 1 survey which put Obama's disapproval rating at 49 percent to 45 percent approval.....
28  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / ECHR: No to Homosexual Propaganda imposed even on Poor Greek People !... on: November 04, 2013, 02:52:09 AM
IF anyone attempts to impose, by Force (nonens-volens), any kind of officially consecrated "Union" or so-called "Marriage", between Homosexuals, even to the People and Sovereign Nation of nowadays Greece, i.e. there where, amidst an exceptionaly Hard Economic and Moral Crisis of Today, Poor Young Girls and Boys are practically Hindered to forge and maintain a Natural Couple, to create a Natural Family, and/or to give Natural Birth to their own Children, (unless they succeed to become self-sacrificing, anonymous Heroes...),

=> this will be, in fact, a blatant Violation of Real Human Rights, a Scandalous Abuse of Power and Ridiculisation of formal, so-called "Rights", and the beginning of the End of a Corrupted System, already declining.

On the contrary, all those People, throughout all Europe and the World, who are sincerely motivated by Real and substantial Human Rights, will be Shocked, Revolted, and inevitably pushed, both by an imperious Necessity and a growing Popular demand/aspiration,  towards starting to explore, find, establish and Fight for a brand New Mechanism for the Respect of real Human Nature's Dignity.

Simply because, obviously, an Old System which would impose Homosexual Propaganda to the detriment of Natural Families, even against the Free, Independent and Sovereign Will of a People that it has pushed up to Starvation, Suicide and Despair, would also have arrived at its Historic End.-
29  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Greens vote Benedict from Bavaria as No 1 among their new leaders !... on: October 20, 2013, 05:15:46 PM
Winning almost 92% of Green Delegates' Votes, at the Berlin Congres, the Oldest among the candidates for a "new" Collective Leadership after the September 2013 National Elections, (which were notoriously Catastrophic for the pro-SPD wing inside the Party, for the 1st time, surprisingly, it is .. ."Benedict", from Bavaria, who gets, by far, the Highest Number of preferences !

However,  he doesn't seem to have any personal link to ....Pope Emeritus "Benedict", who lived and worked also in Bavaria, at least according to the "official" Green Party Informations available today...

Among other noteworthy facts, a representative from Saarland, the Laender with the longest ChristianDemocrat - Greens coalition, wins the 1st place as Political Leader, (Simone Peter), while a BioEthics' sensitive new candidate linked also with the German Catholic Christians wins a Record High Number of Votes, (Betina Jarash : 84,5%), which is, however, outpassed by a "Claudia (Roth) - Baby-boomer" (Michael Kellner, with 88,5%), while the only residu remaining from the Past, pro-"SPD" era of Rudolf Scharping and Joshka Fischer, (Ozdemir), on the contrary, loses more than - 8 % of Votes in 2013, compared to what he had got previously, ending now, in 2013, with the Lowest  number of Votes than anyone else (only 71 %, compared to 75,9% 80,9%, 84,5%, 88,5% and 91,8% for the other 5 "New" winners) !
30  European CITIZENS and FORUM / European CITIZENSHIP / "One of us" EU Citizens' Initiative succeeded more than 1 Million signatures ! on: September 12, 2013, 10:59:39 PM

... earlier than expected !

=> Now, the real Fight STARTS :

>>> The conscience of the crucial need to protect Human Dignity in BioEthics; against Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryo, has become a Popular revendication.

(coming also just after an interesting ECJ's judgement against Patents on Human Embryo, published on 2012 at Luxembourg)

See :

Comp. :
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