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31  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Terrorist was Security Guard !... on: June 13, 2016, 06:04:07 AM

The deadly terrorist who killed more than 50 people at Orlando, US, on Sunday, linked to "Islamic State"'s extremists beheaders even of civilians, had a job as ...."Security Guard" at "G4S" Company in Florida, almost during a Decade (2007-2016) !

However, Omar Mateen from Afghanistan, (born at NY as a 2nd generation migrant to a father said to call in public armed Afghan Talibans "brothers"), had been already checked and heard by the American authorities "Twice", on various allegations of "extremist islamist" statements to third persons, added to suspicions of being linked to another, already revealed Terrorist, on 2013 and 2014, but they had reportedly been "inconclusive".

Similar cases of Brussels' and/or Paris' recent 2015 and 2016 Massacres - related armed Terrorists, some of whom had been hired by a Belgian Airport, or public transport companies, f.ex. in buses or subway services to the public, have been notoriously discovered also in Europe.

A part of "Security Guards" working at Paris-based "Bataclan" Music Hall, where a group of ISIS' armed Terrorists managed to intrude, hide themselves, penetrate at key-points of the main room, attack and kill many dozens of defenseless Civilian people at November 2015's massacre, were suspected by the leader of the US Rock band playing that night, (a collaborator of which was killed then), to have had at least a prior knowledge of - or even somewhat facilitated - that horrible mass crime.

Even brutal aggressions against non-Muslim Refugees in Germany (at least one apparently deadly) have been often reported as being committed with the complicity or even the violent participation of several so-called "Security Guards" hired by Private Companies and paid by the German Government to supervise refugees' residences... Other harassment or even aggression incidents concerned similar individuals hired even as local ...Policemen.

What's going on ? Who is really responsible for all those scandalous blunders ? Why some have betrayed Citizens' trust, and abandoned or even delivered them to deadly Terrorists hidden under cover as hired and paid Agents of public services (even of "Security") provided to the public at large ?

Obviously, something has to Change, if EU Citizens, as well as other innocent civilian People throughout the whole World are to be really protected against such horrible deadly Terrorists, as those of ISIS' inhuman  killers and atrocious beheaders !

Otherwise, certain officials will bear too heavy Responsibilities vis a vis the People who elected them and History.
32  European AGENDA / of European CITIES / Strasbourg: No 1 in France for armed Djihadists going to Turkey to attack Syria! on: April 21, 2014, 09:05:22 PM
Strasbourg city = No 1 in France for armed Islamic Extremist Djihadists traveling to Turkey for attacks on Syria ?! ..

According to the latest news from the mainstream French Press, Strasbourg city, still held by socialist Mayor Ries, (who exploited the division between the parties of the right in order to artificially prolong office, despite a sharp fall of his party into a minority), has become France's No 1 origin of Islamic Extremists, armed Djihadists who travel to Turkey in order to launch deadly attacks in Syria :

While from all other cities the only known cases are just those of two young girls aged just 16  and even 14 years old (finally found in Germany or interepted at the Airport before leaving for Turkey, respectively), as well as or three other youngsters who prefered to return back to their family after being disapointed by the situation that they saw in the Turkish camps of refugees where "training" of armed extremists takes place,

on the contrary, it's only from Strasbourg that at least 12 (twelve !) more cases of young individuals (French or foreign residents) are known for having left to Turkey, since 12/2013, where they reportedly travelled all the way from Antalya, at the West, up to the borders with Syria, at the far east of the country, "without ever being disturbed by the Turkish Authorities", in order to join the rangs of Extremist Islamist Djihadists attacking Syria, (one of them having even been sent to kill both himsef and others by exploding a Bomb, according to official French sources)...

All in all, more than 250 persons are estimated to have left France recently in order to go to Turkey to join armed Islamic Extremist Djihadists launching deadly attacks in Syria, according to the latest numbers revealed by the competent French authorities.

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