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1  European CITIZENS and FORUM / On this FORUM / EuroForum Resumes Publications (Exceptionaly Interrupted since Feb. 11, 2021) on: May 02, 2021, 05:53:29 AM
Our Members can anew Resume Publishing at "Eurofora"'s own Forum

(which had been Exceptionaly Interrupted, since Feb. 11, 2021 : See,968.msg1165/boardseen.html#new)

2  Announcements / http://EUROFORA.NET interactive European News project / Eurofora 3 WhistleBlows on Virus Pandemic (2 Confirmed + 1 New) on: July 06, 2020, 11:40:53 PM
Eurofora 2X WhistleBlowed on Virus to Call for Early Protection +Slam Bogus Fake-Study v. HCQ+ cure (Confirmed: 1st Negatively, 2nd Positively)

Facts Proved that "Eurofora", already, Rightfully Whistle-Blowed Twice (X2) against certain Grave Errors about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics :

- (A) First, by Calling for Urgent Early Protection against Risks of Europe's Infection +, Already since January 27/28, February 22, and February 24. (See:,936.0.html, +,+, etc).

- (B) Second, by clearlly Denouncing 1st of all the main "Bogus" Fake-Study Slandering "HCQ+" Cure, at a Moment when there were Many unjust Attacks, with Oppressive Measures against that Cheap and Simple Medicine, (See Our Publication Dated 23/5/2020:, etc).

=> Afterwards, Many subsequent Facts and Events notoriously Proved that "Eurofora" was Right :

- (A) On the First Point, see, among others, also WHO's Statements on Europe Becoming the Pandemic's "EpiCenter", Mid-March 2020, EU's Too Late Measures, EU Infecting Russia, USA, and Other Key Parts of the World, etc., (f.ex.:, +, etc).

- (B) On the Second Point, see, among others, also French Professor Didier Rault's Subsequent Reactions, from 25/5/2020, "Open Letter" by almost 400 Medical Doctors from 5 Continents, about 27-28-29/5/2020, Professor Tsiodras' Support at CoE's Debates on 1st June 2020, "LANCET"'s Enquiry, and, finally, the Retraction of the Authors of that "Bogus" Fake-Study, (which Provoked an UnPrecedented Scandal), as well as WHO's Restoration of "HCQ+" at International Trial Studies, Announced on 3 June 2020, etc. (F.ex.:, +, +, etc).

>>> This is Published Nowadays, When a ... 3rd Important "Eurofora" Whistle-Blowing about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics has Just Started, on Recent and still Evolving Events...
=> Stay Tuned !

3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / HCQ v. Virus, Relaunched ! on: June 04, 2020, 04:32:05 PM
HCQ : A Victory in the Battle, (while War continues...) WHO's U-Turn, ReOpening HCQ Trials v. the Virus, came on June 3, (a Day after LANCET's "Concerns" for its Bogus <<Fake-Study>> slandering HCQ). I.e., as We had Already Published since May 23, and June 1st !

See:  (<<Bogus "Study" Risks to give Pretext to Block HCQ/AZ/Zinc Cure, f.ex. in France+>>) + (+"in fine"), (<<CoE Chair's Harvard+Einstein-educated Prof. Tsiodras (Greece/Australia): HCQ+ is Safe Cure v. Virus>>).

...But, during these 9 Days of Slandering and "Freezing" HCQ Trials, provoked by that Bogus "Fake Study", (25 May - 3 June) => 42.254 more People Died, and 1.083.263 more People were Infected... What these Fanatic Anti-Trump thugs did, is a Crime ! (See an INTW one of them gave to a ...Turkish Islamist TV "TRT")

4  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / White House reads Eurofora ? - HCQ v. Virus move on: April 07, 2020, 10:47:26 PM

Shortly after "Eurofora" published about moves (in Strasbourg etc) on HCQ treatment versus the Virus (See: USA President Don Trump suddenly decided to Focus on Measures about helping the People to have access to HCQ, at a long Press Conference (See: !

+ He even used our argument's wording about : - "I can't Wait for one and a half Year more, when so many People are Dying each day now"...

=> Is it, perhaps, also because even the "White House" reads "Eurofora" ?...
5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Virus:EU Boom+Hospital Risk? on: February 28, 2020, 06:40:00 AM

Virus: EU Implodes + Hospitals Risky ?

   SInce "Eurofora"s stern Warning that "Deadly Modified Virus CoV.ID-19 Attacks towards Europe's Core !", on 22 Feb. 2020, (See:, Adde also our 24/2/2020 UpDate :, EU has, more and more clearly, become 1st in the World on the Number of Victims, after China's area (incl. S.Korea/Japan) !

Indeed, EU/EEA/UK sudenly reached at least 541 Infected persons. Moreover, according to other calculations, the Real Number of Victims in the EU would have already reached 730 Contaminated Europeans, (a main cause for that Discrepancy apparently being a decision by Italian Authorities to Hide the Number of that Virus-Affected Victims, by Not Announcing, from now on, but Only those with Severe Complications or Dead)...

 => At the same time, the "Impact" of North-Western Italy's strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination, (Exceptionaly Not Imported from China, etc), vis a vis the rest of the EU, "would be HIGH", according to the Latest Report of ECDC (27/2/2020) !

This goes "Especially if Hospitals were affected, and a large number of Healthcare Workers (i.e. Medical Staff) had to be Isolated", the European Watchdog warned.

+ Moreover, the real "Impact on Vulnerable" People,  "withIN affected Hospitals or healthcare facilities, is due to be Severe", ("particularly for the Elderly", but not only), ECDC sternly Denounces.

Obviously, such Augmented Risks Threaten mainly EU's Franco-German Core, in Adjacent Regions to North-Western Italy, as shows, among others, also the concrete Example of a Young French just Hospitalized in Strasbourg After travelling to Nearby NW. Italy.

At the Same Time, those Strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination (Not due to China), - including f.ex. "Hospitals or (Other) Healthcare facilities" (Comp. Supra), - have Already Killed at least 2 Victims Dead in NW. Italy  and near Paris (Northern France), a Peasant and a Professor respectively, withOut yet knowing where those Infections came from, Nor how...

>>> Most of all, it's a Scandal to see that, still Today, while the EU suffers with 541 or 730 Victims (Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, Russia and India, Big Neighbours of China, have Only ... 2 and 3 Patients from that Virus !

At least Russia, (often Friendly with China), had reportedly Closed its Borders almost immediately, already since a Long Time Ago.

=> Meanwhile, What have our EU Leaders done, in order to Timely and Efficiently Protect the European People ?

6  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / Re: SmartPhones:EU to Launch O.S., as USA Blocks China+ on: September 21, 2019, 04:41:02 AM

Meanwhile, "Eurofora" had spoken on that to French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire's Press Officer, Dimitri Lucas, already since 6 September 2019, urging him to transmit :

As for the "Lin-Phone" Software, initially based only on Linux O.S., it's address is :
7  Announcements / http://EUROFORA.NET interactive European News project / Eurofora invited at EU's Romanian Presidency Peace event in Bucarest, April 2019 on: April 02, 2019, 11:00:07 PM
"Eurofora" was Invited at an interesting and timely Romanian EU Presidency event in Bucarest, focused on Peace-building, with keynote Speaker the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Meleșcanu, and many former Heads of State/Government from the surrounding Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Ukraine, Russia, Korea and other Countries, (several from the Historic era of Berlin Wall's fall), co-organized by an Institute headed by the former President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, and UN-accredited, Peace Activist NGO HWPL from South Korea, on 1 and 2 April 2019.

The declared aim is also to create a "Forum-Debate" for the foreseable Future, gathering Together various Heads of State/Government, Politicians and Diplomats, Experts and University Researchers, Civil Society, etc., about Cultural Diplomacy in the Resolution of protracted Conflicts, through Mutual Respect of eachother's History, Dialogue between various Identities, and research of Joint Interests for Strategic Partnerships, in a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Religious Co-Existence, in order to create Trust and a Peace Culture Worldwide, according to the organizers.

By a coincidence, "Eurofora"'s co-Founder had been First Invited to Romania by the PanEuropean Council of Europe, precisely during the Presidency of the Country by Emil Constantinescu, as early as since back on 1997 ! And, Nowadays, the new UNO's Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, (with whom we have cooperated at various occasions in the Past : Portugal's PM, EU/CoE Presidency, UNHCR, UNSG, etc), is expected here in Strasbourg, on mid-April 2019, to address CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, while Peace-Building was notoriously his main Focus during a hard-fought pre-Electoral Campaign at the International Organisation's top. Almost at the Same Time, there is a Crucial for Peace Election of Ukraine's President between the Ends of March and April 2019, while the Topical Issue of Korean Pennisula's De-Nuclearisation, ReConciliation and evental ReUnification, etc. has come at the forefront of World-wide attention, parallel to recent Developments in Syria and elsewhere, including UNO's efforts to crystalize the terms of reference for an eventual revival of Top Talks for a Solution of Cyprus' issue, (etc).

The Invitation (initially addressed to "Eurofora" as well as to other Journalists from  "France24", "EuroNews", "RadioFrance" and "Express") covered the main Expenses and the organizers kindly offered to try to Help us for Fast-Track, last minute, practical solutions to Logistic matters. But an Exceptional Overload recently provoked, inter alia, also by 2 Plenary Sessions of EU Parliament in Strasbourg on March 2019, in the run-up to the crucial forthcoming EU Elections, followed by CoE Assembly's (and CLRAE's) Spring 2019 Session on April, EU-China Top Level Meetings in Paris and Brussels, ECHR developments, various local events, (etc), did not left us enough Time, not even to sleep, after some Bureaucratic interferences, here or there, had also provoked a series of Delays with whom we had to try to catch up asap... Therefore, we regretted to be obliged to finally decline this offer (at the last minute, and after having tried to deal with some practical, Time-consuming a.o. issues : Comp. Supra), and whole-heartedly Wish to the Organizers the Best possible Success in their interesting endeavours on an obviously important issue of Nowadays World, Hoping to eventually join them at another occasion later-on.

8  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Re: Vote => ? on: February 08, 2019, 04:47:12 AM
Proposition, de lege ferenda, qui semble, a priori, interessante.

=> A creuser, ajuster, peaufiner et débatre !
9  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Grand Debat/Gilets Jaunes: Droit Citoyen à Dialogue avant Decision = compromis ? on: February 08, 2019, 12:09:02 AM
France/Grand Debat/Gilets Jaunes: Droit Citoyen à Dialogue avant Decision = Solution de Compromis Democratique ?

Au coeur d'une Solution de compromis possible au conflit socio-politique dite des "Gilets Jaunes" en France, (qu'on essaie de résoudre, entre autre, aussi par un "Grand Débat" actuellement en cours), pourrait être la reconnaissance d'un nouveau Droit Citoyen au Dialogue avec les Autorités Publiques avant les Décisions qui affectent les persones interessées et/ou la Société dans son ensemble.  

"Eurofora" avance, analyse et soutient une telle réforme démocratique moderne, dépuis longtemps, pour l'ensemble de l'Europe. Et une serie d' appuis juridiques concrets existent déjà, aussi bien en France qu' au plan de l'UE, etc. Des recherches originales en droit public, dépuis près de 40 années, en France et ailleurs en Europe ou dans le Monde, qui arrivent bientôt à un point culminant, semblent le prouver clairement.

In s'agirait d'un vrai "Droit", guarantissant une Procedure d' information et écoute des Citoyens, doublée d'une obligation de répondre à leurs observations critiques, avant la décision finale, sous le contrôle de juges indépendants pour le caractère suffisant, vrai et correct (p.ex. cohérent, légal, proportionel, etc) des réponses données par l' Administration Publique de l'Etat aux arguments presentés par le Peuple.

Ainsi, (avec attention pour qu'on ne paralyse pas indument l'action efficace de gouvernements democratiquement élus avec d'eventuels abus excessivement proceduralistes, surtout dans certains domains-clé : p.ex. Sécurité/Terrorisme, Investisments Cruciaux pour le développement économique et/ou Scientifique, etc), la voie d'un Dialogue transparent Démocratique, avec utilisation aussi des Technologies Modernes de Communication, grâce au Numerique, etc, pourait s' ouvrir à l' horizon.

Le RIC (soutenu par plusieurs "Chémises Jaunes", et d'autres), peut-être un beau "rêve" pour l' avenir, mais force est de constater qu'en réalité, même 1,5 Siècle après la Commune de Paris, la Société actuelle ne paraît pas prête à l' adopter, (au moins pas dans sa forme "complète" avec 3 volets, comme voulu par des GJ). Et ce fait ne devrait pas bloquer toute solution au conflit actuel. En revanche, cette idée pourrait être portée par des mouvements socio-politiques d'idées, voire des Partis nouveaux, s'ils le souhaitent, et ainsi soumise aux débats d'idées démocratiques, voire même aux Votes du Peuple, ici et ailleurs, pour un avenir, qui, peut-être, ne serait pas trop lointain.



10  European CITIZENS and FORUM / On this FORUM / UPDATE: Registration may continue, after 1st Measures were taken on: June 22, 2018, 12:04:39 AM

- An initial Enquiry found certain Facts, from which it results that, normally, Registrations could continue, on the condition to take some First Measures.
11  European CITIZENS and FORUM / On this FORUM / 2nd Aggression Obliges to re-Suspend Registration of New Members ! on: June 18, 2018, 11:42:47 AM
Despite the Recent Resumption of Registration of New Eurofora Forum's Members, a 2nd Aggression in a row, during these Months, which erupted suddenly last Saturday Afternoon, Obliges "Eurofora" to Suspend anew the New Members' Registration in the Forum, sine die.

An Investigation has just started on What, Who and Why Caused those 2 Recent Aggressions against "Eurofora" WebNews Media site. Until enough Light is shed, and Justice is done, it seems that a Threat of even More Aggressions persists, (as everywhere - Comp. f;ex. ECHR Case-Law, etc- Impunity of any Crimes is Both Scandalous and Dangerous for All Victims of various Abuses)...
12  Announcements / http://EUROFORA.NET interactive European News project / Eurofora Invited to NATO-France CyberDefence +EUOmbudsman Press (Paris+Brussels) on: May 16, 2018, 02:46:37 AM
Eurofora Invited to NATO-France Cyber-Defence International Conference +EU Ombudsman Press Conference (Paris+Brussels)

Eurofora was kindly Invited to Cyber-Defense/NATO Conference, organized together by French Army Minister Florence Parly and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, as well as to EU Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly's Press Conference (respectively in Paris and in Brussels) this week.

But we were obliged, at the Last Minute, by various unforseen practical issues, (including an unprecedented Disruption of all our Phone/Fax/Internet Communications the 14/5) to cancel both planned visits.

The manifold Importance and our Interest for those two Topical European/Trans-Atlantic Events (including relevant Press Contacts), considering also certain Forthcoming Developments and/or Projects, are, however, unquestionably High.


Presse / Press - Confirmation et informations utiles - Registration and access informations // Cyber Defense Pledge Conference - 15 mai 2018 à Paris
De:  Marie Perochain <>

1  Fichier (1.2 MB)
Programme_Conférence_Cyber_Defence_Pledge.pdf (application/pdf)
14/05/2018 18:48


We are pleased to welcome you on the Cyber Defence Pledge Conference which will be held in Paris on Tuesday, May 15th.   Please find attached the conference final agenda.

The press entrance will be on École militaire’s  gate number 1, from 7:45 am to 8:30 am

Because of security measures, the access to the conference will be forbidden between 8:45 am and 9:15 am. It will be also essential to present an ID card of current validity at the entrance.

Adress et access :
- 1, place Joffre - 75007 Paris
- Metro : Line 8 - Stop : Ecole Militaire
- Bus : n° 28, 80, 82, 87, 92

Security check :
- present an ID card of current validity to the entrance (Otherwise, access will be refused)
- Plan to check-in before 8:30 am

We stay available for any question you may have.

Kind regards,

Press service of Defense Ministry

Centre presse du ministère des Armées
09 88 67 28 33


REMINDER: Invitation to the European Ombudsman's press conference on 17 May at 10h
De:  European Ombudsman News <>

15/05/2018 13:56

 European Ombudsman


Press Conference

Thursday 17 May 2018 at 10.00
European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly
The Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. Any EU citizen, resident, or an enterprise or association in the EU, can lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman's powers include the right to inspect EU documents, call officials to testify, and to open strategic inquiries on her own initiative.

For more information:


Gundi Gadesmann,

Head of Communication
T. +32 2 284 26 09

Ombudsman O'Reilly will present and discuss the following:

·         Update on the inquiry concerning transparency in the Council of Ministers
·         Update on the Fast-Track Procedure for handling access to documents requests
·         Update on strategic work concerning the Brexit negotiations
·         Update on other major inquiries
·         Complaints against EU agencies
·         Complaints about EU contracts, grants and funding
·         Ombudsman Annual Report 2017  

Followed by Q&A

Venue:  Rue Montoyer 30, ground floor, Brussels.

13  European CITIZENS and FORUM / European CITIZENSHIP / EU-Citizens Debate: FREE, or Not ? A RIGHT, or Not ? on: May 08, 2018, 07:06:47 AM


Let's Resume the FACTS :

- Some Bureaucrats have Chosen ..."96" (sic !) among 350 Millions of EU Citizens, to serve as even more Intermediaries.

- They have Invited them (not you !), inevitably to Brussels, (Expenses Paid by EU Taxpayers' Money, including Poor People obliged to pay VAT on All their meagre revenues).

- They shall determine the Questions, on which 350 Millions EU Citizens will be asked to Reply. (I.e. Noone else is allowed to Choose any other Question)...

- All that EU Citizens have to do is : ... Passively "Stay" (sic !), until those Shady Intermediaries, at last, "Unveil" their "Questions", at a moment that they have chosen.

 - What might happen to eventual, Passive "Replies" of some among 350 Millions EU Citizens, obviously will Depend exclusively from those UnElected, UnKnown, UnControled and UnAccountable Intermediaries....

- This is an "One-Off" event, made Only at the Eve of the forthcoming, May 2019 EU Election : Not Before, and (most Probably) Neither Afterwards (unless some other such Bureaucrats, might, perhaps, Choose to do so, at an UnPredictable moment, on an UnPredictable and Imposed Issue, withOut any Freedom of Choice for EU Citizens)...              

+ Total Financial COST (in EU Taxpayers Money) :  Several Hundreds of Thousands €, or even Millions € !          

 Instead of that, "Eurofora"'s Project proposes :

- Full FREEDOM for ALL 350 Millions of EU Citizens to eventually take the Initiative to Speak out Whenever they might want, on Whatever Issue they like, and be Sure that their Views will be fully Published, (and Remain Published, for as Long as necessary), in addition to being dully Sumarized and Grouped Together in Easily Accessible relevant Public Files.

+ The Elementary RIGHT, for any EU Citizens, to :

* be Timely Informed of any planned Decision by Public Authorities, which may Affect their Lives and/or Society at large ;

* Express their Views, on such Projects, (which, naturally, Includes also the Right to Propose Alternative Choices );

* Receive a Timely and Sufficient Reply, based on True Facts and Sufficient Logical Arguments, relevant to what is really at Stake.

* be Free to Engage in an elementary Dialogue, between EU Citizens and/or with the competent Public Authority, in order to Exchange on those Facts and Arguments.

* have all that Published, Clearly Classified according to the Issues at stake, and Remaining easily Accessible to all, as Long as necessary in the foreseable Future, (f.ex., at least until the Next EU Elections, and, if possible, well Beyond).

* Financial COST (in EU Tawpayers' Money) : Practically, almost ZERO !

=> Isn't that, really DIFFERENT ?....

14  Announcements / Multi-Lingual / Free OnLine TRANSLATORS on: May 05, 2018, 09:50:18 PM

Go to :

+ scroll Down to the "Major" MultiLingual  "239 Translators"

=> Chose whatever you want, and that's all !


(NDLR : If you use ENGLISH, it's Better : )
15  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / European+ HQ's MAPs on: May 05, 2018, 09:21:58 PM
 European/International Organisations HeadQuarters' MAPs:

(A) Strasbourg's European Quarter:

(Part : Shenghen secretariat + EuroCorps are located in Other Areas of the City)




(B) Brussels' European Quarter:





(C)Luxembourg's European Quarter :




(D) Geneva's International Quarter :




(E)  New York UN Headquarters' MAP :

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