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1  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Interesting Australia's lesson against controversial psedo-"vaccines"... on: December 31, 2021, 07:11:48 AM

Australia had a unique experience of a recent period with only BioNTech-Pfizer's controversial "vaccine", and this resulted in an awful mess of much more infections, hospitalisations and deaths than before !

=> In consequence, it started to return back to its succesful previous period of mainly public health (non pharmacetical) measures, which had practicaly stoped the virus and even managed a gainful economic revival (almost as in China)...

Isn't that an interesting perspective also for Europe (currently the Epicenter of the Pandemic, for a 2nd time), at least as long as EMA still refuses to authorize any "Classic" Technology vaccine (even if the WHO already did so in 3 cases) ?
2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Plus de mRNA Faux-"Vaccins" en Dom-Tom ? => Vive la France ! on: November 24, 2021, 05:54:52 AM
Plus de mRNA Faux-"Vaccins" en Dom-Tom ? Vive la France !

Selon les dernières nouvelles, le Peuple en Guadeloupe et autres Dom-Tom ne veut plus des Faux-"Vaccins" manipulant le Genôme Humain, (comme les Controversés "mRNA" Turco-Amerloques : Biontech-Pfizer ou Moderna, et "Virus-vector", with or without Chimpanze : Astrozeneca ou Jannsen UK-USA).

Au point que le Gouvernement français aurait promis de leur trouver d'Autres vaccins, plus Classiques, utilisant des Techniques bien connues, comme celles inspirées par Louis Pasteur, et testées pendant 2 Siecles déjà...

En fait, il y en a Beaucoup contre le COVID, ayant déjà passé en Phase 3 de test final, et l' Organisme Mondial de la Santé a Autorisé au moins 2 tels vaccins Classiques, de provenance de Chine, et en train de se répandre Largement dans 4 Continents à travers le Monde !

=> Ainsi, il parait, enfin, aussi un Espoir pour tels Vaccins de type "Classique" (et, donc, beaucoup plus Surs), d' être, enfin, Autorisés même en France Metropolitaine.

En ce cas-là, Beaucoup des persones Hésitant encore, pourraient Accepter d'être Vaccinées, en Sécurité et Sans Craintes.

>>> Donc : -"Vive la France !"... Si elle réussit d'ouvrir une telle Nouvelle Perspective, (déjà testée, préalablement, avec Succès pendant plusieurs mois récemment, p.ex. en Hongrie, San Marino, etc).
3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / Anti-Pass Demonstrations in France Boom ! on: August 01, 2021, 11:59:37 PM
Establishment's Medias Hide the Truth, here as elsewhere, But it's a Fact that Popular Demonstrations against that controversial "Pass" COVID and Obligatory Vaccinations with a few Doubtful pseudo"vaccines" become, in France, more and more Big !

They grow for a 3rd Time in a row, reaching at least several Hundreds of Thousands of People, in more than 180 locations, according to the Police, (and the True Numbers are Obviously Booming much More !)
4  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / USA: Save Proof on Fraud Urgently ! (says Lawyer on Georgia Lawsuit to Court) on: November 29, 2020, 11:50:42 PM
USA: Save Proof on Fraud Urgently ! (says Lawyer on Georgia Legal Complaint to Court)

An Urgent Appeal to Secure Factual Evidence on Election Fraude indications in Georgia,  from imminent Threat to be Destroyed on Nov. 30, was launched by Lawyer Powell to the Court where a relevant, Wider Lawsuit has been recently lodged.

It concerns more than 3 Hours of Registered activities with the Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Voting Machines at a County where all independent Observers were Suddenly Expulsed OverNight, under a Fake Pretext of an alleged "Water Pipe" problem, while, During all that Period of Time, local Staffers were still Working with the Machines inside those Vote Offices... Enough to eventualy Manipulate many Thousands of Votes in that Key "Swing" State !

Local Officials have reportedly Admitted that they Intend to "Reset" those Computers, and Erase their Data, on November 30. In Consequence, if the Court (or FBI, etc) does Not Take Immediate Action to Timely Prevent the Destruction of Key Evidence about probable Fraud, irremplaceable Material Proof is obviously Threatened to be Erased for ever, already Tomorrow...

It's Not Clear at all Why the Local Authorities would Insist to "Reset" those Highly Controversial "Dominion" Machines as Early as, already, since Nov. 30, since there is Not Any Obvious Big Need to do so immediately.

A quasi-Systematic Obstruction by Lower Courts in the States suspected for Fraud (Added to Censorship by Establishment's Medias) has been a Notorious Obstacle into Finding the Truth about the 2020 Controversial US Presidential Election, still facing manifold Challenges in various, State and/or Federal Courts, Legislatures, etc...
5  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Divulgation of Private Data = Crime in France, after Islamist Terrorist Murder on: October 25, 2020, 11:58:07 AM
. A series of aggressions, brutaly taking protective Masks away from People's Head, most of the times by Attacking them Behind the back, in full deadly Virus Pandemic, took place in Belarus, ...under the Cover of an apparently "Peaceful" Group of "Women".. Just to watch the Videos showing the way that they attacked, (and simply thinking of the possible Consequences on Human Health by such brutal deprivations of obligatory protective Masks vis a vis the Deadly Virus), cannot but, spontaneously, wonder whether those sly aggressors were realy "Women" or "Hyenas" ?....

In Fact, it's Even WORSE ....

=>Divulgation of Private Data = Crime in France, after Islamist Terrorist Murder

Indeed, those Belarus' "hyenas" (as Jory nicknamed them), acknowledged that (in addition to expose to the Virus) a 2nd Aim of their sly Aggressions was to ...Steal the Identities of their Victims, in order to Unveal them to everybody at the Internet !

But, precisely, the Divulgation of Private, Personal Data, (f.ex., Name, Identity, Photo, Residence, Job, Coordinates, Family, etc), particularly at the Internet, is officialy and explicitly becoming a Crime, Punishable as such (per se) in France, at the Aftermath of Samuel Paty's Brutal Murder by a Coward Islamist Terrorist who didn't like the Cartoons that this Professor had Examined and Discussed in the ClassRoom of his Students for the Bachellor Degree, at the Lyceum, in a lesson for the Democratic Freedom of Expression.

See : ,,955.0.html
6  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Virus: Ventilation key in Confined spaces, say USA's CDC on: October 11, 2020, 06:23:38 PM
USA's Public Health Authority CDC, has just published a new Sanitory protocol against the Virus, which makes it clear that "Confined spaces with Insufficient Ventilation from Outdoors" Oxygen present a serious Risk of Infection, through simply Breathing the Air, where already affected individuals may have crossed, even Hours Before.

Recent Facts clearly indicate that this is More Dangerous than even Touching various Contaminated Surfaces (Tissues, Paper,  Wood, Metal, Plastic, etc).

7  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Re: Italy Mystery (Virus) ?! on: March 26, 2020, 11:02:05 AM
Quote from: Thunderbird

You mean that :, ?

May be ...
8  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Italy Mystery on Virus ?! on: March 26, 2020, 09:56:35 AM
Italy Mystery on Virus ?!

China had almost 3.300 Dead by the Virus, but Italy has more than 6.800 !

Less than 1,5% of Infected People Died in China, while in Italy it's more than ...10% !...  

=> Why ?

Could, perhaps, this Mystery have any relation with the Fact that the current Italy's PM, the controversial opportunist "il Professore" Conte, has a very "Special" CV from an obscure Past ?

See, f.ex., what might be an, already, Premonitory, relevant Cartoon, at:,885.0.html

9  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / EUBorders+Erdogan-Women: Forgot Khalef's murder+ ?... on: March 08, 2020, 07:25:34 PM
EUBorders+Erdogan-Women: Forgot Hevrin Khalef's ("Future Syria" party's SG) murder+ ?...

Turkish President Erdogan, speaking at the International Day for Women, reportedly Claimed that it's a pity that "Nobody condemns the fact that Women seeking asylum are chassed away from the Borders of Greece", (which are also External Borders of the EU), asking "Greece (to) Open the Borders" (sic !)."

Currently, Erdogan is notoriously abusing of irregular mass migration flows in order to Blackmai Europe for more Money and/or his 3rd Military Invasion in Syria, (after Afrin and the Kurdish region, also now at Idlib), while preparing a relevant visit in Brussels next week.

He was apparently refering to many Dozens of Thousands of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Immigrants, mainly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., coming through Turkey, who have suddenly attacked the Greek and European Union Borders at Evros River (including with Stones, Gas, Knives, etc), where they have been reportedly transported also by Buses from Istanbul, backed by Turkish Police, sometimes even brutally pushed by Turkish Security Services, (according to various Medias reports), and supported by 1.000 Turkish Forces exceptionaly send at those Greco-Turkish Borders to assist them in their massive irregular tresspassing attempts. Both US and EU Authorities have Backed Greece's Sovereign Right to close its terrestrial Borders, and Duty to protect EU's External Borders, in these exceptional circumstances of blatant and brutal instumentalisation of mass irregular migrants manipulated by Turkey for its petty interests.

But, by doing so, did he "Forget" the recent scandal and abject war crime of the brutal Murder, Torture, Rape, and even odious Desacralisation of the Dead Body, trumpled underfoot, (in front of Video-cameras provocatively published at the Web), of young Syrian Woman Hevrin Khalef, Head of the "Future Syria" Party, who struggled for a Political Agreement and Unity between Christian, Arab, and Kurdish People in her Country, but was attacked and killed by Turkey's proxies/mercenaries, extremist Islamist Armed Gangs, at the Borders between Turkey and the Syrian Region of Turkey, during the Foreign Military Invasion by Ankara there on 2019 ? (See : +,, etc).

At least, after all this Time, did Turkey persecute, arrest and punish her odious Murderers ? Or, perhaps, Mr Erdogan only send them, as his mercenaries, to Libya...

+ And, by the way, what about the Killers of those 3 other Women of Kurdish origin, assassinated in Paris by Gunshots, (with suspicions notoriously pointing at the Turkish Security services), back on Jan. 2013 ?

What a short "memory" in Women's Day !
10  European CITIZENS and FORUM / "European" HUMOUR ? / EU:"European Way of Life" ...Censored ? on: September 16, 2019, 12:16:00 PM
Some pseudo-"Leftists", and other Establishment's lackeys, claim that EU Commission should Not use, but ..Outlaw the expression "European Way of Life", (as the Famous : "American Way of Life"), particularly when it's due to be associated also with Mass Migration issues nowadays...

In other words, to put it plainly, it's as if as some claimed that Migrants ...should NOT seek to become as well Integrated inside the EU, as to adopt a European Culture, and practice a real "European Way of Life":  NO !        

It all looks Spooky...           

11  EU ELECTIONS / RESULTS (Polls+Votes) / Spain=Equality of Votes between Union of the Right and Left in EUElection (Polls on: May 13, 2019, 10:54:55 PM

With about 38,5% of Votes each, a Unity of the Right scores Equal to the Left in Spain at the forthcoming EU Elections, according to Polls published nowadays.

"Socialists" would get some 28%, added to Podemos' 9%, and IU 1,5%. At the Right, E"PP" would get 19%, added to 14% for the "Citizens", and about 5,5% for "Vox".

More than 26% of votes had been given to various Other Parties in the Past, compared to "only" about 21% (-5% Less) Now.

The Rightists of New Party "Vox" had been created by a former Long-time MEP of mainstream Party of Christian-Democrats/EPP, who had been elected 5 Times as EU Parliament's vice-President.
12  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / ISIS' Victims remains found, But Criminals Not punished Yet... on: December 25, 2018, 08:13:31 AM
The remains of the victims of some among the most Atrocious ISIS' Crimes cowardly targetting innocent and poor Civilian People, (as, f.ex., the beheading of poor Foreign Workers from Egypt, Ethiopia, etc., in Libya, only because they were Coptic Christians) ,were recently found, near Syrta (Libya).

BUT, both for these and other Awful ISIS' Crimes, (including, f.ex., those notoriously committed against Yazidi People in Syria, etc), Nobody yet has been found and punished, despite several European/International Organisations' (and Victims') Calls to, at last, do an elementary Justice !

Until now, only one of those ISIS' chiefs who had notoriously launched the 1st call to cowardly target and kill innocent Civilian People inside Europe, the USA, etc., seems to have been killed, later on, at an undetermined clash.

However, even NAZI leading Criminals have been prosecuted, arrested, judged and executed, after the 2nd World War, while, on the contrary, ISIS' Worst Criminals are still running ...

=> For how long ?
13  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / US Jobless Rate 3,7% ?!... on: October 22, 2018, 12:30:27 AM
Has, really, USA's Unemployment rate fallen to an Historic Record Low of only 3,7%, as new US President Don Trump's Administration claims ?

If it's true, then, it seems that it's a Record Low in almost Half a Century !.....
14  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Italy: Date of Election under Pressure to Delay on: May 30, 2018, 01:25:39 AM
On the Date for New Elections in Italy, there is a lot of Pressure at this moment, because some want to Delay it from July until September or October, (if not even later)...
15  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Re: Turkey: Block EU Access to Energy by Manipulating Palestinians up to Death ? on: May 25, 2018, 03:00:16 AM
Are you sure that such an hypothetic scenario is effectively true ?
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