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31  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Norwegian freeMason Breivik part of big, inhuman Anti-EU Mass Manipulation Net ? on: July 24, 2011, 06:12:08 PM
Norwegian freeMason, Breivik, part of a huge, inhuman and Anti-European  Mass Manipulation Network ?

>>> "Breivik ... was a FreeMason,  a member of St. John's Lodge in Oslo.[41] After the attacks, his Lodge ...suspended his membership.[42]" , but he is an officially Registered Member of that Masonic Lodge at least "since 2008", after being born in London (UK) by a Diplomat serving at the Norwegian Foreign affairs department, according to revelations made by the Norwegian Press. (v. pex. : ). Naturally this doesn't mean that there might be any eventual link between these two different facts, not at all.

But, despite that fact, an obviously organized Mass Mediatic "Tsunami" Propaganda currently accuses, in 1st page Headline News; just  a ... "Christian", (i.e. the contrary !)..

Moreover, several eye witnesses, at the island where the massace took place, reportedly denounce the presence of more Gunmen for the killings of more than 90 People, so that another 7 suspects have been already arrested in a manhunt still going-on around that island. Εven a Police Director  reportedly observed that, "even if he claims to have acted alone, nevertheless, we must check"; because "certain Testimonies (from those who survived after the attack) on the island, create Doubts about whether the killer was just One".

 They also criticize the astonishing fact that, despite the fact that the location was already known and in the spotlight of the Police because of the expected visit of the Norwegian Prime Minister himself, during the next Day, nevertheless, curiously, Policemen delayed for more than 1 Hour and 40 minutes (almost .. 2 Hours) before they arrived on the spot, i.e. leaving, meanwhile, the on-going Mass-Killings to continue, (and any eventually other Gunmen, enough time to escape)...

All persons atrociously killed apparently were Simple, ordinary People, (some of them even Poor and/or Foreigners), without any important Official of the Norwegian Socialist-led Government being targetted.

As Part of a curiously recent, makeshift Publicity campaign, shortly after the Mass Killings, he reportedly published a Plagiat, "copy and paste" version of an old, "UnaBomber" Text, merely changing Names, etc, (i.e. using a similar method to that of former Socialist British Prime Minister Blair's former Spokesperson, fired after a Scandal revealed that he had plagiarized a.. Student's Memo pretexting that it was a Secret Services' findings about alleged "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Sadam Husein's Iraq, in order to push the USA to start the controversial 2003 Iraq War, as former US State Secretary, Condi Rice denounced herself), pretexting that he would be in favor of a "European Independence", curiously attributed to a Date very Far away in the Future : "2083", (which inevitably reminds, at present, ... Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's June 2011 Electoral campaign, placed under the slogan : "2023" !!!), obviously searching to slander and defame EU Citizens' democratic aspiration in favor of the emergence of a European Identity consiousness..

In addition, a Video he reportedly published at the Internet calling for a "War against Islam" is placed under the Heading .."Crusades" (sic !), i.e., once again, precisely the Word (and the Meaning) used, again and again, by the same Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, even when he spoke at the Council of Europe's assembly earlier this year.

This whole atrocious, grossly (and erroneously) Mass Media exploited, really Terrorist, totally Inhuman Massacre, STINKS !...

=> No 1 Question : - Who benefits from such a horrible mass Crime (and its Mediatic exploitation) ?  

By a coincidence, the move (and the Massacres, and the main Web Publication !) came in that Socialist-governed country immediately AFTER Polls published in France anounced a + 6% growth of President Sarkozy's popularity, (added to +2% during the previous two Months), a Day after brokering a Deal on €uroZone together with German Chancellor Merkel, but also in a Month (July 2011) in which; both himself and his friends, started a New Campaign in favor  of the Identity of France and of the European Union, against "Multi-Culturalism" and People living in separate, "Parallel Ghettos", as also Christiandemocrat CDU Merkel, as well as British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron also did recently. Poll's data indicated also that some People recently preferred to Drop Exteme Right parties, attracted by Mainstream Center-Right, unquestionably democratic politics.

On the contrary, the International Socialist, (often denounced by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban a.o. for reportedly aggressive Mass Mediatic personal Attacks), still remains largely in favor of "Multi-Culturalism", even at the expense of Cultural a.o. "'Ghetos", with only a few exceptions Worldwide.

Exceptionaly crucial Elections for EU's Future are scheduled during all 3 Next Years, f.ex. in France (2012), Germany (2013) and even EU-wide, for EU Parliament itself (2014)...
32  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / Upwards IMF review of €uroZone Growth +more Jobs boost EU Stock Markets on: April 02, 2011, 05:37:48 PM
IMF revised upwards its €uroZone Growth up to 1,6% in 2011 and 1,8 % in 2012, while Japan drops down a bit to 1,4%, because of Tsunami's effects, bouncing back up to 2,1% in 2012, close to USA (lower than previously expected), leaving to China the 1st role with more than 9% Growth...

Added to better results in Jobs (unemployment less than 10%, dropping down to 9,9% on February 2011 in €uroZone, 8,9% in the USA), this obviously made it easier for all EU's Stock Markets to jump today from +1% up to +1,9% in Frankfurt (Germany, +1,6% in Paris, France, where the weekly upward trend marks more than + 2,1%).
33  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Bliar on Trial for Iraq crack down... on: January 21, 2011, 01:03:21 AM
Former UK PM Tony Blair must be investigated also on Dr. Kelly's bloody killing at the UK, and ask Condoleeza Rice, former White House Security advisor, to explain what she meant when she put the blame on foreign misleading reports given to former U.S. State Secretary Colin Powell.
34  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Re: Australia Moral Majority Center-Right Government : People's choice ?! on: September 01, 2010, 03:58:49 PM
Independents must go with Coalition to form a New Center-Right Majority Government, or will be wiped out by Moral Values/Identity-driven Parties, which already got more votes (Families-Christians-Parents/One Nation-Australia 1st, etc) !

You mean, rather that result :

I.e. if some "Independents", eventually, betray their own Center-Right "Nationals" origins, their Rural/Urban Families/Small Business social roots, and even the Preferences of 2/3 of the People who Voted them in favor of an Alliance with the New Center-Right Coalition of Liberals/Nationals,

>>>  then, they will certainly be .. Wiped-out at least at the Next Election by their own Voters, who will obviously join the other Political Grouping which gathers Moral Values/National Identity-driven Parties, such as fast-growing "Families First", "Christian Party", "One Nation", "Australia First", "Non-custodial Parents", etc, who are close to Center-Right Coalition Parties, and are unjustly deprived still of any representation by any elected MP, even if they succeeded in 2010 to win now much MORE VOTES than all 4 "Indepenent" MPs !

The Australian People will sanction anybody who might eventually "play dirty games" against Democracy !
35  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Strange "tricks" over Australian People's votes.. on: August 23, 2010, 11:14:38 PM
If what Eurofora says is true, (i.e. that Center-Right values' representing candidates got, all together, a lead of more than 1 Million of votes ahead of Labor), then, it's really amazing how long it takes for the staff to reveal the real numbers (still controlled by the out-going Labor government) has delayed, so many Days, before even publishing the outcome in at least 90% of the votes, while obscure manouvers are still going on behind closed doors, on who will attract 4 independent MPs' decisive support..
36  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / EU Economy Grows more than USA, where productivity flip-flops... on: August 14, 2010, 02:34:27 AM

EuroZone's GDP Growth became Bigger than that of USA's, with a Difference of + 0,4 % more, ( + 1 % for Europe compared to only + 0,6% for the US), according to the latest Statistical News, while, almost at the same time, USA's Productivity Decelerates, droping -0,9% at the second Trimester of 2010. Mainly driven by Investment and Foreign Trade (particularly obvious in Germany), EuroZone's Growth looks oriented towards a Sustainable Future.

Considering  that a main Difference between the current European and American ways to get out of the Global Crisis consists in the fact that EU focuses exclusively on Investment and Innovation, , while USA follows a kind of Double-Track approach sharing its resources between Investment and Consumption, the Productivity and Growth indicators are particularly important in order to find out who is going to win the game by attracting more floating capital worldwide..
37  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Re: Iran Human SpaceFlight Plan 2019 shows Risks of Obama's Space Halt on: July 24, 2010, 05:30:29 PM
We'll see when the issue might pop-up soon right in the middle of the forthcoming November 2010 Mid-term Congress' Elections...
38  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Iran Human SpaceFlight Plan 2019 shows Risks of Obama's Space Halt on: July 24, 2010, 12:38:36 AM

The public anouncement of Iran's decision to start and complete before 9 only Years its own, independent Human Space Flights with a Shuttle reusable Vehicle, in addition to Satellites, Rockets, etc., makes even more obvious the Risks in US President Obama's controversial choice to Halt and abandon, on the contrary, America's huge investments in Human Space Flights and Exploration, that all his predecessors, from the Right to the Left of the Political Spectrum, had notoriously pursued since the famous John Kennedy landmark 1960 Decision to send the 1st Man in the Moon, and to focus, instead, only on ISS tests with unclear aims.

Iran has already launched, with its own means, a Satellite on 2009, and prepares another one in August 2010, while it's also reportedly planning a 3rd one together with other OIC members, (apparently including Turkey's notoriously aggressive military). Critics suspect a covert attempt to develop Ballistic Missiles Technolgy, able to touch and hit even remote targets, located far away.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .  President Ahmadinejad now added a fresh decision to accelerate Iran's Human Space Flight programme, including Shuttles, etc., shortening it from 2025 to 2022, and now just to 2019, i.e. in less than 9 Years !

Other Countries spend, in the Past, about 15 Years to arrive at a Human Space Flight level from scratch, but only 8 other Countries have, until now, succeeded to launch their own, domestically fabricated Satellite, by their own means, as Iran has recently done.

Such New Facts on Iran's Plans, added also to China's own, rapidly evolving, big Space Ambitions, etc., clearly show that the Security of the Western World, as well as Global Security, can put into serious Trouble, and even Risk, if those who advised Obama to scrap USA's Space Exploration and Human Space Flight Programs, (including ending Shuttle earlier, abandoning NASA's Plans to rapidly create a New Reusable Space Vehicle, etc), don't change their mind soon enough to have a real chance to rectify on Time, before HSF, Shuttle, a.o. Strategic Dual Technologies are left to other, more of less Dangerous new Space Players.
39  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Brazil Meet Imports' Health Risks slamed by EU on: July 21, 2010, 07:08:04 AM

Strasbourg, 20 July 2010

EU "Ombudsman: Commission reacted late to risks from Brazilian beef imports"


"The European Ombudsman, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, has criticised the European Commission for its delay in imposing restrictions on Brazilian beef imports... in order to deal with risks from foot and mouth disease".

According to "a federation of British and Irish farm organisations", EU "Commission should have imposed a complete ban on Brazilian beef as from 2007".

"The Commission explained that deficiencies had indeed been identified in the Brazilian beef control systems in November 2007. As a consequence, it imposed stringent import restrictions on Brazilian beef",...

"The Ombudsman ....criticised the delay in restricting beef imports from unapproved farms in Brazil ....".

"Furthermore, the Ombudsman called on the Commission to continue its regular inspections outside the EU to ensure that the necessary standards of animal and public health are in fact respected"

Potential threat to animal and public health through foot and mouth disease

"Some parts of Brazil are affected by foot and mouth disease, a highly contagious viral disease affecting cattle, sheep and other animals"

On the contrary, "the EU is currently foot and mouth disease-free".

As early as since "July 2007, the federation Fairness for Farmers in Europe turned to the Ombudsman, claiming that the Commission should have imposed a complete import ban on Brazilian beef because of potential animal health threats"

"The Commission explained that serious deficiencies in the Brazilian beef control system had indeed been identified. It, therefore, proceeded to impose stringent import restrictions ....."

"The import restrictions meant that only 412 Brazilian cattle farms were deemed eligible for export to the EU, compared to around 10 000 previously".

"According to the complainant, these import restrictions were not enough. The farmers' federation alleged that, after a very critical report of the EU Food and Veterinary Office in November 2007, the Commission should have taken more stringent measures to prevent Brazilian beef from entering the EU".

"The Commission argued that ... from mid March 2008, only beef from approved farms in Brazil could be imported into the EU".

"The Ombudsman ....criticised the Commission for allowing into the EU Brazilian beef imports from 10 000 unapproved farms between February and March 2008.

Moreover, enlarging the scope also to other Third Countries, "the Ombudsman called on the Commission to continue its regular inspections outside the EU to ensure that the necessary standards of animal and public health are respected before food is imported into the EU".  ... 
40  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / Re: 160.000 € to rob EU's identity with impunity ?! on: July 14, 2010, 05:09:22 PM
Error corrected by the Swedish merchant ?

Now, it seems that he sells his yoghourts without the name "Turkish", just with that Greek guy and the millenary Christian Byzantine Church of Saint Sophie at Constantinople, (as it really was : i.e. without Minarets) !

Only the Christian Cross isn't there, but it's (even) in the Swedish flag...

41  EU ELECTIONS / Specific Member COUNTRIES' developments / Will May 2010 UK Election confirm the June 2009 EU Electoral change ? on: April 05, 2010, 02:02:35 PM
It's interesting to closely follow the May 2010 Brittish Elections, to see if Citizens will confirm the June 2009 surprising change, where, in addition to a Conservatives' lead, the formely tiny, marginal "Independence Party" (UKIP), got more votes than the governing New Labour party, becoming the No 2 in Great Britain, for the 1st time in History !

In order to succeed that astonishing popular result, it had to change its main focus, from the formerly underlined UK withdrawal out of the EU, more towards an explicit refusal of Turkey's impopular EU bid, which proved to be rejected even by a surprisingly large number of British People...

Several recent polls indicate, however, a Labour come back, Conservatives still keeping ahead, and the Liberals returning to their solid 3rd place on 2010.

 But the previous, 2005 Election's polls proved that Polls in the UK cannot be trusted at all .. (F.ex. up to the last day, they claimed a + 10% Labour win, pushing critics to abstention by depriving critics of any hope to win... While, in fact, next day's real results proved that, in reality, Conservatives and Labour were neck to neck, with a slight, tiny micro-"difference" of less than 1% !).

Moreover, now, a recent  "Harris" poll notes a big augmentation of UKIP's potential voters at the end of March 2010, getting anew higher than Liberals and close to Labour.

However, a comparatively lesser 2010 reference recently to - sometimes even an ommission of - UKIP's 2009 criticism vis a vis Turkey's attempts to enter into the EU, and a return back to simply anti-EU speeches, might threaten UKIP to lose at least part of the popular support it got on June 2009 EU Elections....
42  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Merkel's dilemma on Papandreou visit: Support MEPs demands to Investigate 2000 on: March 04, 2010, 02:30:45 AM

Merkel's dilemma on Papandreou visit: Solution, support MEPs demands to Investigate 2000/2001 scandal !

German Chancellor Merkel reportedly is facing a dilemma on tomorrow's visit by Socialist PM Giorgo Papandreou, from Greece : Either help him, and face an opposed public opinion, or let him down, and risk a breach in EuroZone.

One possible soluition would be to subordinate any help to the Condition that a full and efficient Investigation is made on the 2000/2001 scandal, which falisified financial data on the Greek Economy, with the interference of American Wall Street "experts", (See recent Press Reports), resulting into an earlier than normal entry in EuroZone, by hiding a huge and growing debt.

Prepared by several SocialistGovernments in many EU Member States (including Germany, France, etc), this boosted Socialists' chances to win Elections in Greece, which were held then.

Demands for an indepedent Investigation were recently made by various MEPs : F.ex. Austrian anti-Corruption MEP Hans Martin, and the President of EU Parliament's Liberal Group, Guy Verhofstadt, etc.

If this was really done, it might reveal plenty of huge scandals, from the Economy up to Politics, of topical interest for Europe's future...
43  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / E-commerce + 22% in EU on: February 01, 2010, 12:25:14 AM
E commerce jumped up to a more than + 22% augmentation in 2009 accross 12 EU Countries. It is also expected to grow more than + 20% on 2010.
44  European view on the WORLD / on International ORGANISATIONS / Jan. 2010 : Crucial challenge for UN on Climate on: January 17, 2010, 02:03:37 AM
Crucial challenge for the UN on January 2010 :

According to Copenhagen Summit's "agreement", all signatory countries must present concrete commitments to fight against Climate change this month. On February, it will become obvious if it works, or not...
45  EU ELECTIONS / EU-wide ISSUES / No Blair to EU job say British opposition parties on: September 21, 2009, 04:44:10 PM

Reactions multiply against former Brittish PM Tony Blair's attempt to get an EU job if Lisbon Treaty is ratified :

Today, a Resolution adopted with "overwhelming majority" by the Liberal-Democratic party asks EU Member States to refuse to back him at least until denunciations for Turture or inhuman-degrading treatments, and arbitrary detentions, etc. are investigated for the 2001-2009 period, to find and punish all those responsible.

The move comes after British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan's denunciation of an eventual secret deal by Blair to sell out some UK national issues in order to get an EU job..  ( See : )

Blair 'torture policy' inquiry demanded

By Ben Padley, Press Association

Monday, 21 September 2009

Tony Blair must not be allowed to become EU President while it is "unclear" what his role was over allegations of British complicity in the torture of terror suspects, Liberal Democrats demanded today.

Delegates at the party's annual conference in Bournemouth backed calls for the former Prime Minister not to be nominated for any future position of EU

It is thought Mr Blair may wish to accept an invitation to the powerful position if it is approved by the Lisbon Treaty, but he has not commented on it publicly.

During a debate on torture and extraordinary rendition, supporters cheered as foreign affairs spokesman Edward Davey demanded: "No Government can in good conscience support Tony Blair as a potential President of the European Council while it remains unclear what his role was in the development of British policy on torture."

And he warned that any future inquiry into allegations of Government complicity must not become a "witch-hunt" of the intelligence services.

Mr Davey praised the professionalism of British agents while calling for an independent probe into what ministers knew about the abuse of British suspects overseas.

He said the increasing numbers of allegations of British involvement in torture and what he termed "state kidnapping" had to be "taken seriously and investigated".

He was speaking as delegates backed calls for a full and independent inquiry into the "involvement or knowledge" of the Government over torture and rendition.

But he said: "Let's be clear what such an investigation must not be - it cannot be a witchhunt of Britain's secret services. We believe they play an essential role in protecting our country.

"And I know from my own work in securing the release of a constituent from Guantanamo Bay how professional and principled secret service officers are."

>>> The motion, which was backed overwhelmingly by a show of hands,

calls for a "full and independent public inquiry into the facts relating to the involvement or knowledge of the British Government on matters relating to torture, extraordinary rendition and the illegal transfer of detainees to foreign jurisdictions between September 11 2001 and January 20 2009."

It also demands Mr Blair should "not to be supported by any British or EU government for the post of President of the European Council as it would be wholly inappropriate for him to occupy such a position before an inquiry has established his role in the formulation of British policy on torture."
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Blair subject of torture motion

8:44am Monday 21st September 2009

TONY BLAIR must not be the first “President of Europe”

unless he can prove he had no knowledge of Britain’s involvement in torture, the conference will be told today.

Delegates in Bournemouth will be urged to pass a motion demanding that the Government blackball the former prime minister while the cloud of suspicion remains.

Mr Blair is believed to be interested in the powerful new post that will be created if the Lisbon Treaty is finally approved, although he has declined to confirm it.

In July, Baroness Kinnock, the new Europe Minister, let slip that the Government was supporting Tony Blair’s candidature.

But today’s motion condemns the failure to set up a public inquiry into allegations that, between 2002 and 2005, the Government was guilty of “complicity in torture and illegal abduction”.

And it cites “compelling evidence”

suggesting that Mr Blair was “fully aware of the policy” that apparently saw Britain’s intelligence services use evidence obtained through torture.

The motion, tabled by Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey, reads: “All those who authorise, practice, or collude in torture should be brought to justice.”

And it calls for: “Tony Blair not to be supported by any British, or EU, government for the post of President of the European Council." 
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