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1  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / ISIS = +Turkey's co-Fabrication... on: October 31, 2019, 06:44:06 PM
+ German mainstream Newspaper "Die Welt" has just published an Article denouncing the fact that Turkey "Plays (Dirty) Games" with ISIS' islamist terrorists;

++ Trump's own Press Conference on El Bagdadi operation shows, in fact, that something went Wrong towards the Turkish side, contrary to the help clearly provided by all others ;

+++ Even pro-Trump North American Media "Breitbart" published, Afterwards, the Syrian Kurds' denunciation of the Fact that Turkey "Delayed 1 Month" El Bagdadi's capture/attack, (while he was Often Changing Residence, and, therefore, risked to "disappear" by Hidding somewhere else, soon).

++++ As for the Turkish Support, from the Start, into setting up ISIS, and, Later-on, Exploiting even economically its usurpation of Syria's natural, cultural and other Resources, (f.ex. Oil/Gas, Antiquities, etc), all that is well Known to almost everybody, and documented, since a long time ago...
2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / Asylum Migrants: No Antidot to Lack of Skilled Workers (Germany) on: July 30, 2019, 03:08:01 AM
Out of a Total of More than 1 Million of Migrants who got Asylum in Germany, between 2015-2019, Only a Few Tens of Thousands followed a Training, according to Official Data !

 (Source : Institute for Labour Market Research/Die Welt)
3  EU ELECTIONS / RESULTS (Polls+Votes) / NO von der Leyen on EU Top! =Frankenstein BioTechnocrat Lobby. Away from People on: July 02, 2019, 07:47:18 PM
NO von der Leyen on EU Top ! =Frankenstein BioTechnocrats +Cut far away from the People !

Rumours to push ...Von Der Leyen, (currently at the Defense Ministry in Germany), to the Top EU Job at EU Commission's Presidency are very Worrying :

- Von der Leyen is linked to BioTech. Lobbies which are becoming Dangerous for Humanity, particularly since recent Technologies of Heritabe Genetic Manipulations, irreversible for Generations to come.
Among others, she had attempted to impose Systematic and Massive PreNatal Genetic Tests to all Human Embryos, bringing the Risk of Racist Eugenism one Step Closer, at an Annual Gathering of the Governing CDU Party in Germany, where the Majority of People clearly Rejected that, after a Strong Debate, Voting an Opposed Resolution.

 + Nobody among the European People ever saw Von Der Leyen make any Democratic Public Campaigns for General European Issues affecting their Lives. At least, EU Parliament's Leading Candidate, Manfred Weber, did !
And Everything indicates that if some imposed Von Der Leyen at the Head of EU's Executive in Brussels, this would Inevitably Aggravate the Gap Dangerously Separating a Ruling Oligarchy from a Growing Number of EU Citizens.

If Europe was really searching to find some Trustworthy, Experienced and Efficient ChristianDemocrat/EPP Top Politician, with a Real European Legacy and stature, currently Available, it is not at all impossible to make some very Good Findings....

But, Elsewhere !
4  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Risk to Destroy a European Jewel of Culture+Nature near Strasbourg at Kolbsheim on: September 10, 2018, 07:08:27 AM

- An Attack has reportedly started, since 5 a.m. this Morning, with Gas, Helicopter, Armed and Masked Police/Gendarms, motor Vehicles, Threats, etc, against the Civilian People who desperately Try to Defend a splendid Natural Landscape at the Forest and Gardens of Kolbsheim Castle, near Strasbourg, that Globalist Multinational Corporation of "Vinci", (recently owned in Majority by Foreigners, such as ...Qatar, etc !), seek to Demolish, cutting all Trees, bringing in Bulldozers, etc, in order to build a ...Car Route, due to be used by Lorries etc., in the Wider Context of Multi-National Lorry Transports, through neighbouring Germany and France, which Risk to Destroy a real and unique "Jewel" of European Nature, Culture and History !

Indeed, the splendid, huge Gardens of Kolbsheim's Castle, with a unique overall View accross the Franco-German Borders, were specially Designed, since a Century ago, in relation also with a Project about Human Healthy, Intellectual and Spiritual Development, directly Linked with the Strong Impression and Feeling that such a unique and calm, pure Natural Landscape gives to any person who stays or leaves there, (an area Open to Visitors for free), to the point that it has already attracted a lot of various Philosophers, Writers, Painters, and other Artists, as well as numerous simple People, eager to have a Chance to stay amidst such a Wonderful Natural and Cultural Environment, that it immediately strikes, pleases and stimulates Human well-being and development of anyone who makes such an Experience, in the calm, on the spot.

But, right NOW, these very Moments, People are reportedly Struggling to Save that splendid Natural Landscape (owned by a Franco-German big Family, with a Long History accross Europe, who leaves the Gardens Open to all good-wishing Visitors, for years) from ...Bulldozers pushing to Cut Trees, Demolish installations, and brutally Impose, instead, the crossing of a Giant ...Car and Lorries' HighWay ("AutoRoute") !...

=> Whoever would like to Help them peacefully Save that unique "Jewell" of European Nature and Culture, should NOW, Urgently, either GO THERE, or, at least, ALERT various other People to Try to Do something in order to Prevent Irremediable Damages and/or Destruction, (by a Strange and Scandalous "Coincidence", at the Same Moment that the European Parliament's Plenary Session starts at neighbouring Strasbourg !)...

The popular Defenders of that unique Franco-German Nature, Culture and History "hotspot", denounce also the fact that imminent Threats and Attacks in order to Cut the Trees, Destroy that Forest, Demolish a Mill, and Impose a Polluting, Ugly and Noisy ...Car Route/Giant Highway, intervenes despite 7 Opposed Reports by various competent and independent Experts' Committees, Popular Consultations, etc., which had concluded Against that controversial project to Destroy such a Wonderful area, between the Rhine river and Vosges Mountains...

5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Culture - Art- Sport - Tourism - Leisure / Ozil Anti-Black Racism reveals his Anti-German Hypocrisy... on: August 16, 2018, 05:43:35 PM

An obvious Anti-Black People Racism by controversial Turkish football player Mesut Osil, in a Tweet that he initially published just after France's win at the Mundial in Russia (July 2018), proves the blatant Hypocrisy of his Anti-German claims (including Insults against Officials of Germany that he accused of "Racism", etc) in front of a justified Criticism that he faced for his Failures in FIFA's Global Competition this time :

> Immediately after France won the Final round against Croatia, Ozil published (including at FIFA's own Website !) a Tweet ironically "congratulating" Paris, and calling French People to "Enjoy" a Photograph that he chose to picture Only ... Black Players (at least 8 ) !...

+ Moreover, this provoked also a series of Replies, by various individuals (mainly Turkish), who added several Aggressive Publications (at Ozil's Twitter Account), obviously claiming that Paris' National FootBall Team was Not really "French", and slyly Demeaning Black People in general, (See f.ex. attached PHOTOS + Links).

Afterwards, becoming apparently aware of what he had done, and afraid to be denounced and/or prosecuted, Mesut Ozil ...Erased his own controversial Initial Photo (See above), but kept that Thread in his Twitter Account.  

Thus, another Proof of his Initial wrongdoings, is found, indirectly but surely, at several Replies to his Initial Tweet by various Other Individuals, who, Inspired by Mesut Odil's provocation (See above), also imitated him by attempting to Ridicule and/or Demean Black People in general, as certain of their Publications in Odil's Account, clearly show, (a Fact which, Otherwise, would be Unexplained).

Fanatic Turkish Nationalists have been accustomed to use, already in the Past, such controversial claims in comparison with Black People, whenever they seek to Criticize Europe for refusing to admit undemocratic Turkey's unpopular EU Accession claims.

Significantly, at least 2 (apparently Turkish) Participants Replying to that Mesut Ozil's "Twitter" Thread, attempt to Ridicule even the European Union by calling it ... "African Union" (sic !), on this occasion.  
Apparently, those Turks ignore the fact that the most spoken Language throughout the African Continent  is French, and that many African Countries have much Longer and Closer Historic Relations to France than Turkey (which exists Less than 1 Century only : 1923 - 2018), and this includes also French Culture, Socio-Political Ideas, often Christan Religion, etc., (some of them have even Risked their Lives in order to Fight for France in the 1st and/or 2nd World War, as well as in various other Conflicts accross the World), facilitating socio-cultural Integration of several Black People (some having already even become French Ministers, etc), much more than in Ankara's different geopolitical, cultural and historic situation, notoriously steming from faraway Deep Asia.

At any case, all those Converging Facts clearly Prove Mesut Ozil's blatant Hypocrisy when he slanders German Officials for a so-called "Racism", that has just practiced himself (and still continues to Host at his Personal Twitter Account : See above) against Black People ...


Screenshots :

Initial Publication by Mesut Ozil :

+ Links to relevant REPLIES at that Mesut Ozil's "Twitter" Account's thread :  (NB)

6  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Lose an EU Parliament President (+25 Years MEP)as Schulz, from Foreign Minister? on: February 09, 2018, 08:33:51 PM
Verlieren einer zweimal EU-Parlaments-Präsident (+25 Jahre MdEP) wie Martin Schulz, aus dem Außenministerium ?

Sind ein paar Verrückte in der SPD ?

Martin Schulz hat eine einzigartige Erfahrung in Europäische-und Außenpolitik (+25 Jahre-lang), sowie einem Hohen Profil-vis a vis-Außenminister, die Staats - /Regierungschefs und die Europäische/Internationale Organisationen ! Wenn er Gelöscht wird aus dem Außenministerium, wird dies ein Großer Verlust für die Partei, Deutschland und Europa !

Wer könnte Besser sein ? Der Kerl (unerfahren in der Außen - /Europa-politik), wer machte den Fehler zu verhängen Türken als Minister ..."Integration" (sic !), mit dem Ergebnis, (4 Jahre Später), zu füllen die Stadtviertel der Armen Leute mit islamistischen Extremisten und Morde, Verlieren die Wahlen, und stellen die AfD wachsen ?...


Lose an EU Parliament's President (twice + 25 Years MEP), as Schulz, from the Foreign Ministry ?

Are some Crazy inside the SPD ?

Martin Schulz has a unique experience in European and Foreign Policy (+25 Years-long), as well as a High Profile vis a vis Foreign Ministers, Heads of State/Government, and European/International Organisations ! If he is Dropped from the Foreign Ministry, this will be a Big Loss for the Party, Germany and Europe !

Who could be Better, for that ? The guy (inexperienced in Foreign/European Policy) who made the Blunder to impose a Turk as Minister of ..."Integration" (sic !), with the result, 4 Years later, to fill the Neighbourhoods of Poor People with Islamist Extremists and Murders, Lose the Elections, and make AfD grow ?...

7  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Re: Suspect moves on ICT devices... on: January 15, 2018, 11:47:32 AM




Computer laufen nach Updates bis zu zehn Prozent langsamer


 Frühere Befürchtungen bestätigen sich: Ältere Chips arbeiten typische Aufgaben bis zu 10 Prozent langsamer ab.
Bildbeschreibung einblenden

Eine Reihe von Updates sollte die Chip-Sicherheitslücken schließen. Nun bremst die Software die Computer aus. Intel bezeichnet den Einfluss als „nicht signifikant“ – doch Verbrauchern fällt er durchaus auf.

Die gravierenden Sicherheitslücken in Computerchips machen Herstellern und Verbrauchern zu schaffen. Zwar wurden inzwischen eine Reihe von Update-Programmen veröffentlicht, welche die Lecks schließen sollen. Nun bestätigen sich frühere Befürchtungen, dass diese Software die Computer ausbremst. Allerdings nur in relativ geringem Ausmaß und vor allem in Geräten mit älteren Prozessoren, wie der in erster Linie betroffene Hersteller Intel bekanntgab.

Der Konzern veröffentlichte eine ausführliche Datentabelle. Danach arbeiten die älteren Chips typische Aufgaben bis zu 10 Prozent langsamer ab, nachdem sie Sicherheitspatches erhalten haben. Die Daten beziehen sich auf drei Generationen von Prozessoren bis zurück in das Jahr 2015. „Wir hatten schon vorher die Erwartung geäußert, dass der Einfluss auf die Performance für den durchschnittlichen Computernutzer nicht signifikant ist, und die jetzigen Daten unterstützen diese Erwartung“, sagte Intel-Manager Navin Shenoy.

Häufigere Aktualisierungen und Neustarts

Allerdings fallen die von Intel auf den Markt gebrachten Schutz-Updates gegen die Lücken „Meltdown“ (Kernschmelze) und „Spectre“ (Gespenst) Computernutzern durchaus auf. So verlangt etwa das Microsoft-Betriebssystem Windows 10 häufiger nach Softwareaktualisierungen als früher. Vor allem bei Computern, die von den älteren Prozessorvarianten Broadwell und Haswell gesteuert werden, seien häufigere Neustarts nötig, teilte Intel mit. Möglicherweise müssten deshalb neue Updates entwickelt werden.

In der vergangenen Woche hatten Forscher über Schwachstellen in Computerchips berichtet, über die Hacker an vertrauliche Nutzerdaten von PCs, Smartphones und anderen Geräten gelangen könnten. Betroffen sind neben Marktführer Intel auch die Hersteller Advanced Micro Devices und ARM Holdings. Als Reaktion auf dieses Sicherheitsdebakel sagte Intel-Chef Brian Krzanich mehr Transparenz zu. Der Konzern werde häufig Informationen über die Verbreitung der nötigen Software-Updates und ihre Wirkung auf die Leistung der Computer veröffentlichen, schrieb Krzanich in einem offenen Brief. Außerdem versicherte er, dass das Chipunternehmen verantwortungsvoll über neue Schwachstellen informieren werde.


Der Computer – das unbekannte Wesen

Krzanich bekräftigte, dass Intel bis zum 15. Januar Sicherheits-Aktualisierungen für 90 Prozent seiner Prozessoren aus den vergangenen fünf Jahren veröffentlichen werde. Die 2017 entdeckte Sicherheitslücke war von Unternehmen der Branche bis Anfang Januar geheim gehalten worden, um sie zu studieren und Gegenmaßnahmen zu entwickeln. AMD räumte ein, dass auch seine Prozessoren nicht ganz gegen die Sicherheitslücke immun sind.
8  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / Germany-US: Bombers'"Family" reunification (even of Nephews with an Uncle) ? on: December 29, 2017, 11:54:23 PM
2017 German Elections were notoriously affected also by the mass irregular Migration from Turkey and relevant Security Problems, up to the current Government Coalition Talks, where a so-called "Family reunification" demand is pushed by Greens, Socialists, and others at the Left, contrary to Liberals, Alternatives and CDU/CSU of the Right.

At any case, nobody can forget the Fact that the Latest Islamist Terrorist Bomber who attempted to Attack Civilian People in New York, (Times Square), this December 2017, Wounding 4 Victims, etc, Akayed Ullah, was a Muslim Migrant from Asia's Bangladesh who had entered in the USA, during Barack Hussein Obama's presidency, under Pretext of being simply the ...Nephew of an "Uncle" who had migrated earlier in North America, (abusively presented as "Family unification" issue) !

And observers remind that, in previous cases, under such hollow pretexts, only one (1) mass migrant has served as pretext for .. Five (5), or Ten (10), perhaps even more other such migrants, without any relation to Europe, to enter in Germany and/or other EU Member Countries in the recent Past...
9  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Eve of Austria Election, EU Parliament "Missing" Resolution on Turkey reappears! on: October 14, 2017, 12:26:46 PM

See :

=> Did any Polls warn about risks for "Bad" Results ?...
10  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Kebab Killer at Turkish Shop in Germany linked to Islamic Network ? on: July 25, 2016, 12:18:13 AM
The horrible murderer who cowardishly killed a pregnant European woman from Poland with a butcher-like huge knife, and wounded two other victims, attacking various bypassers and even cars, (reportedly Mohamed., a recent asylum-seeker from Syria), was working at a Turkish "Kebab" Snack near Stuttgart, in Southern Germany, which appears to be linked with Islamic Networks :

Indeed, that "Kebab and Steak" Shop (where the bearded murderer obviously found that typicaly very long knife, that Media called "Machete") is listed at a big World-wide "Halal" website as being "Full Halal", doesn't serve Alcohol, and even has a ... "Prayer area" ! In addition, its Turkish owners, (who said they hired the killer because they wanted an "after-Ramadan momentum"), boast that they engage with their Kebab customers in "discussions about God" !

According to the latest infos at Global "Tripadvisor" famous website, experienced customers noted that recently the "owners had changed", that Kebab shop had become "different", its food worse and comparatively expensive, "smoke ...smells as if you have grilled yourself", and contacts with staff "really unfriendly" and "negative", to the point that some were "shocked”.

However, its owners (who are still listed among "the best sites on Kebab") prefer to boast that, "as a Turkish Restaurant", they bring their customers "to a ... journey through the Orient", where "you can meet a touch of the Orient", in order to get "a fully-fledged representation of Turkey", where "two Worlds clash" (as they say), and, "through the Ottoman (former Empire) area, bring "travellers from al over the World", "developing a unique Culture", particularly into "dealing with" people...

11  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Turkey Hinders Educated Refugees/Migrants to reach Europe, sending the Worst... on: May 22, 2016, 07:56:39 AM
The Turkish Government systematicaly Hinders well Educated Syrians from reaching Europe, and, on the Contrary, choses to send here "particularly serious Medical cases (i.e. Sick persons) or of very Low Education level", denounced the German Media, starting by "Spiegel".

This is added to the Discrimination imposed de facto by Turkey also against various Christian Refugees/Migrants from Syria, (who are often obliged to go as far as .. Armenia, but also to Lebanon, etc).

Significantly, when Pope Francis offered to host 3 Refugee Families at the Vatican, during his latest visit to Mytilini (Lesbos) Island, the "Syriza" Govrnment of Greece was Unable to find at least 1 (out of 3) Christian Family available, among more than 55.000 Refugees/Migrants currently staying in Greece, and was obliged to give him 100% Muslims, (i.e. all 3 out of 3) !
12  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Re:1 EUCoastGuard in 66 km of Coastline after 2020 ? on: March 06, 2016, 03:39:36 AM
Moreover, it shouldn't be "fully operational" before ...September 2016, (i.e. after another Summer full of Mass Migration via Turkey, etc) !
13  Announcements / http://EUROFORA.NET interactive European News project / After CSM, also goes 100% on line ! on: February 13, 2016, 04:01:48 AM

After the internationaly famous, traditional American Newspaper "Christian Science Monitor", it's now another Good Quality Media, the Brittsh-Australian (recently supported by a Russian Investor/Manager) "", which goes 100% pure "On Line" player soon, without any more Paper copies.

Interesting movements...
14  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Re: COWARDS ! Turkey slyly hits Russian Airplane during Fight against Terrorists on: November 24, 2015, 05:48:24 PM

Today's deadly incident, during which a Russian Airplane fighting against ISIS and other armed terrorist groups in Syria was hit by Turkish military and its pilots murdered while landing with parachutes by pro-Turkish armed thugs, "was like stabbing behind the back with a knife", committed "by the accomplices of the Terrorists", denounced the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin himself.

Already, among others, f;ex., "important quantities of Oil/Gas are sold by armed groups in Syria (like ISIS etc) through Turkey", he pointed out.

Shortly before that unprecedented deadly incident between Russia and Turkey over Syria (which denounced a violation of its airspace by Turkish military airplanes and the aggression of a "friendly" Russian plane, reportedly returning from a mission against Terrorists), the Syrian Government's Army with its allies had been cited many times, by various converging sources, in several occasions, to have just started to mark a lot of concrete victories and territorial advances in a still on-going fight against ISIS and other terrorists and armed gangs inside Syria, thanks, particularly, to the Help provided by Russian Aviation, (intensified after the recent deadly terrorist attack by ISIS' thugs against a civil Russian airplane at Sinai, in Egypt, which killed 129 innocent civilian people, mostly women and kids, closely followed by ISIS' terrorists massacres also of French civilians in Paris).
15  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Turkey EUBorder's Guard? Have some gone Crazy ?..... on: October 18, 2015, 04:41:57 AM
Re:<<EU "Harakiri" on Turkey Migrants' Blackmail ? >>


Have some gone Nuts ?  

Can anyone trust ...Turkey to Keep Safe EU's External Borders ?

Moreover, at the Aegean Sea, precisely there where Borders are "Causa Beli", with War Threats since 1973, and several Greek Army Officers Killed there, also on 2006, 2013, etc., while Turkish Military Airplanes use to play with Fire, Dangerous  "Cat and Mouse" Games with the Greek Army Planes, recently reportedly Intensified over the Aegean Sea's FIR ?                      

At any case, a very Large Majority of German People ( 68 %, according to the latest Polls), does Not Find "Credible" at all the Turkish President, Mr. Erdogan, (particularly on the issue of that unprecedented Massive irregular Migration from Turkey to the EU, where it provoked a Chaos). Only a Small Minority of 18% does....          

In fact, the only Sensible thing to do in this regard, would be to make it Clear to Mr Erdogan that if he persists to play such Dirty (and Deadly) Games with Immigrants (most of them from .. Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh, etc), then, Turkey will Lose that 1 Billion € curiously wasted each year by the EU for Ankara's unpopular EU bid, and Turkish Smugglers' shaky ships will Face soon EU's Best Equiped and Trained Armies in front of them, at EU's External Borders, and not only Mr Tsipras....          

That would definitively Settle the issue in just a Few Hours !                                                  
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