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1  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Isl. Terror hits Russia after row v. Turkey on Libya... on: December 21, 2019, 05:52:33 AM
Shortly after Russia slamed Turkish threats of Military Intervention in Libya, Deadly Islamist Terrorists provocatively hit at Moscow, killing 3 persons and wounding many there, as Never before !

Significantly, they exceptionaly targetted this time the Foreign Intelligence Service (FSB), which, precisely, brings Informations from abroad...

It all reminds, mutatis-mutandis, the emergence of ISIS in Syria/Iraq, near the Turkish Borders, some Years ago : Du "déjà vu" ?
2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / Romania-FYROM Referenda: Double Standards ? on: October 08, 2018, 03:26:23 AM
Strange :

Both recent constitutionnal Referenda in FYROM and Romania reportedly got more than 90% of the casted Votes in their favour, but did Not attract enough Voters, Missing a Quorum's threshhold.

However, the Establishment's Medias claim a "Victory" in FYROM, Contrary to what they do for Romania, where they claim a "Failure" (sic) !

And that, even if Romanian Voters were almost 4 Millions, while FYROM's Voters were about 600 Thousands only...

+In Addition, the recalcitrant "Socialist" Government in Romania had notoriously Delayed, and several Times Postponed, the Date of the Referendum, (from 2015 up to 2018 !).


That FYROM Referendum was basically about Sharing the Names "North Macedonia" and "South Macedonia", between Skopje and Athens. Somewhat, perhaps, Dangerous for the Future, as it risks to assimilate this exceptional situation with those of ..."Northern Ireland", and/or "South and Northern Korea", (etc), Historically full of Bloody Tensions.  

In parallel, that Romanian Referendum was just about simply Reminding the Fact that ECHR's Article 12, on the Human "Right to Marry and Found a Family", speaks Only about "Men and Women", but Not about "LGBTI"...

Despite the Contents' variation, the Electoral Situations are strikingly Similar.

=> Why, then,  all those gross Double Standards ?
3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / FYROM: 1/3 v. 2/3... on: October 01, 2018, 01:18:37 AM
Only less than 1/3 of the Registered Voters (about 27%) has Voted "Yes" to the Referendum splitting "Macedonia" in "North" and "South" Areas, while, on the contrary, more than the 2/3 (about 64%) Voted "No" or Abstained.
4  European CITIZENS and FORUM / "European" HUMOUR ? / North-South "Macedonia" mig-mar: Is it Anodynous ? on: June 16, 2018, 06:22:28 AM

Sometimes, playing games with names, might be tricky...

5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / +65.000 Refugees Back to Syria ?! on: May 13, 2018, 11:46:28 PM

More than 65.000 Syrian Refugees returned back to their Homes at Eastern Ghouta, (a Damascus' suburb recently liberated from Armed Islamist extremists' Gangs) reported semi-official Russian Press Agency Tass earlier today.

Various smaller groups of refugees also returned to several other spots in Syria, including at Homs, Alepo-Manbij, etc.
6  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Russia: Not Fall to Sly Trap, but seize New RDV with History (2017) on: August 07, 2016, 03:25:29 PM
Turkey-aided ISIL Islamic Terrorists' Beheaders, even of Civilians, have just Threatened Russia with a series of Deadly Attacks, after pushing EU Countries into a Nightmare of Horrible Massacres commited by Manipulated Fanatic Cowards against Defenseless, Innocent People, (in France, Germany, the UK, after Austria, Denmark, etc). 

Already, since the Bin Laden (an Istanbul ..."merchand" in the Past) era and during the Chechnyan Extreme Islamic Terror, various Turkish Links were almost everywhere, includng even with Open Threats against China, (including by Manipulating "Ungur" Terrorists, etc), and followed, later-on, by the "Al Nusra" (now refurbished as "Conquest", etc), "Turkmen" (from whom comes also one of the Murderers of a Russian AirPilot POW, after his Plane was Downed cowardishly by an unwarned Turkish Army Attack),  and other Armed Gangs in Syria, completed with the notorious Turkey-ISIL de facto collaboration, via Arms Traffic, Jihadists' come and go, from and to Europe, stolen Gas/Oil Smuggling, Cover up of Dissidents' Murders and/or Civilians' Mass Killings, etc.

Controversial and Unpredictable Erdogan's frequent U-Turns, are most often Hypocritical and Unreliable, (f.ex., among many other cases, someone who Knows quite well what Turkey's Hypoucrisy really means, is Syrian President Assad, initially boosting each-other, together with Turkey, but later-on, taken as Target by Ankara's plans to Restore the former Ottoman Empire's military Invasions, Occupations and Obscurantism, Underdevelopment, etc).

So that Russia (which has a Long Historic Experience on such Geo-political, cynical Antagonistic Interests' "camouflage"), should Not Fall to any Sly Trap currently staged by Turkey's unreliable come and go, Hypocritical Manouvers.

Particularly Not Now, while most European People, and even a lot of Americans, give various Growing Signs that they are Ready to Change Policies in order to re-Launch soon (mainly from the Beginning of 2017) a New kind of mainly Culturaly-Driven brand new Coalition, particularly against Islamic Terrorism, but also for High-Tech Scientifica and Technological Development, as well as Peaceful relations, in order to Boost the Economy and Develop some among the Best Potentials in the World, (currently still "Dorman", due to the Influence of those Global Manpulators who notoriously "Divide and Rule")...

From Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, but also Vladivostok (i.e. China included : Comp. above), must Not Miss such an imminent (2017) New Rendez-vous with History.
7  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / +Agia Sophia: Best Reply to the latest Turkish Provocation is... on: June 10, 2016, 10:32:02 AM
After the latest Turkish Government's provocation to start reading Islamic Coran inside the over-millenary Christian Church of Agia Sophia (Sainte Sophie) at Constantinopolis (330 - 1.453 AC, renamed Istanbul only after the 1955 "Pogrom" there), it's High Time for the proposal made by former Council of Europe Assembly's Member, Young Russian Writer Fedorov, to become true in real practice :

      Fedorov, raising a Question to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan after his speach in Strasbourg where he had boasted that everything was OK in nowadays Turkey, had asked him :

         - "If it's true that Religious Freedom might be really Respected by Ankara's authorities Today, as you've just claimed, then, could you kindly  tell us when Christians from all over Europe and the World could, anew, gather to simply celebrate a Mass in their over-Millenary Church  of Agia Sophia at Constantinopolis ?"....

Everybody can guess that he didn't get any straight answer at all, (Erdogan claiming, then, that the Historic Christian Church had been turned into a secular "Museum", where any Religious practice was Prohibited.

Now it seems that he'd Changed his mind...

=> But, Fedorov's question (raised in front of 800 Millions' Council of Europe's citizens) still remains on official records !

May be, once, Agia Sophia (means "Holy Wisdom") will be restored after being grossly disfigured/destroyed, like Palmyra, invaded by ISIS but afterwards saved, Today...

8  European view on the WORLD / on International ORGANISATIONS / +43 Countries follow Russia's stance against Same Sex Marriage, inside UNO on: March 25, 2015, 03:22:46 AM
More than 43 Governments of various Countries accross the World followed Russia's call to Stop Obliging Independent and Sovereign States who don't recognize Same Sex "Marriages" to pay Financial Contributions for Social Allowances to Homosexual Couples employed by the UNO.
9  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Nemtsov Killers named at Moscow ? on: March 07, 2015, 07:21:19 PM
2 suspected Murderers of Boris Nemtsov were arrested and Named Today in Moscow as being Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev, from the Caucasus area. (while, in a parallel development, a Car suspected to be that of the Killers might have been used in the Past by an independent Compagny working on contract also with various Federal bodies, including that of the Ministry of Finance, etc).

Obviously, this could fit well with one among the possible motivations of the Murder : that of Islamist Extremists upset about Nemtsov's public support to "Charlie Hebdo" since the January 2015 Killings of Journalists and Jewish People in France. Other eventual motivations might have been that of Extremist Nationalists, or, on the contrary, of a provocation by Foreign Services related to the Ukranian conflict, Corruption or Private Affairs, etc.

Curioously, most Western European mainstream Medias have occulted the Names of the 2 suspects arrested for the Murder of Nemtsov, a former Deputy Prime Minister in the remote Past, who had afterwards failed to be elected as simple Mayor at Sochi City; but was recently elected as Regional Counsillor at Yaroslav.
10  European view on the WORLD / on International ORGANISATIONS / Minsk Peace deal violated by Kiev's unilateral attempts to Block the Borders on: February 21, 2015, 06:12:56 AM
Kiev's current attempts to "Block" Ukraine's Borders towards Russia, and calls for Foreign Soldiers to monitor them, violates the recent Minsk Agreements for Cease-Fire and Peace process, which, on the contrary, clearly say that it's only after Local Elections in the Autonomist regions of Lugansk/Lyhansk, and in Agreement with them, that Kiev's regime would take control of those Borders, their unique link to the outer world, as the leadership of the Autonomists has just denounced, (See f.ex. : ). In consequence, Donetsk Autonomists' leadership have reportedly urged France and Germany, as well as OSCE, to convince Kiev to respect the Minsk agreements.
11  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / Re: Multi-Kulti's Failure revealed by Islamic Terrorism on: January 18, 2015, 10:44:45 PM

Quote from: AUTHOR Lyudmila ALEXANDROVA

Russian experts blame Europe for being too lax towards Islamic radicals

MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. The latest terrorist acts in France should be blamed on the French authorities themselves first and foremost, as well as on politicians in other European countries, because it is their limitless tolerance towards religious sects that in fact encourages Islamic terrorists, say polled Russian experts. They argue that the struggle against this ill must be conducted with great resolution and Russia must be used as an example in this sense.

Behind the terrorist attacks in France there is the lack of professionalism displayed by politicians, police and special services, as well as double standards towards terrorists, the president of the Middle East Institute, Yevgeny Satanovsky, has told TASS. Generally, his forecast is pessimistic. “That’s just the beginning for France and Europe. Thousands of Islamists from Europe have been through the civil war in Syria. Now they are pushing ahead with their plan for converting Europe into part of a future Chaliphate and they make no secret of this.”

The struggle with the radical Islamists should be conducted harshly, and very strict preventive measures taken. “There is a war on, and where a war is on any means would do,” Satanovsky said.

The bulk of the blame for what has happened rests upon the French leaders, who just pay lip service to the struggle against radical Islamists, but in reality do nothing to this end. Satanovsky mentioned the example of Russia, where the struggle against terrorists has been far more effective. “Hostages have stopped to be taken because at the legislative level it is prohibited to enter into negotiations with the terrorists and the sole structure of radical Islamists, the Imarat Kavkaz (Caucasus Emirate) has been kicked out of Russia’s territory.”

Multi-culturalism is good only when people from different countries confine themselves to wearing ethnic clothes and preferring ethnic cuisine, says Satanovsky. There are no obstructions in the way of a person of Arab descent eager to get adapted to the European realities. “But it is an entirely different matter, if you start dictating to the country where you have moved your own lifestyles that run counter to the one existing in modern Europe, if you monopolize the right to change society to your own tastes."

The ideology of multi-culturalism is utterly unacceptable in the modern conditions, says the head of the Caucasus Studies Center at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, Artur Atayev. “In Europe in general and in France in particular the idea of human rights is in crisis and the jihadists do not hesitate to use that to their advantage,” he told TASS. “Jihadism in France is a multi-level one. Its ideologists are impeccable from the standpoint of compliance with the law. Now the net effect is visible to all.”

If this system of values remains unchanged, says Atayev, France and Europe will hardly be able to find a way out. “Neither France nor Europe in general will be able to handle this problem effectively enough without Russia. Only Russia has a unique experience of addressing the problem of terrorism in an individual region,” he said.
And senior research fellow Galina Khizriyeva, at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, sees the root cause of the latest terrorist attacks in France’s lax attitude towards religious sects and their members. “Not towards Muslims as such, but towards the sects,” Khizriyeva told TASS.

France has accumulated a large community of migrants who have been phasing out the indigenous French population from large cities. Tensions have been mounting for years, Khizriyeva explained. She is also surprised why “Europe has gone limitlessly tolerant to let in certain personalities who are known to have committed crimes outside France.” That trend started back in the 1960s, when an opposition to Western values began to grow. As a matter of fact, in France and other European countries there are two societies — the so-called free society and the one that has its own values and is prepared to die for their sake.

What is to be done? Revising the moral and cultural benchmarks looks the sole way out. “Limitless freedom and tolerance must be restricted somewhat, the way it was done in the United States, where a ban has been imposed on reprinting caricature images of the Prophet. As for sect members, they should be fought against as potential terrorists,” Khizriyeva said.
TASS may not share the opinions of its contributors

12  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / +Azov Sea coast Liberated from Kiev's Military occupation by Donetsk PR defense! on: September 01, 2014, 12:22:57 AM
In fact, not only they succeeded to arrive to the Azov Sea Coast a strip large enough in order to start surrounding Mariupol (A), but they even managed to attack 2 Kiev Military's Ships far inside the Sea (B) !



+ Video :" width="607" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>
13  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / New Front opens in Ukraine by Dissidents ? on: August 26, 2014, 06:06:12 AM

Merkel was proved to be right : - There is No Military, but only Political Solution to Ukraine's deadly and destructive civil war.

Particularly if 10% of such kind of News, as the following, are at least partly real : (...)


 > There is, certainly, something really new going on, (even if it's not yet completely clear, and censorship added to manipulations and disinformation or Mediatic diversions, is currently aggravating the opacity which hides the real situation), as various converging facts reveal.

F.ex., among many others, see also :

-(1) + (2) Pro-Kiev's "kievpost" Media that exceptionaly, published now 2 different original stories, with interviews inside the Ukranian Capital AND at the Front in Eastern Regions, both of which contain different witnesses' denunciations of the fact that the Ukranian Authorities abandon alone those who are volunteering to fight, with the result for many of them to be killed or blocked at risky front-lines.

- (3) Kiev's Government itself has just admitted (according to BBC and other Foreign Media of various Western European Countries) that Armed Groups with Tanks and armored vehicles coming through the Dissident Region of Donetsk have just arrived until Mariupol and/or even only a few Kms from NovoAzovsk, a city located at the Coast of Azov Sea !

- (4) Brittish Newspaper "Guardian", which has Reporters on the spot, just Warned of an imminent Risk that Dissidents may "make life Harder" for Kiev's forces "by Opening a 2nd Front at the South".

- (5) Indeed, according to pro-Dissidents' websites "SouthFrontEng", :

"Dear readers, here is a long-awaited gift from the militia of Donbass to Ukraine on the Independence Day:

"The DPR army has completed the encirclement of the powerful groups controlled by Kiev military forces in the area of settlements Voikovsky, Koteinikovo, Blagodatnoye, Alekseevskoye, Uspenka and Ulyanovsk total 7,000 people, 80 tanks, more than 280 armoured fighting vehicles, more than 160 guns and mortars.

According to the Headquarters of DPR army in the past two days there has been encircled a headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th mechanized brigade, 95th air brigade of Ukraine armed forces, as well as the battalions "Aidar", "Donbass" and "Shakhtersk".

There have been destrooyed a battery of missile launchers "Smerch (Tornado)" (4 pieces), 12 launchers of "Grad", 17 tanks, more than 30 armoured fighting vehicles, about 50 cars of ammunition and killed more than 150 people. There have been captured 7 warehouses with a large quantity of ammunition and food seized by the Ukrainian National Guard from the locals during the "moppin-up", including off-road vehicles.

In the past days after a long positional battles the DPR army went ahead and carried out a successful operation to block two large groups of the Ukrainian forces. The settlements Novodvornoye, Agronomicheskoye, Novoekaterinovka, Osykovo, Klenovka, Stroitel and Leninskoye have been set free."


However Spectacular such new moves appear in a Map, it remains, nevertheless, to be seen whether they represent, indeed, a real "Reversing" of the Military situation, as Dissidents' defence militia claimed, or just some advances of their for defence forces, (which, at any case, have already proved their capacity and, more important : Motivation, by still resisting to Kiev's Army's Military Attacks for 5 Months now)..

14  European view on the WORLD / on International ORGANISATIONS / Russia-China+at the Atlantic, while NATO in the Black Sea : What's going on ?.. on: July 13, 2014, 09:07:37 PM
Russian and Chinese Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, (after attending, together with German Chancellor Angie Merkel, the Final match of the Mundial 2014, between Germany and Argentina, in Brazil), will meet on Tuesday, July 15, at the Atlantic Ocean ressort of Fortalezza, (together with the Heads of State/Government from Brazil, South Africa and India), for a BRICS' Trans-Continental Summit, on the same Day that the ...Northern Atlantic's Treaty Organisation (NATO) is due to engage in Military exercises together with Kiev's Army in Ukraine, at the Black Sea....



> Nice "MAP" !....
15  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Ukraine as Iraq ?.... on: July 05, 2014, 05:08:10 PM
  Some seem to wish nowadays to make Ukraine as a controversial Military Invasion did from 2003-2004 in Iraq ?..

    Hopefully not !
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