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1  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Economy - Social - Technologies / Electricity/Gas Prices +10% as Turkey Blocks S/E Med. Energy ! on: June 30, 2021, 05:00:43 AM

it simply is not logical at all, if France (and/or Other EU Countries) feels Obliged to Lift the Price of Electricity and Gas up to More than 10% nowadays, while letting Turkey persist in Blocking EU Members Cyprus and Greece's potentialy Huge Energy Resources at South-Eastern Mediterranean !

Why should 500 Millions of EU Citizens always Pay for the Cowardice and/or Stupidity, if not Corruption of a handful of Lazy intermediaries ?
2  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / France - Elections Régionales 2021 : Les Républicains sont là ! on: June 18, 2021, 02:14:36 PM
Aux Elections Régionales de 2021,
 les Républicains
utilisent les Hashtags suivants : : #NousOnAgit  et  #JeVoteLR

Au plus récent Vote du Parlement Européen sur la Turquie (mai 2021) les EuroDéputés LR éraient les seuls d'uin grand parti europêen, (avec le RN) d'être les plus Critiques vis a vis la Turquie et ses démandes provocantes et impopulaires sur l'UE...

=> Leurs Docs pour ces Elections Régionales = téléchargeables à : 2021:

+ v. aussi Jean Rottner's recent Video à:
3  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Science - Health - Environment - Nature / Commission UE +RU: Abandonner 2e fois les Européens au Virus mortel ? on: December 22, 2020, 07:55:58 PM
Commission UE +RU: Abandonner 2e fois les Européens au Virus mortel ?

Trop est trop : Quelqu'un dans la Commission de l'UE pousserait les Européens d'ouvrir leurs portes aux infectés de l'Angleterre d'une version 4 à 7 fois plus Dangereuse du Virus Mortel !

Ils ont déjà Abandoné le Peuple Européen une 1ère fois aux Infections et Tuéries massives par ce Virus, lorsqu'ils l'ont laisser se répandre à toute l'Europe, sans prendre Aucune Mésure notable pour l'arrêter au NE de l'Italie, (contrairement à ce que la Chine a réussi, en mettant sa région de Wuhan en Quarantine)...

=> Qu'ils amènent leurs Britanniques infectés X 70% plus que tous les autres, seulement dans leur Bâtiment de Berlaymont à Bruxelles ! Brexit c'est Brexit ! De Gaulle avait Raison...

En tout cas, leur Pseudo-"Vaccin" Turc Eugenique pourri (malgré ses -70 degrés au Froid !), est Incapable de Stoper l' Infection de toutes les autres personnes, menacant la Societé, dans son ensemble, avec Infections Multipliées... (V., p.ex.: +, etc).

Quiconque est vraiment Responsable de tout cela, est une Honte et Criminel !

Tout cela n'a Rien à voir avec les Vrais Européens !!!
4  European POLICIES and ISSUES / overall Ideas, Europe's Identity + Future / EU: No Virus Therapy, No Turkey Sanctions =Drop Fake, Prepare for Real Europeans on: October 31, 2020, 09:45:21 PM
EU Summit : No Therapy for Virus, No Sanctions for Turkey
=> Drop Fake "Europeans", Prepare for "Real Europeans" !

The latest EU Video-Summit, about Virus' Policy and Turkey/Deadly Islamist Terrorism Actuality,  did Not even Speak about any "Therapy" to Protect the People against the Deadly Virus, (while speaking about "Vaccines" Only after the 2nd or 3rd Trimester of 2021 !), Neither about any serious "Sanctions" on Turkey, for its obvious Moral Complicity to Deadly Islamist Terrorism against France and other Civilians in Europe, (just after an unprecedented amount of Provocative and Vulgar Slandering, Followed by 4 Horrible DeCapitations of Innocent Civilian People by some stupid Cowards)...

=> In consequence, Obviously, the Time has come, for EU Citizens, to Drop those Fake "Europeans" in name only (FENOS), and Urgently Prepare the way for REAL EUROPEANS !

= RDV taken to Start Acting Before the Horizon of 2024, at the latest.-
5  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Turkish Invasion of Libya aggravates even further !... on: January 29, 2020, 11:01:50 PM
Turkish Invasion of Libya aggravates even further !...

+ After even "New York Times" just acknowledged that Turkey has already send Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamists Fighters from Syria to the Mediterranean coasts of Libya,

now other sources on the spot speak about 5 or 6 Military Ships, Frigates from Turkey coming and going around Tripoli's territorial waters, while even Airplanes Boeing 747 would be, in parallel, on the move, from Istanbul towards Libya, (etc)...

=> In other words, the Foreign, Turkish Military Invasion of Libya is currently aggravating fast, and nobody says or does anything to Stop it !

In principle, almost Everybody is AGAINST such a Foreign Military Intervention in Libya, (UNO, EU, Arab League, African Union, Neighbouring Countries, USA, Russia, China, etc. Even Erdogan promised to not do it, but lied).

However, they haveN't yet taken any Measure to Dissuade Turkey, since an UnElected Bureaucrat, who abuses, since a too long time, of the title of "Prime Minister", (but Refuses to Negotiate with the Opposition of his Country for anything, Rejecting even to Meet them Abroad), Paid Erdogan with Public Funds to Invade his own Country and fill it up with Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamist Jihadists, playing with Fire, and enDangering Europe and its People.

=> Something must be done to put an End to it, before it becomes too late, (in that Key-area , between Africa and Europe, Full of various Explosives) !       
6  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Not Now !.... on: November 30, 2019, 07:09:49 AM
I'd Never Criticize France in Public when its Head of State is Facing Brutal Personnal Attacks by Turkey's Government,in front of all NATO, the Same Week that 15 Young French Soldiers were killed by ISIlS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists in an Explosion at Mali, near Algeria's Southern Borders, among even more Islamists' Knife Attacks at Hague, London, etc...All the rest, is anOther Issue !

I understand that, in fact, you are referring to an incident that has taken place several weeks ago, but, at any case, this is Not the Right Moment to do so...
7  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / It's Not the Right Moment, at all !... on: November 30, 2019, 06:22:31 AM
I'd Never Criticize France in Public when its Head of State is Facing Brutal Personnal Attacks by Turkey's Government,in front of all NATO, the Same Week that 15 Young French Soldiers were killed by ISIlS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists in an Explosion at Mali, near Algeria's Southern Borders, among even more Islamists' Knife Attacks at Hague, London, etc...

All the rest, is anOther Issue !

8  EU ELECTIONS / RESULTS (Polls+Votes) / Re:Von der Leyen+Worse !"=Nothing on Mass Irregular Migrants,Islamist Terror, ++ on: July 16, 2019, 06:22:56 PM
When Mrs Von der Leyen spoke to MEPs in Public, earlier Today,

she did Not say practically Nothing Substantial on the "Hot" Problem of recent Mass Irregular, Non-European Migration, Massive Asylum Claims, Neither on persisting Deadly Risks of Islamist Terrorism, etc.,

except from Repeating a wording such as : "creation of Humanitarian Corridors", "Save Lives at Sea", "Human Borders" (sic !), "How to Learn German by living 5 Years free of charge in Von der Leyen's House" (that's "New" !), etc.

For the rest, it's Only about "Reducing" (not Stopping, Neither reversing) that Massive Influx of 2015-2016+ via Turkey etc, and, eventually, a promise to have that tragically insufficient and anodyne Small Group of EU "Coast-Guards" not on 2028, but on 2025 ("Revolutionary" !...).

That's all Folks !
9  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / France/Republicains: Pas "defaite" mais APPEL! Les Votes le prouvent (+de Gaulle on: June 18, 2019, 10:41:56 PM
Ce 5+% des Votes qui ont manqué aux Republicains ne sont pas allés vers la Gauche, mais à vers divers partis plus à Droite...

=> Cela prouve qu'il Ne s'agit pas d'une "Defaite", (comme certaij oretenddnk mais, par contre, d'un Appel, (vers l' Unité de la Droite) !

Comme disait de Gaulle, à ce jour Anniversaire de "l'Appel du 18 Juin"-
10  EU ELECTIONS / FORCES / Real Causes may be Different, in each case.... on: May 17, 2019, 01:20:24 AM
In fact, the Real Causes seem to be Other, in both cases :

- In Greece, that Minister probably felt that she risked to lose her Government job in the forthcoming National Elections, where all Polls routinely give the opposition winning the race.. So she prefered to take, at least a MEP's job for the next 5 Years...

- In France, it seems that it's part of a Wider Plan by President Macron to make a partial Resuffle in 3 or 4 cases, in order to appoint some more efficient and/or trusted persons to the right jobs.

EU Parliament and/or CoE's Assembly often serve also as a Keep Safe and/or a Cover up mechanism for various political manouvers.
11  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Trump in French colors ?.. on: November 13, 2016, 12:55:08 PM

=> Bleu - Blanc - Rouge" ?

(Just before the April 2017 Election)...
12  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Medias -Education - Religion / Re: Election Muzzled in Strasbourg ? on: May 30, 2016, 06:29:51 AM
Here are the Final Results of the 2nd Round, (in percentage of Registered Voters) :

As you guessed, Abstention was even Worse in the 2nd Round, from what it had been initialy at the 1st Round.

The so called "Frontrunner" representes almost Nothing, compared to the Bulk of almost 80% of Abstentionists, and has Little or No visible Difference from the Challenger (Number 2).

In addition, his Challenger's Votes, together with those taken by Blank and/or Non-Void Votes, form a relative Majority : 10,24%, instead of only 10,05 for the so-called "Frontrunner"...
13  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / Re: London+ Dangers on: May 07, 2016, 08:44:38 PM

After a Minority of only 44%, out of another Minority of just 45% of participants among Registered Voters (i.e.  only about ... 19 %  of Londoners !) for a Mayor Election, (set up, for the 1st time, by Mr. Bliar's former "Labour" Government, back on 2000),  let Mr. Sadiq Khan get that job in London, (that USA's "Drudge Report" calls now "Londonistan"), despite many Questions about his past contacts with several Extremist Islamists, even acknowledged Terrorists, which remain still Pending, as the British Press reminds today,

=> our British Friends, obviously, would be well advised to read the premonitory book of anti-establishment French writer, ("Goncourt" 2010 Prize Winner), Michel Houellebecq (real name, = Thomas) : "Submission", ("soumission", in the original), which was, by an astonishing "coincidence", published the Same Day that ISIL - inspired Extreme Islamist Terrorists attacked and killed  "Charlie Hebdo"s Journalists and Jewish Civilian People in Paris, back on January 7, 2015, while the Weekly Satirical Magazine had just printed and circulated its latest Edition with a Frontpage almost entirely focused on that Houellebecq's new book !



 On 7 January 2015, the date of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the novel "Soumission" was published. The book describes a future situation in France (2022), when a Muslim is ruling the country according to Islamic law. On the same date, a cartoon of Houellebecq appeared on the cover page of Charlie Hebdo and the caption, "The Predictions of Wizard Houellebecq.".[7] In an interview with Antoine de Caunes after the shooting, Houellebecq stated he was unwell and had cancelled the promotional tour for Soumission.[8]"


"Submission (French: Soumission) is a novel by the French writer Michel Houellebecq.[1] The French edition of the book was published on 7 January 2015 by Flammarion, with German (German: Unterwerfung) and Italian (Italian: Sottomissione) translations also published in January.[2][3] The book instantly became a bestseller in Italy, Germany and France.[4][5] The English edition of the book, translated by Lorin Stein, was published on 10 September 2015.[6]

The novel, a political satire, imagines a situation in which a Muslim party upholding traditionalist and patriarchal values leads the 2022 vote in France and is able to form a government with the support of France's Islamo-Leftist Socialist Party. The book drew an unusual amount of attention because, by a macabre coincidence, it was released on the day of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.[7]


On 5 January 2015, French president François Hollande announced in an interview for France Inter radio that he "would read the book, because it’s sparking a debate".[11]

The author appeared in a caricature on the front page of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015, the day when the offices of the newspaper were attacked by masked gunmen who killed eight Charlie Hebdo employees. The title on the cover was: "Les prédictions du mage Houellebecq : en 2015, je perds mes dents, en 2022, je fais ramadan." (English: "The predictions of the sorcerer Houellebecq: In 2015, I lose my teeth. In 2022, I observe Ramadan.")[12]

On the day of the publishing of the book and hours before the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Houellebecq said in an interview for France Inter radio:

“   There's a real disdain in this country for all the authorities... You can feel that this can't continue. Something has to change. I don't know what, but something.[13]"  

>>> For the English Translation of the book, see :


"Submission by Michel Houellebecq: This provocative novel charts France's plunge into Islamism"

"Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre: Magazine featured 'Islamophobic' Michel Houellebecq novel"  




14  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / 1 EU CoastGuard in 66 km of Coastline after 2020 ? on: March 06, 2016, 03:21:59 AM
...that's what some EU Drafts "promisse" us, it seems, according to Press Reports on the forthcoming March 7, EU - Turkey Summit in Brussels....
15  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Re: COWARDS ! Turkey slyly hits Russian Airplane during Fight against Terrorists on: November 24, 2015, 05:22:23 PM
At least one of the 2 Russian Pilots (who had succesfuly ejected themselves from the cockpit and were landing with parachutes) was Murdered in Cold Blood by an Armed Gang of so-called "Turcmen", who Killed the defenseless POW while he landed alone in the Syrian Territory that they Occupy, close to Turkish Borders, according to Turkish Media.

=> I.e. another, supplementary Massacre scandalously committed by obvious "Cowards", against all International Laws, even in time of War, (which strictly Prohibits any ill-treatment, and, moreover, sly Murder of defenseless Prisoners of War, anywhere in Earth).

What Horrible, Coward Beasts, without any relation to a really Civilized World ! Their blatant, Inhuman bestiality risks to Discredit even NATO, (unless those sly Murderers are searched, found and Punished, before it becomes too late for all).
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