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1  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / Probable Silent Killing of Key Political Adversaries through the Virus ?! on: August 01, 2021, 10:56:38 PM
Growing and Converging Facts point at a probable attempt to abuse of that Virus' Pretext in order to Aggress and/or Kill Key Socio-Political Adversaries of those Behind SARS 3 and its variants.
2  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / 1st US Virus' Mutation: Near Air-Space Army Central Base's Medical Research+ on: December 31, 2020, 02:59:51 PM
1st US New Virus' Mutation: Near Air-Space Army Central Base's Medical group, including Immune System Research

While it's Still a Mystery from Where came the 1st New, Faster-Spreading, Virus Mutation's Infections in the USA, (similar to those who Paniked the UK and all Europe), recently found in 2 Persons "without Any Travel History", at Colorado,

it's an interesting Fact that the Location of that Incident stands very Near USA's main Central Air-Force Military Base for "Space control" activities, which include Medical Research on Human Immune System resistance in Space, Often Tested also by Inoculating Cobays with several kinds of Viruses.

That Location is, notoriously, Simla Village, in Elmer County, Near Colorado Springs, where exist 5 out of 6 Military Bases at Colorado State, and is, particularly, Connected by 1 and same Road with the Nearest of them : the Peterson Air-Force Base, less than 70 km from there, Former USA Bombardment Center for Europe during the 2nd World War against Nazism, and Recently upgraded into USA's Air Force's Main Center for Space control, including its Medical group, (See above).

Moreover, these 2 Persons Mysteriously Infected the First throughout all USA by that Dangerous Genetic Mutation of the Virus, were National Guards, i.e. Soldiers, exceptionaly detached there in order to Work at a local Socio-Medical Facility, at the Proximity of that Important Central Air-Space Base.

Colorado, socio-politicaly a Former GOP State related to USA's "Heartland", has Later Become a Dems' area, (probably influenced by a Similar Trend at nearby California), in recent decades dealing with a Growing part of Space High-Tech, including after Obama's controversial Focus, since 2010, on ISS Tests of various Techniques on Plant, Animal and Human Genetics.
3  European AGENDA / of European COUNTRIES / Masks Brutaly Torn by Aggressive Demonstrators in Belarus (Most Behind the Back on: September 15, 2020, 09:15:28 AM
A series of aggressions, brutaly taking protective Masks away from People's Head, most of the times by Attacking them Behind the back, in full deadly Virus Pandemic, took place in Belarus, by an obviously Systematic Harassment from so-called "Demonstrators" against the Country's Security Agents, under the Cover of an apparently "Peaceful" Group of "Women"...

Just to watch the Videos showing the way that they attacked, (and simply thinking of the possible Consequences on Human Health by such brutal deprivations of obligatory protective Masks vis a vis the Deadly Virus), cannot but, sponaneously, wonder whether those sly aggressors were realy "Women" or "Hyenas" ?

After such Unprecedented Incidents, no wonder why Tikhanovskaya reportedly felt a need, suddenly to urge her Fans to drop Violence...

4  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Trump - Kim Peace Deal snobed by Establishment's Medias... on: June 24, 2018, 06:03:10 PM

US President Trump is furious with Establishment's Medias for their "Treasonous" way to Misrepresent the Historic USA - N.Korea Agreement reached in Singapore with Kim, which trades Denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula in exchange of Security Guarantees for N.Korea, and speaks of a New Era, for Peace and Prosperity, in their relations, concerning that Hotspot remnant of the Worst Cold War period.

On the contrary, most Asian Medias (including Japan's, etc) look Glad, he noticed, (as far as those who are closer to the area which notoriously risked a Nuclear Clash, is concerned)...

See it all at his New Interview at Mike Huckabee's TV show :
5  European view on the WORLD / on Global ISSUES / Korea SmartPhones UP, IF.... on: April 28, 2018, 12:13:15 AM

... If they Succeed to Couple "De-Nuclearisation" together with "De-Radiation" !

I.e., if they manage to Invent new, Efficient and more Healtthy SmartPhones, with Less Electro-Magnetic Radiations, (which are Bad for Human Health)...
6  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / EUParliament on GeoBlocking (5 February 2018 in Strasbourg) on: January 13, 2018, 09:51:28 PM
"Discriminations" Hindering Web Access and/or Flow even inside EU's Common Market, according to Internet Users' Location, etc., alias "Geo-Blocking", are due to be Debated, followed by a Vote on Measures that must be taken against that, in EU Parliament's plenary session of February 2018 in Strasbourg, starting from Monday, 5.2.2018.
7  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Is Trump Winning the Economic challenge ? on: June 14, 2017, 11:56:47 PM

USA Inflation down - 0,8% less than Last Year, and Registered Unemployed Diminishing by Dozens of Thousands less, repeatedly, during many Months. But Producers' prices, on the Contrary,  steadily Augmenting +0,5% since Last Year, (etc).

=> Is Trump Winning the challenge of Economy ?

Too Early to judge, but...
8  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Mr Jihad Turk rejects Public Funds to Fight Islamic Terrorism, accusing Trump on: February 14, 2017, 04:08:30 PM

Mr Jihad Turk rejects Public Funds for Fight against Islamic Terrorism argyuing against new US President Trump

The Chief of an "Islamic School" in California (sic !), Mr. Jihad Turk (the name is real !) backed the Refusal of Federal Program Funding the Combat against Violent Extremism, after several ISIS' deadly attacks targetting civilian people throughout the US, by claiming that he would be afraid for his school to be "Compromised, even if only by perception, in terms of ...Standing in the Community", as he said, (without explaining what kind of Cultural Gheto he was refering to)...

The Grant was 800.000 $ High, and would cover more thann 50%+ of that School's Yearly Budget. Even if awarded during New US President Don Trump's term, that Program had been created under former President Barack Hussein Obama, and that "Bayan" Claremont "Islamic School" had been selected "in the Dwindling Days of the Obama Administration", "Fownews" reported, citting "AP".

Earlier, a Somali "non-profit" NGO at Minneapolis, "Ka Joog", had also turned down 500.000 $ for its Youth programs, from that same US Federal program, run under the supervision of the US Homeland Security Department.

On the Contrary, more than 80 % among the Recipients of a Total of 10 Millions $ had already Accepted the Grants.

But Jihad Turk reportedly "said (his Islamic) School Officials had Reservations ...because they felt there's No Clear or Proven Pathway to Violence for someone with a particular Extreme Ideology".

However, Turk had initialy Accepted that under Barack Hussein Obama, but Refused under Don Trump.

Because Turk accused the New US President for what he called a "Fixation on the ... Muslim Community" and claimed that "he (Don Trump)'s actually looking to carry out (a) Scary Stuff" (sic !), according to his own (Islam Turk's) views.

Neither "AP", nor "FoxNews" didn't even raise yet any Question about any eventual Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar, Turkey, etc. Foreign Funding of Mr. Jihad Turk's "Islamic School" recently established in Socialist (Dems) controled California, as it's Scandalously done in certain cases Funded "Mosques" in suddenly Islamized Popular Suburbs even among Family Homes, where Christian Churches are, on the Contrary, sometimes attacked and/or forced to set up Walls or Metalic Fences in order to protect themselves, provoking situations obviously too easy to be dangerously exploited by various kinds of irresponsible and/or extremist grouplets.

Perhaps this could explain, however, Mr Turk's refusal, (without excluding, however, even an eventualy covered ISIS' funding, coming from the Millions $ got by Smuggling stolen oil/gas from the Syrian and/or Iraqi Territories that they have Invaded and still Occupy, notoriously with Weapons ultimately paid by more or less those Same shady partners)...

Concerning the Turkish-origin migrants in the US, recently, a Turk hastily naturalized as US Citizen by Barack Hussein Obama and/or the Clintons, notoriously Murdered with a Rifle, in cold blood, innocentg Elder People, mainly Women aged 60 or 90 years old and a Young Girl, at a Washington State's Mall on Autumn 2016. That Turkish Killer had reportedly Voted already 3 Times in US Elections, and was recently Calling to Vote for Hillary Clinton in the November 2017 US Presidential Election.             

Com. f.ex. :                                       
9  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Enlargement - Foreign Policy / Re:35 Civilians Killed by Turkish Army invading Syria +attacking West Allies Kurds on: August 28, 2016, 11:32:33 PM

+35 Civilians Killed by Turkish Army invading Syria and attacking West's + Russias' Syrian-Kurds Allies against ISIS !

More than 35 Civilian People were Killed by Turkish Military Troops and 50 Tanks that have just Invaded Syria, aggressing the Syrian Kurdish Minority which has served for a long time as the Ally of a Western Countries' coalition led by USA of Mr. Obama, supposed to focus on eradicating ISIS' Extreme Islamic Terrorists, against whom Fights also Russia.

The Syrian Kurdish Minority, who has never yet attacked nor threatened Turkey, and has been until now quite Succesful in Helping the West to face ISIS' Extreme Islamic Terrorists in hard battles throughout the area, had just succeeded to Win over, recently, even a key City at a Strategic point of the Roadlinks between Turkey and ISIS Beheaders Terrorists, for whom this was "a Key Supply Hub". ....


+ Moreover, Syrian Kurds had just anounced, back on August 25, their intention to start attacking ISIL Islamistic Terrorists' HQ at Raqqa (their "Capital") !

=> Facts clearly indicate that Turkish Military invaded Syria in order to ...Save such armed deadly Islamistic Terrorists, as ISIL etc..

Anything else is obviously a blatant Smokescreen, and Obama's USA of Hollande's a.o. EU key Countries' governing elites, as long as they don't react to such a brutal and Deadly Invasion of an Independent Country by the Turkish Military, will bear a Heavy Responsibility vis a vis their own Citizens and all the Amerian + European Civilian People who are recently Threatened to be atrociously Massacrated by ISIL's sly pseudo-"Jihadists" cowards.
10  European AGENDA / of European CITIES / Re: 5 Unnamed Victims at Munich ?! on: July 25, 2016, 12:27:06 PM
The "Greek" was, in fact, a Muslim, possibly Ethnic Turk.

On the contrary, the 2 "Unnamed" Victims seem to be Europeans : A German-Italian, and an Hungarian.

But it wasn't explained why they were the only ones to be ommitted even from being mentioned...

In addition, there were also about 16, 26 or 31 Wounded. (Local Police's estimations curiously varied, generaly evolving towards higher numbers).                                                                                                                               
11  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / FBI Clinton Enquiry leaves Question marks ? on: July 22, 2016, 06:55:49 PM
This appears related to two main points, (considering also the sensitive character of the non-elucidated Benghazi deadly attack against US Consul, back on 2011) :

(A) FBI Director denounced that Clinton's Lawyers "missed" (and did not return back to the State Department) "work-related e-mails, ...that we later found", ("f.ex., in the mailboxes of other oficials, or in the slack space of a server). He also revealed that Clinton's "Laywers" "deleted all-emails that they did not return to State, and ...cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude forensic recovery". The amount of such deleted emails is estimated at around 30.000 e-mails (out of "60.000 total e-mails remaining at Clinton's personal system in 2014"), i.e. about 50% !

Nevertheless, he said that he "believe(s)" that there is what he calls "reasonable confidence", (despite the fact that he did "not have complete visibility", "because we are not able to fully reconstruct the electronic record" of those acts, as he admitted),  that "there was no intentional misconduct". But he doesn't explain why.

(B) He also anounced that FBI found that at least 3 among the emails not returned by Clinton to the State were classified at "Secret" or "Confidential level". ("FBI .. discovered several thousand work-related e-mails, that were not ...returned", he revealed).  In addition, from the returned e-mails, "110" contained "Classified information" ("8 ...Top Secret", "36 ... Secret", "8 ... Confidential"), while another "2.000 additional e-mails" had been, in the meantime, "up-classified" and become "Confidential".

But, even if he stresses that FBI's experts actually "Read the Content" of all those examined e-mails, he does not reveal at all the main Issue to which they were related. (F.ex. was it about the stil ill-elucidated Benghazi Islamic Terrorist Attack, or not ?).

=> All these two main points raise obvious Question-marks, considering also the supplemenary fact that, as FBI's Chief concluded : "It is possible that Hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton's personal e-mail account", - given the notoriously extensive "use of her Personal (instead of Work) e-mail domain, both known by a large number of people, and readily apparent", which was much more vulnerable and unprotected.

FBI's Chief acknowledges hat "there is Evidence of potential Violations of the Statutes regarding the handling of Classified information".

But he, nevertheless,  concludes that "our judgement is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case", arguying of "factors" such as "especially regarding Intent", "the Context", whether "vast quantities of materials (were) exposed", "intentional misconduct", "efforts to Obstruct Justice", etc, claiming that "we do not see those things here". An assessment which is not obvious.

The "investigation" of FBI "looked at whether there is evidence Classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on (Clinton's) Personal system, in Violation of ...Federal Statute(s) making it a Felony to mishandle classified information, either intentionally, or in a grossly Negligent way, or ...a Misdemeanor to knowingly Remove Classified information from appropriate systems or storage facilities", as he had said earlier.

=> Will Edward Snowden's criticism and/or warning, in this regard, prove, once again, to be both true ?

See :
12  European AGENDA / of European ORGANISATIONS / Visa-Free for 80 Million Turks but No Armenians, Georgians, Ukranians, Russians+ on: May 11, 2016, 12:48:45 AM
 - "Beware", as you said, is, indeed, the word...

=> European Parliament plenary Debate, with EU Council and Commission statements, on the Visa-Free for 80 Millions of Turks' controversy, on Wednesday Afternoon !

It was apparently added, at the last minute, to the Agenda !

Reality (particularly in such Nasty things) goes Faster than even your willdest imagination...
13  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Politics / London in Danger ! on: May 04, 2016, 03:26:45 PM
This interesting article shows how many British and other People feel about various possible dangers which might be provoked by a so blatant Islamisation of London, (a a result of the 10+ years of Mr. Bliar's destructive policies, which modified the composition of the population, aggravating the errors committed already in the Past also bny previous, mainly Labour Governments), unless the Voters wake up at the last minute, (considering also the fact that Polls are often grossly Misleading in several important UK Elections):

14  European POLICIES and ISSUES / Defence - Security - Civic protection / Terror links to "Refugees"/Irregular Migrants "Tsunami" Networks ?! on: November 14, 2015, 03:34:48 PM
Terror links to "Refugees"/Irregular Migrants "Tsunami" Networks ?! (Many Converging Factual Indications)

A Syrian Passport holder was apparently among the Deadly "Kamikazi" who cowardly hit more than 300 defenseless Civilian People, yesterady in Paris, killing at least 130 and Wounding the rest, (many seriously), according to the French Media, citting Police sources.

Moreover, another "relevant" link was found with a Suspect which had been Arrested by the German Police when he entered from Austria (Salzburg), coming from Montenegro, equiped with Heavy Arms and apparently heading towards Paris, as it was also reported Today.

In addition, one of the Cars used by the Deadly Extreme Islamist Terrorists (meanwhile revendicated by an ISIL website) came from Belgium, according to Police sources.

Already, a Turkish Intermediary based in Paris, linked to an Arms' Smuggler from Turkey living at Charleroi (Belgium), have been reportedly arrested for suspicions to have provided Lethal Weapons to at least one among the "Charlie Hebdo" Murderers, at the Beginning of this Year (Jan. 2015), probably in exchange of the Car of Culibaly Killers' Girlfriend, (who had, meanwhile, escaped at an Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, for a week, before crossing Ankara's "porous" Borders to Syrian, ISIL-occupied territories, at the North of the War-Stricken Country).
15  European view on the WORLD / on Geopolitical REGIONS / Turkey: Jobless Youngsters almost Double. Growth Less than Half of the Past on: November 18, 2014, 03:20:47 PM
Turkey : Youth Unemployment almost Doubles. But Growth Falls less than Half, of what it was in the Past...

Suddenly, the number of Jobless Youngsters in Turkey became almostt 2 Times Higher than before, jumping from 12 % last July up to 18,9 %, i.e. on August 2014, it was announced nowadays. Meanwhile, General Unemployment in Turkey augmented to 10,1%, affecting almost  3 Millions of People (2.944.000).

Moreover, meanwhile, Growth sharply fell into far Less than a Half of what it was in the Past, droping from +4,7% Down to only +2,1 %.

Apparently, in addition to a wide-spread recent trend for Foreign Capital to Return Back from formerly "emerging" Economies with Cheap Labour but Weak Economy, as Turkey, towards the Metropoles, such as the EU, USA, etc., it seems that, in the particular case of Turkey, Foreign Investors didn't appreciate ... the only "Innovation" ever made around Turkey during the recent Years : I.e. the creation of Extremist Islamic Terrorists of ISIS' atrocious BeHeaders, notoriously based at the Turkish Borders, through which they've received Arms, Money, Supplies and even Recruits !...
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