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Title: How Many Infected by Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals ?
Post by: Horizon on December 31, 2021, 08:49:03 AM

Statistics multiply on various Origins of Virus' Infections, (f.ex. "Imported", or "Community", by a "Spreader" as in South Korea, or by a Group, a collective Event, by Meeting certain People, etc).

And almost All Public Authorities, Scientists, etc., Admitted recently that even Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals (i.e. those who are Limited to Genome-Manipulating Novel Tools, as "mRNA", "Virus Vector", etc., Excluding any "Classic" Technology Vaccine, similar to the well Tested methods of French European Inventor Louis Pasteur, whose principle is known since 2 Centuries, and which constitute the Majority of New Anti-COVID Vaccine Projects currently), in Fact, can be Infected themselves, and even Infect Other People accross the Society...

But, curiously, Nothing is said (yet) about the Statistics of People Infected by such Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals, (particularly After those Controversial "Certificates/Pass", which gave a False Impression of a Non-Existent "Security", near what Americans call "Jombies" and/or "Silent Killers") !

=> Why ? And How Many are Their Victims ?

Title: +CoE had Warned...
Post by: Thunderbird on January 11, 2022, 02:51:31 AM
Precisely, the Council of Europe had Warned that with such Pseudo-"Vaccinated" Individuals, who can Infect Other People, added to controversial "Pass/Certificates", which give False Impressions about those Fake "Vaccines", all this could have ..."Devastating" Consequences !

(See: (

=> That's precisely what's happening nowadays...