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Title: Afghanistan's key : Many are searching...
Post by: Thunderbird on August 17, 2021, 03:00:15 AM

Many search nowadays a Key to Afghanistan's tragic enigma.

In fact, the establishment didn't want something really new in Afghanistan, back on the 1960-1970ies, so it threw the country into a brutal "comme and go" between various Dictatorships. The current events show even more the Complicities between them... (And, obviously, the way that the 9/11 massacers were exploited, was just a hollow pretext, hidding what was really at stake).

It's a pity, a fortiori since Afghans are not only Humans, but even Indo-Europeans, part of whom stem from a detachment of an ancient civilisation which had come from Europe... An eventual European Renaissance, could certainly be helpful, also there, but, at any case, the solution can only be stimulated by something really new and important. Not by superficial repetitions of blunders of the past.