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Title: Pfizer+Turkish BNT Vaccine claims +5% more Efficiency ..1 Day after Competitor !
Post by: Ocean on November 21, 2020, 03:27:50 AM
Pfizer+Turkish BNT controversial Vaccine claims +5% more Efficiency ...1 Day after Competitor !

The Controversial anti-COVID-19 Vaccine project by "Pfizer" and a Turkish SME ("BNT") in Southern Germany claimed a +5% More Efficiency only 1 Day after Competitor "Moderna" (USA) announced that its own Vaccine would be 95% Efficient : Moderna's Press Release was reported by Medias on November 17, and that of Pfizer/BNT Next Day, on November 18.

Otherwise, Pfizer/BNT would be clearly Led and Distanced by Moderna, given the Fact that its Vaccine's alleged Efficiency had been earlier announced to be Limited at Only 90%. However, it obviously remains a Mystery, how it managed to ...jump from only 90%, suddenly, up to 95% only in 1 Day...
Moreover, Pfizer/BNT, notoriously is much More Cumbersome than Moderna, since the Storage of its Vaccine needs... "minus -94 degrees Fahrenheit (or minus -70 degrees Celsius)" for the First (i.e. Special Equipments), against just "minus -4 degrees F (or minus -20 C)", i.e. at an Ordinary Fridge for frozen meat, for the Second., facilitating Distribution.

However, Both those two Vaccine projects' Genetic Tech. does Not Allow to Predict, yet, IF they manage to Prevent Transmission of the Virus to Other People, or not, "Los Angeles Times" Warned !  For that purpose, much More substantial Trials would be needed, in the future !

But, meanwhile, Pfizer/BNT's and Moderna's controversial vaccines risk to be Distanced by various Other, different vaccines, including Russia's "Sputnik" and China's "Sinovac" (which have already started to be Distributed), as well as by UK's "Astrazeneca", USA's "Johnson & Johnson", etc...