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Title: EU: No Virus Therapy, No Turkey Sanctions =Drop Fake, Prepare for Real Europeans
Post by: 3Pierre on October 31, 2020, 09:45:21 PM
EU Summit : No Therapy for Virus, No Sanctions for Turkey
=> Drop Fake "Europeans", Prepare for "Real Europeans" !

The latest EU Video-Summit, about Virus' Policy and Turkey/Deadly Islamist Terrorism Actuality,  did Not even Speak about any "Therapy" to Protect the People against the Deadly Virus, (while speaking about "Vaccines" Only after the 2nd or 3rd Trimester of 2021 !), Neither about any serious "Sanctions" on Turkey, for its obvious Moral Complicity to Deadly Islamist Terrorism against France and other Civilians in Europe, (just after an unprecedented amount of Provocative and Vulgar Slandering, Followed by 4 Horrible DeCapitations of Innocent Civilian People by some stupid Cowards)...

=> In consequence, Obviously, the Time has come, for EU Citizens, to Drop those Fake "Europeans" in name only (FENOS), and Urgently Prepare the way for REAL EUROPEANS !

= RDV taken to Start Acting Before the Horizon of 2024, at the latest.-