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Title: Turkey insults Islam by AgiaSofia usurpation !
Post by: Matan on July 14, 2020, 08:39:37 AM
Turkey insults Islam by AgiaSofia usurpation !

Turkish President Erdogan's controversial attempt to impose the transformation of Sainte Sophie/AgiaSofia into a Mosque, in fact, is an Insult against all Muslims,

because it obviously implies that Islam would be Unable to build itself a so beautiful Monument as the Christians already did there, almost 2.000 Years Earlier, so that it would have to usurpate and steal a foreign culture's religious shrine !

No ! Real Islamic Civilisation respects other People's religious shrines, and doesn't accept to use as Mosques other religions' monuments. Muslims are, also, perfectly able to build their own Mosques, in fairly good buildings, with Muslim Architects, Muslim technicians, Muslim workers, paid by Islam.

Real Muslims are NOT thieves ! Respected Mosques are Never like transvestites ! The Real, Historic Islamic Civilisation, (before being invaded, occupied, exploited and destroyed by Ottoman Turks), had been ABLE to build its own religious and other monuments.

And Istanbul (which is located in Europe, not in Asia, and whose Tourism business will suffer now) deserves Better than that !